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  1. My own preference was for Tetley's Dark Mild, but not many pubs sold it in Leeds. Originally brewed as a low strength beer so the workers could drink it at dinner time (still can't bring my self to refer to it as lunch) and then go back to work.
  2. Whatever happened to Dark Mild? You used to be able to get a decent pint of it in the Old Cock.
  3. Yes, but was the football on show worth a fiver....the players should have handed their wages back and given the rest of us a refund.😁
  4. Correct, I did edit my initial review last night but missed the earlier paragraph were I had referred to the artificial surface. This was due to my incorrectly reading a report from the company who had laid the 3G training pitch in 2018. Apologies for the incorrect information, it should have read that the pitch will be crap and we cannot expect to play any decent football on it.😃
  5. I was referring to the Town v Maidenhead game played on Saturday 30th Jan.
  6. Barnet (Away) Facts and Figures (NL only) Played 18 Won 2 Drawn 3 Lost 13 Goals For 14 Goals Against 44 (-30) League Position 23rd (bottom) on 9 pts Best Result 0-0 v the Mighty Hartlepool (Home) Worst Defeat 0-6 v Chesterfield (Away) Top Scorers: JJ Hooper - 4 goals (15 games – 12 starts) Michael Petrasso - 4 goals (9 games – 5 starts) Last 5 results: Boreham Wood (H) 0-3 Altrincham (H) 1-2 Dover (A) 1-3 Torquay (H) 0-2 Aldershot (A) 1-2 For 3 Against 12 Their Home record is Played 10 Won 1 Drawn 2 Lost 7. For 5
  7. ITMAN


    Hard to argue with that. It will all come down to how much pressure KC can put on Brady. Mahones is built for getting away from pressure, Brady at 41 is not renowned for his mobility....
  8. Welcome to the National League, the pinnacle of non-league football in England and Wales
  9. ITMAN


    Flea, who do you think will prevail, the brash young upstart or the Man who has done it all? Heart says Brady, but brain says Mahomes. Mahomes can make things happen with his feet as well as his arm, Brady rarely leaves his pocket.
  10. Cheers WB that makes it abundantly clear.
  11. Watched the Stockport game as sod all else on the telly tonight. Can anyone explain why Hogan for Stockport, who was sent off in the league on Tues night against Sutton, playing today? I was under the impression that sending off bans began immediately with the next league fixture?
  12. 2-1 to Havent 47 min
  13. ITMAN


    She is a bit easier on the eye than Danny Murphy...though I do prefer Danny's insights
  14. Was that the case when Rangers went bust in that most of the players were paid into their offshore company accounts?
  15. How will any panthers cope with the micro climate?
  16. Just get all the players to register themselves as limited companies, signed on to play as sub-contractors, then they can all ask for a Bounce Back loan of £30k to see them through till the end of the season, then shut the company down and walk away from the loan. Sign on for the club at the start of next season as an employee again. From what they say on the news tonight everyone's at it....
  17. I thought he said beef up not pork out😃
  18. Scores on the doors.... https://twitter.com/Ollie_Bayliss/status/1357756501868220417?s=20
  19. Don't forget we have had one of the greatest Cup upsets ever when we beat them in the Trophy as well....
  20. Not bad Chadders, you went with the floe to think that one up....
  21. Can we be in the division that does not feature Hartlepool.....so we might have a chance of winning it
  22. Looks to me like the whole NL is running scared of the mighty Poolies....either that or they have done something to offend everyone.😃
  23. This is a so called Community led club....as bent as the spire they have on their badge.
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