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  1. I thought we were building for the future - not "back to the future"
  2. I thought was the forkers job...they have the right equipment
  3. Steve, I presume you are comparing a solvent football club that has no debts to one such as hartlepool united (lower case h and u intended) who are bankrolled by Mr Singh and who owe quite a lot of money to a number of companies. Summary of transactions with parent During the year Clarence 18 Limited, the company's immediate parent undertaking, provided loans to the value of £676,565 (2018: £848,435) to the company. At the year end the company owed £1,525,000 (2018: £848,435) to Clarence 18 Limited. Summary of transactions with entities with joint control or signifi
  4. ITMAN


    In that case he will be staying where he is. As a tin pot minor football club we would not be able to consider any investment in additions to the squad as it is imperative we buy some ground sheets such as those owned by our more illustrious colleagues at much more prestigious clubs such as hartlepool united (small h and small u intended.)
  5. ITMAN


    Could he not be loaned to us while BPA are not playing? We could pay his wages and this would save BPA some brass, and maybe up the interest in him if he is any good.
  6. Here in Leeds we already have about 6 inch of snow. Even worse will be when it melts, the Shay pitch, will no doubt be waterlogged. Looks like a move to Tuesday next week is on the cards.
  7. Probably, we will keep the 19th Jan free in case we need to postpone the game on the 16th for any reason. This would make playing Hartlepool this month impossible. The earliest date we do not have a midweek game is the 16th Feb.
  8. Their isolation period finished at midnight yesterday. They should be OK for Saturday. Looking at the last round there were a few games not played on the Saturday but moved to the following Tues.
  9. The managers are mainly complimentary about each others teams, it tends to be some of the Chairmen/Owners who gob off. At the end of the day they all have to work together, which is why the loan market works well, they have built up friendships with the other managers as they go around the league moving from job to job. Not sure if there are many but the lifespan of managers seems to be transient in the NL, much the same as in the EFL.
  10. You can rent/lease them as well, that way the VAT can be recouped
  11. Having watched quite a few post match interviews from various managers most of them in the NL are quite sensible and level headed. I quite like Gary Johnson at Torquay, he has been round the block a few times and knows his onions...
  12. Agreed he was a good player and tormented us during the play off game last season. Not sure about BHW though, they flatter to deceive in my opinion. They have some decent results but they are not blowing anyone out the water, and last nights draw against the bottom of the table leaves question marks. Take Tsihmanga out of the game and there in not a lot of scoring threat there, Matt Rhead is just there to bully defences and is not what I would consider to be a prolific "striker"
  13. If we put it all in context we were scheduled to have played 18 league games to date. As it stands we have played 17. So a one game backlog is not something we should all be getting into a lather about. If come the end of January we are looking at a backlog of 4 games then we might have something to worry about.
  14. Well for the first 9 games we had a very good defensive record but virtually no goals and no points. I would rather be 6th in the table than 20th and watching entertaining football.
  15. True, but it gives me something to do during these restricted times.
  16. Yes but mine have something in them other than pages of white space....
  17. Oooh - controversial....
  18. Chadders, you might want to edit your 25 page long post
  19. Solar panels on the South Stand, it would use all the sunlight that is not getting to the pitch.
  20. Bubba, it depends on whether the problem with the drainage is an all pitch issue or just some areas? Either way from what I have seen in the past there will be ways to channel the water off and then into a drainage system around the pitch. While we are looking at covers, we seem to have the old fashioned type which are more or less tarpaulins laid on the pitch. There are alternatives which I have seen such as inflatable covers, which may be more effective as these can incorporate a hot air option to help thaw out frozen surfaces, or fixed covers more like used for cricket, but these would come
  21. Flea, I came in a bit late on the discussion and missed the other comments, however, as since posted, could the covers server a dual purpose, i.e protect from frost and waterlogging?
  22. Why? It would just freeze again, probably even faster.
  23. Not being an expert on ground covers but would they not server a dual purpose, in that as well as protecting the pitch from frost exposure would they also help to prevent heavy rain from making the pitch waterlogged? That way they would also be of use to the egg chasers.
  24. Not to mention the other tenant....
  25. And a good measure of where we have come to from last season. They just dusted themselves down and went on and won the game, no crisis and no crumbling. Not one headless chicken in sight.
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