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  1. I always thought it was supposed to be local news for local people, but it appears not if you live the other side of Bradford.
  2. It's still going on I think.....
  3. I live in Leeds, and as has been mentioned cannot understand why Harrogate, who are actually a North Yorkshire team, get more airspace than teams such as Halifax who are actually part of the regional area that BBC West Yorkshire Sport is supposed to cover.
  4. Chadders, I concur with your point around the fact the club has limited resources to do things and the Supporters Club and AFC Halifax members are doing their utmost as well to help generate funds. On that basis they should concentrate on the areas where the highest return will be forthcoming. The point I was raising was that the running of a "virtual" half-time raffle had already been discussed and for the current period of fundraising was deemed to fall into the "low priority" group. However, if there are others out there who are not already involved in the efforts to raise funds who might want to come forward and be involved then this would be something they might want to consider. Personally, after some analysis of the effort required to do this "virtually" compared to the good old bucket and a book of tickets on a match day, feel this would be one of the fundraisers that would be difficult to easily organise, and by this I mean in terms of getting in and reconciling the small amounts of money a raffle ticket would cost (£1). The point is that "many hands make light work", so we need more and more people to become actively engaged in producing new ideas, taking these ideas forward and ultimately bringing them to life. For some this can be a small, low income fundraiser but it helps to build their confidence to go on to try other bigger things. Take the football cards as an example, the first one was done for 68 @ £10 a go. This went down well and it was decided to go for 84 teams @ £20 a go., this went well. So, we decided to up the ante and go for 100 @£20 a go, this appears to be succeeding. The same could be said for the virtual ticket initiative for the the BHW game, this alone has raised around £3,000, so we should always continue to encourage people to come forward with ideas. There are other areas we should be focussing, much in the same way as Chester have done, in terms of trying to convert the short term generosity of the supporters into a habit rather than one off, or spasmodic reactions to an ongoing financial issue. Let's face facts, the club is not flush with money, the club needs or would benefit from a longer term, stable revenue stream. Season tickets is not at present going to provide this based on the number of ST's sold so far compared to last season. So we have already had the same idea come up a number of times which is to try to convert supporters into making regular donations, ideally via the Supporters Club which can then be used to help smooth out some of the financial bumps in the road. It will also allow the SC to build up a healthy reserve which is under their control instead of direct donations to the club, as sometimes this can incur disadvantages in term of VAT. So, we know there are some fans who make a regular contribution, we have had indications on this forum of other fans who would be prepared to consider doing this if it was set up in an organised manner, and I have proposed the idea of a 100/500 Club to the SC as part of my application for membership, as I feel that with some thought and consideration it is possible in the long term to generate funds for assisting the club well into the future, over and above the short term needs we have now with Project Playoff. As I have said before, I will continue to explore for new ways to raise funds, find grants that may be available. I will also continue to support all and any fundraising efforts carried out by the Club, the Supporters Club and AFC Halifax, and anyone else for that matter who is trying to do something for the good of the club.
  5. I have already suggested this but it was explained that it was a low priority with all of the other Project Playoff stuff going on. I put forward that we could do a virtual half-time draw, the same as the Barrow Supporters Trust are doing, for the 3 home games cancelled. 1 per Sat until the playoff game and then one for the playoff game. If you want to look to do something then DM me and we can look to organise them between us maybe? Anyone else can help out if they want, then we go for it.
  6. In that case put me down for Albert Valentine, still the holder of the most goals in a season record for the club, as he cannot buy it for himself. Paid by BACS.
  7. They will have to wiat until the 18th July if they want a drink at BHW's ground then
  8. Amazing what can be raised with a bit of blue sky thinking....
  9. Yes, that's the one. Seems better than Quidco etc as it can be done collectively rather than on an individual basis.
  10. Do we have any way of contacting the legends who are left to see if they want to take up the offer, of course that is those who are still with us, not sure if Albert Valentine will be able?
  11. Apart from the intricacies of GDPR (data protection for the uninitiated) the only people who would have that kind of information would probably be the club itself. Knowing that they are running on a shoestring staff at present, to be fair it seems to be a small group at best during normal times, then it could be the Supporters Club could undertake some form of direct marketing campaign in order to try to boost Project Playoffs. It should also be possible under the current legislation to put tick boxes etc on any communication with supporters if they but season tickets or items via the shop asking them for their consent to pass their details to the Supporters Club or AFC Halifax. This way we can build up a shared database of people who are interested in supporting the club. I posted up a suggestion on another fund raising idea, where you opt into a portal and do some of your online shopping via this, overtime this accumulates "cashback" which can be paid directly into the Supporters Club accounts. It costs you nothing extra on the price of your purchase, but like with all schemes of this nature there is an element of "big data" in play, but no more than if you purchase from Amazon or use your Tesco Clubcard or Nectar card. Another area I am currently exploring is the way that text services can be used, especially to reduce the admin burden of things such as the match cards we are using at present, with great success, so in other words rather than every sending private messages asking for bank details and then someone else trying to reconcile these, the supporter would just text something like Legends to 79886 and this would donate £10.
  12. It depends. If the NL are prepared to share out the TV income from televising the play-offs it would help. ( I have seen news that the NL North/South playoffs will not be televised). Worst case it is a big shop window for the club if we get to the final, as there is unlikely to be any other footy on the tele that day.
  13. What I cannot understand is they have a meeting to discuss it, they have all agreed to it from what is being reported, yet they need another 24 hours to send out a press release? Are they all working from home or something......
  14. Is this another way to boost the Project Playoff coffers, or at least provide a revenue stream for next season? https://www.thenonleaguefootballpaper.com/latest-news/fa-competitions-more-news/30902/team-up-with-thousands-of-other-clubs-already-getting-extra-funding/ It looks to be along the same lines as Quidco and Topcashback, only the money raised goes straight to the organisation registering it. Maybe something the Supporters Club could take a look at?
  15. Yes, I hope that all who have been tested are well and not showing symptoms.
  16. ITMAN


    Might get through on one of the re-run channels, they were showing Love thy Neighbour recently and On the Buses
  17. I doubt very much if Mr B would see it that way
  18. Seen on BHW website today: In short, after discussing things today with the National League, the FA and our fellow competing clubs, Wood now know the confirmed date of our play off eliminator match at home to FC Halifax Town, which as stated above will be played sooner than the Club had previously expected. At the leagues request the exact details cannot yet be announced, but you can expect confirmation and a public announcement from the National League tomorrow evening.
  19. ITMAN


    Percy Filth if you ask me....won't be watching that up at Chapel
  20. I too remember the days when the local leagues had their big day out, for the rugby I played in a few finals at Thrum Hall, but seem to remember back in the 70's that local football finals were all played at Natty Lane and not the Shay for some reason?
  21. Yes, Imperial are running an independent study to verify if the govt provide numbers are accurate. Big problem is all of those people who test positive but show no symptoms.
  22. True, especially if you have the benefit of a much bigger budget.
  23. Steve, if the population is 65 million and you can test 200,000 per day then it would only take 325 days. Admittedly, that is a very long time, but the sooner we get our skates on the better.
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