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  1. I don’t know what source your using bit I know for a fact what has happened, you need to calm down and stop getting yourself upset, your a little bit touchy, relax and enjoy .
  2. Now now no need for sarcasm Mark, Salford accepted our offer and no doubt talks have taken place with Devante, he will decide what he wants to do.
  3. No offence intended, just having a browse. We had a friendly tonight against Rochdale, been called off though.
  4. What’s it got to do with you greg? Why are you so defensive ?
  5. Why would you only take 350 for a relatively short journey?
  6. May well be a no from you Shay, laters .
  7. Same source that revealed the signings of Lloyd mcalinden and Hogan, he may decide to stay with you yet but more often than not money talks and you couldn’t blame him.
  8. We were playing him wide but with Lloyd and Mcalinden able to do that job we may give him the option of cf.
  9. Depends if he puts club before money.
  10. Let’s see what happens shall we ? Where you going ? Anywhere nice ?
  11. Cheadle End


    On his way to County .?deal agreed with Salford, up to the player now.
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