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  1. Ooh, sell your soul for a 3 course meal and a free program. You will be wanting free parking thrown in as well
  2. I have read the statement from the BHW Chairman and though it is a touch condescending in it's nature it is still a fair and accurate description of his understanding of the National League position. As a chairman of a National League club he has access to more information than we do and has insights, gained from his lengthy association with the club and league, as well as shared contacts which will give him "inside" information. It is far better than anything on the FC Halifax Town website which appears to have not been updated for at least a week. Providing in depth information about the position the league and our club in is paramount to help allay the fears and concerns of the supporters and helps to prevent "fake news" being promulgated on forums such as this.
  3. It would be an acceptable trade off in the circumstances.
  4. Unfortunately, you won't be able to as in theory it never happened
  5. Trev, then maybe we should open up a new thread on the topic and then we can all be informed of whatever else is being covered up. Let's have it out in the open as I for one like to see transparency and not things hiding in the shadows. If you have something to reveal then please share it with us all so we can make rational decision going forward as to whether we want/need to upgrade our mobiles or stick to landlines for communication.
  6. What a great link. It provided the answer to the Furness Flyers question. The Boothtown track was the one we knew as Woodside.
  7. Flea, while I do not have a season ticket I am the proud owner of the only "promotion push" 6 home game ticket and as such have 3 games left to use. I am only too happy to forgo any refund if it helps the club in ant small way I can. So on that basis I have voted as a proxy Season Ticket holder.
  8. I think we need a new thread - "Conspiracy Theories" or the "Huawei Times" You will be telling me next that the Martians are coming.....
  9. Am i missing something here...what has 5G got to do with the topic?
  10. I was told at school that I was loquacious.....
  11. Trev, of the copied post the majority I have sympathy with. I agree that the "herd immunity" idea was flawed and flew in the face of medical experts and evidence across the globe, only matched by President Trump's insistence that it was fake news. I agree that the NHS was woefully unprepared for the tsunami that was coming their way. This was due to a number of different factors, of which underfunding for 10 years has led to a very lean medical infrastructure which has little or no scope to expand services quickly. Unlike the healthcare economies in Germany and France for example, we have no over capacity, as our private healthcare economy is not as well developed. The bullshit and deceit we have been fed around ventilators and PPE will be uncovered after the event, as there is no doubt that a Royal Commission will be held and those accountable will be exposed. However, Article 50 and the time and money wasted on Brexit are nothing to do with the pandemic and should not be conflated with it. The Chinese government hid the scale of the virus until well into December. By then we had passed Article 50, had an election and were supposed to be on the road to the promised land.
  12. Trev, I do not dispute that it is erroneous and could be seen to be misleading and confusing in the light of everything else being communicated by the government, however, as the header on the page contradicts the content on the page lower down, I have used my common sense to come to the assumption that it is a mistake and should consequently be ignored. As there appears to be no other evidence being provided of other web pages which support the misleading statement, of the same nature, I would also conclude that this is an isolated mistake and again, should be treated as one. The fact remains that we are in the midst of a global pandemic which is killing hundreds of people on a daily basis, and we should all take whatever precautions that are prescribed in order to see the end of the virus, as quickly as possible.
  13. Trev, congratulations, you, or whoever pointed you in the direction of, have found the one single webpage on the whole of gov.uk that has not been updated. It's a bit like it used to be when finding a tin of beans in the supermarket with the wrong price on it. Yes, that tin was at a different price but the rest of the tins of beans were at a different price, and the till system highlighted the error. The one wrong price did not override the inescapable fact that the majority price was the correct one. Rather than people being accused of being sheep, I would be more concerned for someone who believed that finding an error in a mammoth website felt that this constituted some kind of cover up or conspiracy theory, rather than what it appears to be - a webpage that has not been updated in the last week, and using this as a reason to propose that we should all go against the overriding advice from the medical experts. On top of this that age old fact about using your noggin should be kicking in rather than trying to go against the blindingly obvious and conforming with the majority of the sensible people in the country.
  14. Was the team called the Furness Flyers?
  15. According to Donald Trump last night it will all be over by Easter.
  16. They are taking the piss to put it bluntly. To provide them with a further payment would be the biggest insult for all of the teams in the National League who have tried to keep their house in order.
  17. Yes, but not for a shut down, start up and then shut down again scenario, before we get to pre-season issues.
  18. Maybe we should invent new words then....
  19. It's the same for me. A few years back most of my work was either in London or in Surrey/Sussex. Thankfully, the day rates are generous and I can usually swing the expenses as part of my contract. I am past wanting to spend 3 nights a week away from home now so mainly only work Yorks/Lancs and North East.
  20. Trev, it was not a pop at the majority of hard working British tradesmen, but more a reflection on the current situation in London with regard to the building game. The fact that you yourself have had to travel to London to do work, which I presume people in London would be capable of doing, highlights the skills shortage in the Capital.
  21. Not trying to defend the stupidity of crammed tube trains and queues of builders trying to get into sites in Manchester, we have to remember that these people are hit with a double whammy. 1. They are either self employed or working as sub-contractors. No work no pay 2. They are probably working for low rates, and especially in London probably have to rely on public transport to get to their place of work. 3. For the benefit of Trev, those in London are also probably non-british nationals, doing the building work because we do not have enough UK born workers prepared to do a hard/honest days graft. I notice there were no such queues at any Call centres up and down the land. So if the only option you have to get to your crappy job which you need to go to in order to pay the exorbitant rent that some shyster landlord is extorting from you is to get on a public transport system that has been cut by 40% in the last few days, then I for one will not be having a pop at you.
  22. Wonder where all of that would stand since the Bosman ruling? It would be impossible to impose any restrictions on the freedom of movement of players after the end of their current contract. I feel, and it depends on how many players at this level have agents, it would be open season for the teams like Stockport to go around waving their cheque books, or should that be debit cards as no seems to want to take cheques or cash these days.....
  23. Or as they did in Rugby Union before it went professional find you a day job at some rich supporters firm, so they could pay you more, but they never did any real work other than PR stuff.
  24. There was also a small speedway track at the top of Page Hill, but the best local track was the one Mixenden Diamonds had, although the top track in Halifax was the one at Woodside, very professional that one. From what I remember the Mixenden team had quite a few over 20's riding in it including one who was the local milk man. All of this done with no grants/subsidies or any Council input. We also used to go to Mixy Youth Club, up near the reservoir, to play 5 side in door football. That was quite competitive....
  25. I think the main reason most of us walked everywhere was because our parents did not have cars - well mine never did all the time I was growing up. We also did things in our spare time which engendered a sense of self sufficiency. For me, first of all it was the Cubs (Illingworth St Mary's) followed by the Boys Brigade (Lee Mount) and then the Army Cadets (Duke of Boots). We never really had Youth Clubs or anything organised by anyone outside of the immediate circle of family/friends/neighbours/mates, so if you wanted something you had to do it yourself. When we lived up off Queens Road all the teenagers/kids in the area pulled together and built our own cycle speedway track in what was the old train sidings. When we moved to Illingworth we organised our own football team and went all over Halifax playing other groups of kids who were in the same boat. There were no organised junior football leagues back then. So, an event like the Shay being frozen over would just have been seen as an other opportunity to turn a bad thing into something positive. What kids today would have made of it I can only guess - they would probably expect pop up German Market or heated marquee to get changed in.
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