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  1. Cup booking only applies to the Cup
  2. It was the "royal" WE and not HE.......
  3. Does this entitle us to replay the fog bound game as they should have been isolating for 10 days?
  4. No, I also noticed they seem to have disappeared, even when there was a live game shown, where they could have just bundled the few games that were on in the half time break. Maybe we are only small fry to BT.....
  5. Another factor in the success, possibly, of teams such as Accrington and Burnley is that they have no dilution of their fan base with a rival sport such as RL in the town. This gives them a more prominent role in the identity of the local area and they are not distracted with the squabbles we have had to put up with over the years. Rochdale to a lesser extent as RL has always been the second sport with football always being the main sporting entity.
  6. It could be important enough to ask for the NL to shut the whole season down now before we get the thrashing we have managed to avoid so far.
  7. Interesting...I see that Jeff King is now on 4 yellow cards, so potentially only one game away from another suspension.
  8. Yes if we could win the remaining home games and at least draw the away games we would be looking at around the 74 points mark, which would be enough to get into the playoffs based on the last 5 years league tables.
  9. Hartlepool Facts & Figures Round 3 (Updated Again) Played 17 Won 9 Drawn 3 Lost 5 Goals For 26 Goals Against 19 (+7) League Position 2nd on 30 pts Highest Score 4-0 v Maidenhead (Away) Biggest Defeat 0 -5 v Torquay (Home) Top Scorers: Armstrong (6), Johnson (4) and Oates (3). Last 5 results: Woking (A) 0-3 Stockport (H) 4-0 Halifax (H) 3-1 Notts County (A) 1-0 Wealdstone (H) 3-1 For 11 Against 5 Hartlepool come to the Shay on the back of a 4 game winning streak, including the defeat of Town at Victoria Park just after C
  10. We don't know as we did not see much of the game, certainly not £12 worth.
  11. In order to minimise the number of threads for this game here is the poll and stats to follow later today.
  12. Obviously not a true Yorkshireman then....
  13. My view is take points where you can. This is not a normal season and there will be many more strange results still to come. Take Torquay, running away with the league but then draw at Kings Lynn and lose to Yeovil and Dagenham. It's a funny old game and points on the board are worth more than games in hand.
  14. It would be bizarre, if they can go to Altrincham, Eastleigh and Sutton as well as entertain Stockport at home, and come away with 9 points from 4 games, based on what we have seen today.
  15. Nope, but Kings Lynn have the pleasure of Mr Marsden on Tuesday night away at Altrincham. Let's hope K/L can do us a favour and beat them.
  16. Watched the game today, or around 10 mins, as paused at the start and then found I could not rewind after the screen froze, so lost first 15 minutes. After that all I could see was when the play switched to the side where the commentary point was, so maybe 20% of the remainder of the game. £12 not well spent..... On this basis it is hard to give any accurate review of how the game went but here goes from what I saw, and pieced together with what others, who had been eating carrots recently, managed to see. As predicted Jean Belehouan started in place of Byrne and Lewis Mansell got in
  17. Just put out on FCHT Twitter. There is no requirement for a pitch inspection for our game against @OfficialKLtown .
  18. Roy, my problem is that now I am becoming hooked on the ability to watch the away games from the comfort of my chair, especially as it is cold and Kings Lynn is up the backside of nowhere and an absolute pain to get to. So, as I need my weekly fix I will stump up the extra 2 quid, or run the risk of my other half coming up with some hare brained idea about cleaning the grout between the bathroom tiles,,,,
  19. Agree, in the case of Belehouan, the powers that be at Sheffield United think he is ready to play with the big boys, and more interestingly they have entrusted that phase of his development to us. With Mansell, it is probably a case of finding the right club and way of playing to enable him to develop and show what he can do. Let's hope both of these young players grab the opportunity of being able to join a team that is playing attractive attacking football. It's been a few years since we could use those words in the same sentence.
  20. It would be good to get Allen some game time as his speed fits in very well with the counter attacking play that we have started to put together. He also provides a very good combination with Chadwick when they are pressing after we lose possession in the opponents half. As we saw with Altrincham most teams at this level end up resorting to sideways or backwards passes, rather than risk losing the ball. I have enjoyed the action in the last few games where we have swarmed to the ball and the opponents are not good enough to cope with that type of pressure.
  21. WB I think that the pressing game from the front and the added bite and tempo we now have in midfield will be able to disrupt the K/L midfield and keep the ball in the opponents half more than it will spend in ours.
  22. I agree, I would have thought that checks and balances were in place to prevent a repetition of when many local councils, including their pension funds, put all their money into the Icelandic Banks because they were promised a better rate of return, only to lose millions of tax payers money. Admittedly, both councils seem to think the Chesterfield ground is an asset worth £1 million, but that could be considered to be speculative in the current financial climate. As I have always said, "the only free cheese is in the mouse trap"
  23. Kings Lynn Facts and Figures (NL only) Played 13 Won 4 Drawn 2 Lost 7 Goals For 17 Goals Against 30 (-13) League Position 20th on 14 pts Highest Score 3-2 v Maidenhead (Away) Worst Defeat 0-5 v Solihull (Away) and 1-5 v Sutton (Away) Best Result 0-0 v Torquay (Home) Top Scorers: Adam Marriot - 4 goals Jamar Loza - 4 goals (now transferred to Woking) Dayle Southwell – 3 goals Last 5 results: Barnet (A) 2-0 Dover (H) 2-0 Bromley (H) 1-4 Hartlepool (A) 0-2 Torquay (H) 0-0 For 5 Against 6 Late write up for
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