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  1. HOTS, you may be correct, especially if you are predicting the results accurately. At the same time we can only look and hope that somewhere in the facts and figures there is a glimmer of hope.😃
  2. Due to the near impossible task of Town being able to compete with the in form team in the National League there is no point in presenting any form guide for the game on Tuesday. It is only a matter of time until Hartlepool catch and overtake Torquay in their runaway quest to return to the EFL. The outcome is inevitable and points only to a sound thrashing of Town by the Monkey Hangers by a score of at least 0-3. Only joking, facts and figures (part 4) to follow.
  3. True, that's why I pointed out in my post last night how many times we were unable to win the physical battles. 20 year olds weighing 10 stone are not going to cut the mustard in the National League😀
  4. I doubt he will find anyone of the same calibre as Summerfield available for a loan. That's why it will have to be an amalgamation of the right skills from each of the other players to try and compensate for what we miss from Summerfield's all round skills
  5. An alternative, as mentioned by PW, and subject to getting Clarke back fit would be as follows; Move Byrne to centre centre back in a back 3 Drop Benn or Belehousan in as right centre back Leave Bradbury as left centre back Move Maher into sitting in front of the back 3 doing Summerfield's defensive duties Wing backs stay as is KIng/Williams attacking midfield 2 from Earing, Green, Woods Forwards choose from Campbell, Allen with Hyde So 3,1,4,2,
  6. you would hope that the new Stockport manager, who has come from an Under-23 setup would be more recognisant of the need to develop players. In this case there is not the time to allow Nyel Bell to develop within the constraints of Stockport's efforts to get promoted. Therefore the only way that Bell can develop is being out on loan. It is clear to everyone that PW was able to get a performance out of Nyel, with only his sending off being the blot on his report, which was more from frustration than any desire to stay home for Xmas. Footballer want to play football not sit at home, or on the be
  7. Yes, this week did seem to digress into more of an observation rather than a match report/summary. I think this was more borne out of frustration and disappointment at the result and the way in which we contributed to our own downfall, after showing much improvement in the previous 2 games. I know that we all see things differently during the games, sometimes this is brought about by domestic distractions that do not happen on a match day at the Shay, which is why although streaming of games has advantages it also has disadvantages, such as getting the dog to understand not to disturb me
  8. Tommy, yesterday was the first time I would agree with the philosophy of settling for the point at 2-2 and live to fight another day. Game management is overlooked constantly. We get into 1 min of injury time at the end of the first half at 1-1. Kick the ball into row Z and let the ref blow the whistle so we can all go off and regroup and get a breather. Instead we drop a clanger and give the opposition another shot at scoring a goal.
  9. I agree that Johnson was not at fault for either the first or third goal. However, we do seem to struggle with corners and other set pieces where the ball gets crossed into the box around the penalty spot. There has been some improvement over the last few games with Sam coming and punching balls away but for me the goalkeeper should "own" the 6 yard box, especially one blessed with a height advantage such as Sam. This should be the next area of training ground work for the goalkeepers coach, to try to get Sam to be a bit more forceful and to take control of how the defenders should be set up t
  10. Just thought having seen the weather forecast has anyone let Super Jeff know that it may be called off? Maybe Steveonaroll could pass on the bad news.
  11. Not long to think about this one, which seems to have been on the go for weeks. Hopefully the snow will not affect the game, as the playing surface at the Shay looked OK yesterday. However, some might wish for it to be pushed back so we can get our best 11 on the pitch. Updated facts and figures to follow later.
  12. Agreed, consistency is the key. As we also saw during the mini-revival it breeds confidence. Having momentum is a great game changer, it makes your opponents start to look at ways of stopping you rather than ways of beating you. This in itself gives you a phycological advantage each time you run out for a game. It is not by coincidence that teams such as Man City and Liverpool are where they are. (Apart from the 100's of millions they can spend and the huge squads to choose from).
  13. Is this the same Weymouth who beat Hartlepool and only lost to a Torquay goal in the 87 minute in a 3-4 loss? Don't underestimate the scale of our result at Weymouth. Barnet is another kettle of fish, but we still had to do the work and score the goals, but even they held Torquay to 2 goals today.
  14. After the 2 previous away games where the team earned a credible 4 points and put in some good defensive work, this all went out of the windows as we handed 3 points to Maidenhead in what is probably the worst defensive display so far this season. It would be less painful if you can hold your hands up and say we did our best but lost to a superior opponent, but that was not the case today. There were concerns when the starting 11 were announced, following on from the injury news regarding Luke Summerfield and Martin Woods still not being 100%. Hyde is not yet ready, and Williams is still
  15. Not on BBC Radio Berkshire either
  16. The poll shows a very high level of confidence, nearly 80%, so we are mostly of the same opinion in that we should get 3 points today and turn it into "Fortress Shay". Will also be interesting to see how the Monkey Hangers get on against Sutton today. The Monkey Butt forum is not very confident at all of them getting anything. The defeat ay Weymouth has quickly turned sour on them.
  17. It was the game used for the 40th celebration of beating Man City in the Cup, so all in all a very good day out
  18. Of interest Maidenhead have scored 6 penalties so far, which gives them only 19 from open play in 16 games. Of these 4 were by top scorer Sam Barratt, giving him only 5 from open play, and second highest scorer Danilo Orsi 3 from open play. Not a very potent attacking team, as the videos of their highlights seem to show.
  19. Another snippet. Maidenhead have been awarded 6 penalties this season, all scored and all at home.
  20. We know they have been given loans from the County Council and the Council, but does this comply with the financial rules for the NL?
  21. I would agree with that Steve, and save him for the Mighty Hartlepool. Only bring him on if necessary.
  22. Tommy I agree with the Senior comments, while he is developing well, he still has the odd moments where he seems to go missing, being out of position, especially where defensive duties are concerned. Good going forward, and if he can work on the crosses he will be a more than capable deputy for Williams.
  23. That will explain why he has not been in the squad for the last 2 games. Might make for a better game of football when we play them in a few weeks.
  24. Based on their goals scored away from home they average less than 1 a game with at least 4 games where they have failed to score, nearly 50% of the away games, so 1 goal may well be enough to get all 3 points.
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