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  1. Let’s see what backing Mr Bosomworth gives the manager. I have the awful feeling it will be Bosomworth 1 Wild 0. don’t get me wrong, You need to have money to give away to run a club
  2. Tobi has his best first half of the season. He is not a goal scorer and needs to move on. He is not good enough. Asking to come off, very poor
  3. Cooper is a marmite player. I like him, he breaks play up and gets himself between the ball and the opposition and I bet he is the most fouled player, throws himself on the floor. In the opposition half though he will never play a killer pass
  4. Sam Johnson stays duckworth a must stays brown stays cooper Stays cam King stays maher stays staunton stays the rest are fighting if you ask me to stay or find a club
  5. I believe our defence is as good as any in the league but we need a striker who can score 20+ goals a season find that and I think we will push for promotion. The problem is goals and Tobi is not good enough, nor is Allen. A striker is our main requirement
  6. Yes and you think Jamie Allen is our best player. Who is the clown now Coco
  7. Can someone tell me why Cam King is substituted every match he starts before the 75th minute. He is the only creative player in the last 3rd of the pitch yet you know he is coming off the club desperately needs some investment to improve the squad and the current board, understandably do not want to throw money that may not bring success anyway let me know about Cam Kkng
  8. Woking were clever. They went 1-0 up and then said let Brown and Clarke have the ball, which they did virtually all the second half, knowing that Matty and Nathan could not hurt them. Should have messed the game by throwing Matty up front and have players around him in last 15. Felt sorry for Redshaw totally out of position
  9. Look at today’s results nobody at the top of our league wanted to win

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