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  1. From earlier posts I think it will be on Ribble FM's FB page. I for one am just interested to see how the new players gel with each other and the members of last seasons squad. In particular what the tactics and style of play will be and whether we see the demise of "gerrit forrad".
  2. Without going down a rabbit hole into what should be a South Stand Bar topic, I am confused over the fact that we have rising cases but no comparable rise, yet, in hospital admissions or deaths. Does this mean we are better able to tolerate the virus, as the biggest increase in infections are in the younger generations, from what it appears seem to asymptomatic. The experts and govt keep going on about testing but each time I see pictures of testing centres in Leeds there is very little going on. Testing is the way forward, until we have a vaccine, but I am of the opinion, that local flar
  3. Which one, Halifax had 2 Irish Club teams. One was the IDC and the other was the Irish Club. Ovenden WR played in the WRCAL if I am not mistaken, which was a Step 7 league back then, before it was disbanded.
  4. Yes, as you dropped down the hill to get back to Halifax Road. Just before you turned down by the big garden centre.
  5. ITMAN

    1000 Fans

    And will Kit still have his bucket or will he only be taking card payments? Maybe we could do a virtual 50/50 draw buying your ticket via the Club Shop online. This way fans who cannot make it or cannot get a ticket can still join in the fun.
  6. Yes, Old Collegians... It was common there to have a goal kick taken from the top end sail all the way into the opposing penalty area. They had more goals scored by keepers than any other ground in the YOBL. I almost had to abandon a game up there as we had a collie dog come onto the pitch and keep chasing the ball. It was shooed of but kept coming back and no one knew who it belong to. Eventually one of the players rugby tackled it and it was tied to the goalposts while we got on with the game. It would have made for an interesting match report I would have had to send to the WRCFA expla
  7. ITMAN

    1000 Fans

    Sorry, I was being flippant in suggesting that the NL would have any involvement with the use of computers to help with the day to day admin. From things I have read they are still using fax machines.....
  8. Norm, I have seen this as well. I have known players at Leeds Academy, not allowed to play for School teams or local teams. This takes them away from the friends they should be building bonds with at that age, not good for them, especially when they then get rejected by the professional club. At the same time I have seen young players taken from club to club by their parents who refuse to accept that the coaches at professional clubs release their son for valid reasons. They continue to try to live their own dreams through the child, and in some cases neglecting the education the youngste
  9. Granty, I think that until they get older and the physical differences kick in we should not separate boys and girls, I think up to under 13 would be about right. I have a younger sister who at Junior School was probably far better than most of the boys, top scorer in fact, and she was what was then classed as a tomboy. She was most put out when she when to JH Whitley that they would not let her play rugby! She went on to play for the Mackintosh Miracles, for those who can remember that far back, and I recall going to see her play against the Doncaster Belles in the early 70's. She also ran fo
  10. ITMAN

    1000 Fans

    Chadders, I agree with you on that, but hopefully the fixture algorithm, will recognise this and gives us all Southern teams for the first 10 home games.....
  11. Norm, apologies for the delay in a response, just got back from a maiden voyage in my new caravan for the weekend..... My comments about the funding for female football, was not meant as a criticism of the need to fund, develop and encourage female football but more a criticism of the local football authorities, mainly the WRCFA, to focus heavily on the development of female football, whilst at the same time overseeing the demise of a number of local leagues, as well as the decimation of male open age teams. I was of the opinion that there was room for both to be treated as crucial to the
  12. Norm, I have refereed many games up at Cookridge, prior to Mods moving their first team to the West Yorks League. I also had a very good relationship with the lower teams, quite often turning out to do their pre-season friendlies. I always found the whole club to be very sporting and well run.
  13. ITMAN

    1000 Fans

    Last season of the 20 home games played, the number of away fans present was under 100 at 11 of them. Of these 4 had less than 30 away fans. Not having away fans at the Shay for the first part of the season, on the assumption that common sense will prevail in the end, should not impact too severely on the financial budgets for the club. Having approx. 750 S/T holders at £299 each, will compensate somewhat for the loss of the away fans, if it means we can keep home supporters happy, by giving them every chance of attending games.
  14. I remember the changing rooms at Roils Head where like old Army huts, complete with the pot bellied stove in the middle of the room. Weather conditions were always something to behold. I played in one game for Holmfield up there and we had wind, rain, sleet and fog all in the space of 90 mins. It was also where I first became acquainted with the local referees being a law unto themselves. We had one game where the ref stopped the game, nobody knew why, while he disappeared into the changing rooms. When he came back 5 mins later, he just restarted the game and off we went. It turned out la
  15. I presume the ball had left the area before being blown back over the goal line for a corner?
  16. Yes, there is another NL and clubs meeting scheduled for the 8th September. To be honest, I would be happy with no away fans for the first few games, and if we happened to play mainly Southern clubs in that period it could be the least financial impact for us.
  17. ITMAN

    1000 Fans

    As it would have to be all ticket for away fans as well, we would know in advance how many to account for. If the number was less than a certain amount, in the case of BHW, 29, then they could go in the East Stand and free up all of the North Stand for home fans.
  18. It is Tommy, it appears that the only route into the game for young players is through the Academy system. Where this falls down for me is that the clubs trawl through Junior football taking anyone who shows the slightest glimmer of potential, in the hope that for every 100 kids they attract 1 will make the grade. The other 99 kids get discarded and usually come back to local league teams but they are scarred by the experience and rejection they feel. Young players should be allowed to play their football at a young age for enjoyment, preferably in a team surrounded by the mates and schoo
  19. Through and through, he started out at Yorkshire Amateurs before being “discovered”
  20. Micah has done alright for a lad from Chapeltown
  21. Norm, we have seen the same in Leeds, Soldiers Field, next to Roundhay Park used to have 15-18 pitches with 2 sets of changing rooms. Now you would be lucky to see 2 games taking place on a Saturday. One of the main reasons for this abrupt decline was the greed of Leeds City Council who increased the cost to hire pitches plus they allowed the, what were at the time, state of the art changing rooms with under floor heating, to fall into disrepair due to lack of maintenance. This led to many teams moving to lower cost pitches offered by schools who were happy to suddenly have a new revenue
  22. Just looked to see if it might be on the local radio but Accrington are playing Leeds in the EFL Cup so that and other cup games will take priority
  23. With the new season soon to begin, how many members of this forum are members of the Supporters Club?
  24. Yes, I would think they are aware of it and no doubt the Football Foundation would have sent out communications to all of the clubs to make them aware. I only raised it because there have been some other grants available in the last few months, but only if you owned your own ground and did not rent or ground share etc. Either way £20k towards preparation for the big day, when it comes, is not to be sniffed at and a feather in the cap of the Premier League for supporting this.
  25. One of the refreshing aspects of PW's background is that he does not come with any of the ex-player baggage. He has been a coach all of his career, so he is no jack of all trades but we hope he is the master of one.
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