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    Very true, sadly.
  2. Not necessarily, whilst players may not be proficient or confident at this style of play, coaching and practise should increase their confidence.I would expect that the manager and coaching staff would aspire to trying to play in the way that has proven to be successful for other teams.
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    Roy it is endemic across most of the media at present. I read an article in the Courier, I think it was last week, about a car accident in Brighouse, yet the photo accompanying it showed a road junction which is in Holmfield. Sloppy lazy journalism, probably a job given to the office junior to do, as I suspect the number of actual journalists employed is low. I personally blame the people up the chain who are supposed to proof read and do some form of quality control before a product is posted up to the internet.
  4. I love these discussions were the topic of "possession" comes up. As we have seen from a number of clubs higher up the pyramid, possession in football is not a guarantee of success, teams such as Man City and Leeds, who are both possession based teams with very good players, are prone to overplaying it and getting caught out with the tendency these days to press higher up the pitch. Both teams have lost quite a few games this season when they have had over 65% of possession. I would prefer the continental style of playing the ball out to an outfield player from a goal kick, which is made easier by the change to the laws that allows a player to take possession before the ball has left the goal area. However, this requires defenders who are comfortable on the ball and who can pass the ball accurately.
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    I have never actually visited the football ground, but having had to go there on a regular basis in the past for work, it is a right faff to get to.
  6. Maybe as the Kings Lynn owner has set the bar so high for S/T's that Mr B has had a rethink....
  7. did you get a 14 day cooling off period.....
  8. This is why the drive to bring in additional revenue is just as important as it was for the specific purpose of the costs for the Playoffs. That is now history, but the future still needs to be addressed. We have plenty of ideas being put forward for ways to boost the income of the club, we just need to work together, with the club and the Supporters Club, to try to bring these to fruition. £200k sounds a lot in a lump sum, but it breaks down to approx. £20k a month over a 10 month season. If the supporter could raise an extra £5k a month, then we would be doing the same as Project Playoffs but over a longer period. Take Notts County, they have a weekly draw, "Lifeline", which brings in about £2k a week profit, and is oversubscribed at £2 a week. So we can I think with efforts from the supporters and the club building on the success of this season, commercially, get to a place where the extra money needed to attract 3-4 quality players is achievable.
  9. ShayJay, I have already said that with the number of players being released left right and centre there has to be some rough diamonds out there for us to find. It is apparent to us as spectators that the team has deficiencies and hopefully PW will be just as aware, so now we have to see what the BOD will do to help correct the situation
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    On the downside we will be getting KIngs Lynn and Wealdstone, 2 clubs not very high on my grounds I must visit list
  11. As they say it was a game of 2 halves. The first half we did everything that you would expect of an away side looking to win a playoff game. The second half we played like FC Halifax Town.
  12. Nothing to write home about. Wait, yes, the winning goal was scored by a big fat bald lad who would have looked more at home on Shelf Rec on a Sunday morning.
  13. That's a fairly accurate summary of the game.
  14. Back to the drawing board Spud. Maybe better luck with the Blue kit next season.
  15. Nor Redshaw, in this league anyway. Time and time again we come up against teams with two, or more, 6 foot 4 defenders, and the option of lumping it forward in the air does nothing but give possession away and gives the opposition a great way of running the clock down when we are chasing the game.
  16. How about a commitment Greggs, how about an indication of your commitment, so the BOD can judge what the indicative take up would be? It appears there are a number of fans who would take up the offer of a season ticket if their genuine concerns could be dealt with. Maybe this could be done through a non-binding offer to pre-order/reserve a season ticket. This way the BOD can see what they potentially have in the budget for PW to play with, and you have shown your support, but without
  17. Yes tonight was disappointing, but when put into context around where we started from then no one has any right to feel let down. Truth be known, we all knew we had some weaknesses in the squad but these to some extent were thrust on PW without a chance to choose his own players due to the chaotic start to the season. He has shown enough potential to be given support from the BOD to move on to the next step of the journey. The most pleasing aspect of the last month or so is the way the supporters have pulled together to put their hands in their pockets to try to make the dream become a reality. What we have to do now is to continue with that support, and carry it into the new season. So,all of those who have sat on the fence in regards to season tickets, now is the time to get off it and to show the BOD that we are behind them and the work they are doing to try to bring league football to Halifax, in a sensible and prudent manner that would make the dream, if we can achieve it, become a sustainable reality. Project Playoff is over, now the hard work begins as we rebuild and regroup ready to go again in October.
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    Just a shame we have to have Stevenage back, as they do not hold out the promise of a big pay day. We will be lucky if they bring 100 to the Shay. York or Chester hold out the promise of more. If we can keep Notts County and Yeovil down for another season, that will help, and if we have a resurgent Stockport we would have a good show from them as well.
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    I still believe, maybe not this season, but soon. Believe and it will happen
  20. were you "crying in the chapel"?
  21. This table indicates that a start to the season at the start of October would be possible with the use of the spare midweek slots.
  22. Here is the text of Law 3 3. COLOURS The two teams must wear colours that distinguish them from each other and the match officials Each goalkeeper must wear colours that are distinguishable from the other players and the match officials So, if the referee wishes to he can ask for the players to conform to the laws. By not doing so EFL and Premier League officials make every referee's job that bit harder the further down the pyramid you go.
  23. Seems to be the done thing these days with NL Chairmen, it would appear they like the sound of their own voices...
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    Water Break

    It stands to reason that they will use the already agreed protocols for the games.
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