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  1. Mines up and running fine so far. They are just running highlight of how crap we defended against Maidenhead.
  2. Williams on the bench, bringing him back steady then?
  3. I think for the Bounce Back Loans, very similar situation, it was based on a % of the turnover the previous financial year, that governed how much you could borrow. In theory then no one should be taking on loans they cannot afford to repay.
  4. View from the Barnet forum, most of them agree with it. I for one have no confidence that TF can save us from relegation. It is clear that since he joined our "style" of football has deteriorated and is worse than under Beadle, or any other manager I can remember. (Note. Other managers have tried to play football but were unable to train or motivate the team to do so or had crap players). There is no longer any attempt to pass the ball and be constructive in the way we play. The players just blindly head the ball randomly or hoof it without even the pretence of trying to get it to another
  5. I missed the boat, and ended up paying. As it has been that long since we had a game I would have paid £20 to watch😀
  6. Approaching the half way mark in the season so this game will provide a good guide as to whether we are really capable of kicking on and getting into the play off places or whether we are going to be midtable fodder, too good to go down but too inconsistent to worry the big boys. Nothing less than 3 points tonight followed by not losing at Torquay would be a good return.
  7. If you try now it just says unavailable. Hope they sort ot out for tomorrow as I need my Shaymen fix....
  8. I fully sympathise with NL N/S teams who on the whole are part-time. In the case of Darlington and Dover, it is good to hear clubs who will not destroy the financial stability they have strived so long to achieve. Darlington have had a very difficult past, with 4 administrations, there are some on this forum who will fully empathise with their concerns. We now need clear leadership and a statement from the DCMS as to where we stand. Not everyone is in the situation of Wrexham with their cash injection or Chesterfield who are being bailed out by the tax payers of Derbyshire and Cheste
  9. Interestingly, for a club of such lofty ambitions, hartlepool's home ground has a capacity nearly 25% lower than that of the Shay, and that is without counting the Skircoat Stand. Who is "tinpot" now then....
  10. With the temperatures as they are now and with it dropping to no lower than 6 degrees overnight no danger of being called off for ice. Some rain possibly but not heavy rain, so all should be good, apart from the surface might be described as "slick". I would expect it to cut up but I have seen comments on the Barnet forum saying they think the pitch is much improved this season. So hopefully, it will have recovered from the cold weather and we can have a decent game of football at last.
  11. It is a fine balancing act. Increase ticket prices - risk less fans = lower budget for players. Or leave or reduce ticket prices - potentially increase bums on seats = same or more budget for players. If the current squad could be maintained for next season, and we can improve or play more consistently attractive, winning football, then the risk of no increase, or even lower, with more fans in the ground is a possibility. I think it is safe to presume that we will have crowds, of some sort, back in the grounds for next season, so it would be in the hands of the supporters to some extent,
  12. Apparently, this situation will test them to the full.
  13. OK, I have voted on that basis. I would expect that Mr B has a good idea already of what income he needs to complete the season without making a loss, or at least a manageable loss. What would be nice is to have a statement giving some clarity on what the Club thinks it will be short by, so if there does need to be any backdating of the costs of a loan, at least we, the fans, understand the logic and the reason for any increase in costs.
  14. Within the rules for this season there is a way of postponing a game with just cause, i.e. you have a Covid outbreak in your club, but this has to be backed up with Doctor's certificates etc. THe Club though would have to follow the standard procedure and postpone the game not just say we are not turning up. Just closing the club down and not playing games falls outside of the scope of the "just cause" criteria.
  15. Flea, I am assuming that the increase would also be applied to S/T's?
  16. I would prefer the Marx Brothers to add their comments as well.
  17. Out of interest I had a look at the NL Rule book to see what punishment Dover could expect if they fail to fulfil their fixtures. Rule 8.39 - Any Club without just cause failing to fulfil an engagement to play a Competition match on the appointed date shall for each offence be liable to expulsion from the Competition and/ or such other disciplinary action the Board may determine, including the deduction of up to a maximum of three points from the offending Club’s record, any expenses incurred by their opponents, and a fine. In the event of a Club being in breach of the previous para
  18. Let's hope he lasts longer than the 4 or 5 games we got out of him before the Solihull game.
  19. I like the theory that the NL may be using Dover as a stalking horse, in order to see what reaction this generates from the DCMS. They will have a use case for what the financial impact is if clubs in the NL were to furlough all of their staff and players. It would give an accurate estimate of what would be seen as a fair trade off in terms of a budget for grants that could be given to clubs to play on rather than shut up shop. They must take into account the non-financial benefits of keeping at least the NL going in terms of the mental wellbeing of fans, who are taking the strain under l
  20. Steve, I have found a minute to google the hartlepool takeover offer you mentioned. According to Super Jeff's interview he says; "We were approached by a consortium this summer who wanted to buy us out, and came offering a fortune," Stelling admitted. "It transpired that one of them had just spent a few years in prison for fraud... so we said 'thank you very much, no thanks, on your bike'. "Those people will go to other clubs and try it on in exactly the same way. I've got a friend in the game who has a pretty good idea of who's kosher and who's not. Without more detail to go on
  21. I think the game changer will be if the Govt step in and make the funding available as grants and not loans. Dover probably have a good case for asking for a grant instead of a loan, but it depends on what the criteria being set is. If clubs can show that compared to previous seasons they have taken a massive hit, mainly due to no crowds, then as like the hospitality sector and others such as airlines, then a continued bailout should be offered. When the original decision to even start the season was made it was based on 2 assumptions, one being we would have crowds back n the grounds be
  22. So, what is the line up for Tues night, given Hyde should be back in the squad? Mansell now gone back to Accrington. Is Williams recovered?
  23. Without doing a full table update, if the Dover results were expunged then Bromley and Aldershot would have less points than Town. This would put us back up to 11th. Aldershot would have played the same number of games as us (20) and Bromley would have a game in hand. We would also benefit by teams above us dropping points as well: Wrexham 29 points (same number of games) BHW 29 points (1 game in hand) Altrincham 30 points (played 2 games more) The only odd ball team is Solihull who would drop to 23 points but with 4 games in hand.
  24. The league will dither and procrastinate and then take the sensible option of expunging Dover's playing record for this season, as was done for Macclesfield, and everyone else will play on to the conclusion. IMO.
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