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  1. Can you imagine the fracas if they brought Bury into the NL and teams such as Fylde had been relegated. I would imagine the Fylde Chairman would have a lot to say.
  2. ITMAN


    The question is which one would you get now?
  3. On top of that if you turn up on the day of a game and want a ticket then they charge you £2 extra. So pay on the day at BHW is £20. Plus a £1 booking fee, so even if done in advance £19, not sure if that applies to buying on the day.
  4. From the BHW website it said 600 in normal times.
  5. I think they might have meant another 250 virtual tickets? If they can sell the rest of the cutouts then that would do it 236 x £25 = £5900
  6. We could do a virtual season ticket inc. cutout for our "distance challenged" supporters.
  7. Yes, but they would come under the Man Utd/FC United situation, 2 clubs/different (slightly) names in different steps of the pyramid.
  8. The cut outs must have gone beyond 50 by now as I have bought 1 (only 1, the rest has been blown on a harebrained betting scheme), since the 50 total was announced.
  9. ITMAN

    Rank outsiders

    In terms of that one game, whilst debatable, the outcome was in our favour. Not too sure what happened to Romark afterwards but safe to say he did not go on to become as famous as say Paul Daniels for example.
  10. ITMAN

    Rank outsiders

    Believe and it will happen. Am I starting to sound like that hypnotist who Town had in for the Man City cup game back in 1980, Romark.
  11. ITMAN

    Shay Trev

    Well, hopefully we will have some football next week to discuss rather than Brexit/Covid bollocks, and it might tempt Trev out of "retirement".
  12. It is a tangled web. It would explain why Ridsdale was so keen to move Leeds United to a new site nearer the MI, the money they would have got for selling the Elland Road site would have financed it and cleared most of the clubs debts.
  13. Yes, but on the same basis, if you take the Elland Road site, whether it has a stadium on it or not, at a cost of £20 million, then would any sane developer pay that amount for a similar sized plot of land in downtown Halifax? I would sense the answer would be no. So, at today's rates what would it be worth to anyone if the council chose to offload it, whether to a property developer, or a form of Community Trust?
  14. How interesting. I just did a quick google on what Elland Road changed hands for the last time it was sold and that came in at £20m, in 2017, to the current owners. I would have thought that for a site in a prime location, in Yorkshire's biggest city that £20m was about right, £20m for a site in Halifax?
  15. ITMAN

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    Yes, I am banking on a healthy return for my £20 stake.
  16. Can anyone point me in the right direction to find out when these "millions" were spent on the Shay. I would be interested to know what price the property speculators think a brown field site of the size of the Shay would be worth for redevelopment?
  17. ITMAN

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    I have just put £10 on Town to get promoted @ 17/1 and £10 to beat BHW @ 3.65/1. My plan is, instead of buying another virtual ticket as I can only sit in one of them, is to roll over the winnings from the BHW game, assuming we win to go to the next game, and so on till we run out winners at Wembley. All winnings will then be donated to the club. Let's speculate to accumulate.....Believe and it will happen
  18. Believe and it will happen....
  19. Chadders don't get confused between followers/friends and true believers.
  20. Yes a 999 year lease on the ground itself would be beneficial with the Council retaining the freehold.
  21. Sounds like "Project Let's Buy the Shay Back" How much does a packet of Magic Beans cost nowadays?
  22. ITMAN

    Just amazing

    I am sure some choice statements from Danny Hunter might help. No doubt there will be some over the next week or so.
  23. ITMAN

    Just amazing

    Believe and it will happen
  24. Normally away fans are seated in the West Stand at BHW, which I think is the biggest stand, so why we can only have 300 is a mystery.
  25. Will there be any cardboard stewards to enforce the corrugation, sorry segregation?
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