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  1. Harrogate will have to dig their 3G pitch up if they get promoted
  2. no but they play in the park
  3. Don't mention 5G.....it sets some people off on one
  4. ITMAN


    There is a huge difference between being a customer and a supporter. I am a customer of Tesco but do not go around visiting other Tesco stores (grounds) unless I have to by necessity. Nor do I wear a tesco shirt or sing songs about them. As a customer I would not consider myself to be passionate about them either. However, as a supporter, I have a vested interest in how well the business is doing, or not doing. I also have an emotional bond with the "business", something the Tesco's and Sainsbury's of this world would give their eye teeth to be able to have with their customers. So w
  5. I would quite like an away trip to Jersey.
  6. didn't take long for the bait to be taken.
  7. It's good to talk Unless it is bollocks, then it is a waste of hot air....
  8. There will also probably be a clause or rule that states the ruling bodies decision is final with no recourse to appeal. Or if a majority of the members vote for it.
  9. Can York afford to engage legal services which could cost them dearly if the gamble does not pay off, unless the have someone to do it pro bono.I don't think no win no fee is an option here.
  10. I personally agree that in the majority of cases we should trust people to use common sense when exercising and to not put other people at risk. However, it also appears that some other people are getting upset at the situation, so my suggestion was only based on what else could you do then. Nobody, I know wants even more draconian measures put in place, but at some point in time, especially if the number of cases and/or deaths continues to rise, we may have to consider this for the good of everyone, including those who will not conform to the advice being provided.
  11. Do we get many in Halifax? Leeds is usually swarming with them, but i think a lot are students or people who are visiting them. York I could understand seeing high numbers, as it will probably be one of those places that appears on their world tour schedule of 14 countries in 12 days.
  12. If there is this much confusion over what is and what not is allowed, and this is obviously leading to some cause for concern from people who are sticking to the "letter of the law" with their interpretation of the guidance provided, then is it not time to have much more black and white orders, not guidance. If it is correct that the only way to slow down and/or eradicate this virus then the government has to impose much stricter guidelines, i.e no one goes out at all unless they have a permit to do so. People going out for food, in the main could be given "appointments" to go to a design
  13. I thought that was allowed as long as they are from the same household
  14. That one baffled me. Why do you need consent from the family to release figures that are anonymised? When a road traffic accident is reported in the press or online they simply state "2 people died" they do not wait for any consent before putting this information into the public domain. For the government to trot this pathetic excuse for covering up and not being transparent is yet another example of the disinformation they are peddling. Last night I watched a minister on NewsNight squirming as he tried to defend the low number of ventilators (8,500 according to the Dept of Heal
  15. It will be interesting to see if they stay true to form or come up with something more innovative this time.
  16. Throw in the bit about they are unsure as to the accuracy of the testing kits then we have a recipe for a disaster. Which bozo signed off the purchase order for 3.5 million testing kits which had no evidience of clinical efficacy?
  17. Ooh, sell your soul for a 3 course meal and a free program. You will be wanting free parking thrown in as well
  18. I have read the statement from the BHW Chairman and though it is a touch condescending in it's nature it is still a fair and accurate description of his understanding of the National League position. As a chairman of a National League club he has access to more information than we do and has insights, gained from his lengthy association with the club and league, as well as shared contacts which will give him "inside" information. It is far better than anything on the FC Halifax Town website which appears to have not been updated for at least a week. Providing in depth information a
  19. It would be an acceptable trade off in the circumstances.
  20. Unfortunately, you won't be able to as in theory it never happened
  21. Trev, then maybe we should open up a new thread on the topic and then we can all be informed of whatever else is being covered up. Let's have it out in the open as I for one like to see transparency and not things hiding in the shadows. If you have something to reveal then please share it with us all so we can make rational decision going forward as to whether we want/need to upgrade our mobiles or stick to landlines for communication.
  22. What a great link. It provided the answer to the Furness Flyers question. The Boothtown track was the one we knew as Woodside.
  23. Flea, while I do not have a season ticket I am the proud owner of the only "promotion push" 6 home game ticket and as such have 3 games left to use. I am only too happy to forgo any refund if it helps the club in ant small way I can. So on that basis I have voted as a proxy Season Ticket holder.
  24. I think we need a new thread - "Conspiracy Theories" or the "Huawei Times" You will be telling me next that the Martians are coming.....
  25. Am i missing something here...what has 5G got to do with the topic?
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