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  1. No news is good news. Still not raining here in Leeds, has the rain abated in the area around the Shay? It can be deceiving when weather people generalise on a location such as Calderdale. As BTM said earlier ir can be cracking the flags in Brighus while there is 2 foot of snow up at Wainstalls.
  2. Do you mean Bill Foggit who used to do the weather on Calendar when it first started? He used pine cones etc to provide a nature based weather forecast
  3. I must say I like to see big strong attacking players at this level as they have to put up with a lot of stick from your typical lower league central defenders. From what he showed in scoring the goal against the Stockport Superstars he certainly looks like he can handle himself.
  4. Posted on Twitter at 14:10 Following a pitch inspection by the referee, the pitch has been deemed playable. We will continue tonight’s game at the Shay. The pitch will be assessed later by the match referee as per match day protocols. Game deemed fit at the early inspection. We now wait to see what the match referee has to say when he turns up. So it either goes ahead tonight at the Shay or we go to Southport tomorrow night. Watching the weather forecast, the rain is not expected to be full on until 21:00. At present in Leeds we have had little or no rain for the last 2
  5. Historic underinvestment in the playing facilities going back years
  6. If we get to round 5 then its £6k for the winner and £1750 for losing. So potentially £7k to £11,250 to play for. Forgot to add in streaming revenue, possibly another £2-3k
  7. I think it has a knock on effect for both teams. We want to concentrate on the league, with games Sat/Tues/Sat coming up and the same for Southport who have a backlog and have already had to rearrange games for CV-19.
  8. I will keep my little amount of spare cash in the shoebox under the bed for now.😀
  9. Southport Facts and Figures (NL North only) Played 14 Won 4 Drawn 4 Lost 6 Goals For 16 Goals Against 19 (-3) League Position 17th (of 22) on 16 pts Highest Score 3-2 v Maidenhead (Away) Worst Defeat 1-4 v Gateshead (Away) Best Result 3-0 v Blyth Spartans (Away) Top Scorers: Jordan Artcher - 4 goals Marcus Carver - 4 goals Last 5 results: Gateshead (A) 1-4 Farsley Celtic (H) 0-1 Alfreton (H) 1-1 Guiseley (A) 2-4 Curzon Ashton (H) 2-2 For 6 Against 12 Late write up for this game if it goes ahead today due to
  10. I get where you are coming from. I work all week from home trying to help NHS Trusts implement IT systems to help with the fight against CV-19 and other life threatening illnesses such as Stroke and Lung disease, so at the moment football is my only release from the day to day grind and it brings some enjoyment and entertainment to another wise drab and negative situation. Hopefully, if we can get the vaccines rolled out as we appear to be doing then there is light at the end of the tunnel and the promise of a return to some form of normality later this year. Chin up it can only get
  11. Greggs as with all of these polls they are an indicator of what you think the result would be if the game went ahead. I threw in the Forfeit option as it is not possible to have a draw. So, irrespective of the weather conditions and which date the game might be played what would be your expectation, theoretically?
  12. Wealdstone beat Gloucester City 3-1 tonight to earn a 5th Round tie away at Darlington.
  13. While we are none the wiser if the game is going ahead, let's see what the fans think of our chances of progressing to the plum tie of the 5th round of the FA Trophy?
  14. Let's hope so. Good luck to the lad if he can do a job for us while we are so short of fire power.
  15. Makes sense. If the news is correct and it is funding via loans than grants, then this will create a big hole in the finances of most clubs at this level. It would be better to try to ride the storm out and there will be plenty of players looking for a new club come May onwards. We seem to trust Mr B to have put things in place to ensure we can survive through to next season and we can regroup, with fans in the grounds and look to move onwards and upwards. This season we are all just treading water.
  16. Agree, if the govt want to deem these as loans then they have to allow the clubs some way of raising income to pay for them, otherwise it is a slippery slope to seeing a lot of these clubs going out of business in the not too distant future. How many of the clubs already being bankrolled by "rich" owners are going to see them want to take on more liability?
  17. Will he be eligible to play tomorrow night?
  18. At what point does the club invest for the future? Or are we just bumbling along this season, and it's a write off. Things will return to "normal" in the future and we need to be ready for the future.
  19. From what we have seen so far this season he has been a good loan signing, bit rough around the edges but has potential. A cheeky offer to Stockport, who are not ripping up the league or Cups this season might be accepted.
  20. I would buy Billy Chadwick if the money was right
  21. Looks like Richie Sunak's Golden Money Tree has finally shed it's last leaves.
  22. I would hope that an astute business man such as Mr B has already contemplated this conundrum? I do know that there are various grants available from the FA and other football related bodies towards improving playing surfaces. What did Huddersfield do when they replaced their old grass surface with the new hybrid grass/plastic pitch. It seems to hold up well to both football and rugby being played on it. I would have expected there to be some form of grants being given for this type of work.
  23. True, Wealdstone arranged their postpone game for tonight instead of Tuesday. It would be interesting to know how the decision making process came about?
  24. Greggs, it is a dilemma! On the one hand you could say rip up the pitch and put in an all weather surface, but if we were to get promoted to the EFL we would have to rip it up, as Harrogate did, and put a grass surface back in. At the same time the landlords are unlikely to stump up the cash to do this, especially when the dwindling Council Tax income for Calderdale Council needs to be spent on other priorities. So, we have the only option to do serious remedial work on the pitch to sort out the drainage and then install a professional set of covers for the days when ice is the problem. T
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