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  1. My comments were based on what the pollsters were forecasting, rather than actually happened as in a secret ballot we should never know. In the lead up it was clear from the polling being carried out that a higher number of voters in the over 60's cohort were likely to vote leave rather than remain. In terms of betting, form shows we have had a number of false dawns so far, nder bothe Theresa May and Bojo, so the odds are that it will happen again. When the Covid-19 issues is thrown into the mix as well then it would be unwise for any government to place the UK at even greater risk by not
  2. What I was surprised with was the speed the game appeared to be played at, both teams attacking at speed and getting the ball from end to end. It was in no way "kick and rush". It compares very well with what we see today in the higher divisions with the emphasis on possession, which leads to lots of sideways and backwards passes. Oh, that sounds like what we see down the Shay, but without any end result!
  3. Unfortunately statistics show that the reverse is true. There were a higher percentage of people in the "at risk" group that voted to leave than those that voted to stay. But let's not go there as that is just another delight for us to consume before the year is out. However, I would be prepared to place a bet that we delay leaving and the current occupants, and their unelected advisor, of No 10 Downing Street, will use the Covid-19 pandemic as an excuse to do so. I should think that the pandemic is the answer to Ms Patel's dreams, as it gives her a brilliant excuse to close all of t
  4. As I was the only person to buy the super saver 6 push for promotion offer, then I am happy for the club to keep mine (£54) if it helps. The biggest loss would potentially be the Barrow game, especially as it was on Good Friday, so probably the biggest gate for the season, especially if they still have Harrogate breathing down their necks. The best gates this season and last have both been on BH weekends.
  5. Don't mention the B word. They are saving that one for when we get rid of the virus. In fact it will be just like this virus, it will come back for a second dose and maybe this time bore us all to death.
  6. Much the same as Peter Marinello - rumoured to be the "next George Best". The move from Scottish football to the English 1st Div did not go as planned.
  7. Yes Norman did like to dish it out but was not always as good when being on the receiving end. Off the field he was a bit of a pussycat. The Variety Club of GB used to run a football competition for kids from poor backgrounds in Bradford/Wakefield/Huddersfield area. The finals were always held in Leeds, so for a few years I was asked to be one of the referees for the finals day. The coaches for the teams were made up of ex-Leeds players such as Norman, Paul Reaney, Duncan MacKenzie and a few others. They were all brilliant with the kids, about 10-12 year olds, and they always stayed right
  8. Ours or theirs? Can we get 3 points awarded by default
  9. no hoof ball and players playing with passion and a reasonable amount of skill, just shows it can be done if they put their minds to it.
  10. I'm going for a 0-0 draw, boring game and Brownie will not turn up.
  11. Does that apply if you are on your own and never go within 6 feet of anyone? When I am out walking the dog I just cross the road to maintain a safe distance from anyone I bump into.
  12. This is why we need the Home Guard....can anyone else remember the Civil Defense? I think they were set up for to provide support for the services during a nuclear event
  13. Now that has put me off my cocoa....
  14. I knew a few lads who had tried for the SAS, as they were always wanting signals operators, but failed the selection process. Unlike the Para's were it was all about being able to yomp for 25 miles with a full Bergan, the SAS process was more a case of psychological warfare. One of the tests involved carrying 2 x 5 gallon jerry cans of water up to the top of the hill where they were then told to pour them out. They were then told to go back down the hill and fill them up and bring them back up where upon the process was repeated. The purpose of the exercise was twofold, one to see how physical
  15. We had an ex-SAS officer as our Q/M and he used to tell a few good tales. When I was leaving the Army he gave me a letter of introduction to the T/A SAS unit in Leeds. Needless to say having just left the forces I was not looking to extend my tour of duty. One thing you did know was that you never knew who was a member of the regiment and who wasn't, as they were always the quiet ones at the back of the room watching everyone else. Low profile was an understatement. Unlike the Para's who couldn't wait to tell you how good they were.
  16. Yes, who will pay for all of the largesse being bandied about by Mr Sunak
  17. Add one for keep away as we have the lergy....
  18. 9/11 it was all over every one of the main channels
  19. Good question, in fairness I would want to see the clubs operate with the same squads that had when they closed down. Accept there may be some missing after the dust settle but no one should be allowed the unfair advantage of bringing in a load of ringers for the last 9 games.
  20. Erik, that may well be the case but for the benefit of the hypothetical scenarios we are all trying to assess we have to have a baseline to work from. At present this is dictated by the information provided by the football authorities. I appreciate that we may all be blowing smoke up our own backsides doing this but at least it gives us something different to think about.
  21. It's not too bad for teams like us as we only have 9 games to go, but tems like Man City have 19 to complete when you count in the Champions League etc. It is possible for a league such as the National League to restart in say June and have the games out of the way in July. Short pre-season and go again in September. Although if you have played across JUne/July would you need a pre-season even?
  22. That's fine Bubba if you have to operate from premises which have a rateable value. I work from an office at the back of my home, and deliberately do not have it assessed for business rates as this affects what happens when you sell the house as you can be liable for Capital Gains Tax on the increase in the value of the house. So, for me and thousands of other small businesses we will not qualify. Funnily enough years ago when I won a contract to supply PC's to local schools, beating the council run department in the tender process, the Council turned up on my doorstep claiming that I was
  23. They already have my knees are buggered from doing shoulder rides on long walks....
  24. I am also waiting to find out what the criteria will be. I work from home so pay no business rates, however I do cough up around £20k a year in Corporation Tax and about another £6k in tax on dividends. If it is only based on the business rate you are on then I like around another 750,000 in the same boat will be entitled to nothing.
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