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    Retained list

    The basic award last season for EFL2 was around £524,000
  2. ITMAN

    Retained list

    Chesterfield, no wonder they are in a mess. The company secretary posts on their website and it never makes for good reading. https://www.derbyshiretimes.co.uk/sport/football/all-we-have-wanted-club-be-passed-fans-dave-allen-pay-ex-directors-full-so-chesterfield-fc-takeover-can-be-completed-2926344
  3. ITMAN


    Hear Hear....
  4. I think that might play into their hands. They clearly do not need the money and they have shown they are far more adept at playing behind closed doors than we have.
  5. ITMAN

    Footy Quiz

    Callaghan was Scottish
  6. On the other hand it might guarantee that you get in....if you have already pre-paid for the game then it stands to reason that you should be classed as a priority customer and go to the front of the queue.
  7. Yes, why not just say if you are a football fan and cannot get into the ground at your favourite team then come and watch us. We are doing a one of offer.....with no limits? I can't see anywhere what it costs if you are the 21st punter?
  8. Tommy I agree, it's time the league and the match officials got a grip....
  9. Maybe we should repeat the offer we had for other clubs to get in for £10. I had a lady from Sowerby Bridge who was a Huddersfield Town S/T holder sat in the same row as me for the Ebbsfleet game. To my surprise she said she had enjoyed the game, the friendliness of everyone and she would give it another go if they repeated the offer. I wonder how many we did get extra for that game?
  10. ITMAN

    NCN playoffs

    If that's the case then everyone should be getting theirs now.....
  11. Not my fault. They used to get offered spare season tickets when some school friends they had could not go to any of the games. I fortunately, did not have to take them
  12. ITMAN

    NCN playoffs

    Without paying fans being allowed in then there is no next season. None of the clubs at Step 1 down can afford to survive if they have to play games with no income. Simples.....
  13. Wrexham would be expected to bring around 1,000 based on last seasons numbers, although that was a BH. Barrow, playing on a BH and still being in a dogfight with Harrogate would maybe have brought another 1,000. Aldershot end of season game nothing to play for, probably 200. So probably nearer the £44k mark. However, the Barrow game may have sparked a bit more local interest, but hey ho we will never know, but it no doubt put a big dent in Mr B's budget forecast/cashflow
  14. ITMAN

    NCN playoffs

    Yes, I did a run from North Leeds to Pye Nest this afternoon, via Odsal Top, it was strangely busy. I much preferred the traffic during lockdown.....
  15. ITMAN

    NCN playoffs

    change to parked on the M60 motorway, or it just seems that way most of the time.
  16. Pele has to be in the running, not only was he a brilliant footballer bit also a great ambassador for the "beautiful game".
  17. ITMAN

    NCN playoffs

    Is that including the time spent sat on the M60?
  18. Yes, and not too bad from Yeovil considering the distances. Harrogate was poor, but it was a midweek game.
  19. Compared to Stockport, it falls quite short. We still have the perennial problem of tiny handfuls of away fans from clubs such as BHW, and Stevenage replacing Barrow will not help. Even the clubs coming up from the NL North will not add much to the income from away supporters as I m not expecting them to bring more than Chorley and Fylde did.
  20. Erik, are you in favour of Azure or AWS?
  21. Does the same apply to the pictures which get posted and then reposted? We had a similar problem in the past with people doing lovely Powerpoint presentations which were huge and then emailing it as an attachment to every Tom Dick and Harry, rather than just posting a link to the file on a shared server.
  22. Our average away support last season was 241 per game compared to away support at the shay of 205. On that basis we are one of the "big hitters" in terms of what we add to a clubs gate.
  23. Hoddie, would it help if there was a bit more discipline about responding to posts which include images/videos by not including again the image/videos?
  24. Checked the numbers for this season and surprisingly we took 646 fans to Meadow Lane and they only brought 546 to the Shay. Also, Hartlepool brought more fans than Notts county.
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