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    Anyway he might just be Robbie Williams biggest fan....
  2. ITMAN

    Just amazing

    Let's ask Papa and Hembers if they are up for it?
  3. ITMAN


    I would grant you that but it is still a fact that the bright lights and promise of a NL winners medal next season was not enough to convert him to the cause....
  4. ITMAN


    It must be pretty bad at Stockport for a player to accept a lower wage to go somewhere else? I don't know many players who would do that.
  5. has all of the action around Project Playoffs had any affect on the uptake for Season Tickets? With all of this positivity about one would hope that more fans had committed rather than sit on the fence?
  6. ITMAN


    Even if we get up to the EFL and are playing in the same division?
  7. ITMAN


    That would be interesting...they already have 2 regular strikers, they have signed Rodney and are still on the lookout for a 4th. Maybe he likes warming the bench.
  8. Have cut out will travel.....
  9. Unfortunately, there will be only one of me, otherwise I would have nothing left to buy my virtual pie and chips will my cutout have to wear my new HTFC facemask that has just arrived?
  10. don't forget the "luck of the 'oirish" for good measure.
  11. I agree, those last few games we were easily exposed for pace and some slipshod defending led to giving away corners and free kicks which should have been dealt with better, i.e the Binom slip which created a goal from nothing for Ebbsfleet. I am a great believer in when there is a doubt for a defender then row Z is the best place to play the ball to. Needless to say the dropping of 3 points in the last game meant we ended up 6th instead of 5th, which would have seen us at home to BHW instead of away on a PPG basis. It just shows how narrow the margins were at the time.
  12. I would take either over Binom, based on how he was playing before the shut down. Who knows maybe he has lost 2 stone since March and is now as fit as a butchers dog.
  13. Onwards and upwards to £50k then....
  14. In that case I will expect to be in the crowd - makes it an easy birthday present for one of my kids as I hit 64 on the 16th
  15. Either way, if the cut out raises some money and it gets to go to Wembley then I will poppy up £25 - you have to have a laugh now and then....
  16. ITMAN


    Well, they are starting off with a new manager, so promotion does come with some costs
  17. Some has to go to the company doing the printing and distribution, as the cost includes taking your cut out to Harrogate if we win - i think?
  18. I would gladly settle for that....
  19. Hoddie, interestingly I did not read the post until after it had been edited, your response shed's some light on things. I have participated in all fund raising efforts put forward, since I became re-attached to the club. I make suggestions and put ideas forward, just as many others have, in the hope that some of these ideas may be of use to either the Club or the various supporters organisations out there. I am not, and I stress the word NOT, criticising the Club or the S/C in any shape or form. I have repeatedly stated that I understand the need for the the Club and the S/C + AFC Halifax to concentrate on the big ticket items, but there is a life after these playoffs. The recent comment on "I wonder how well the Goalometer does" is just that an innocent enquiry and not a barbed hidden criticism of the way it is run. To be honest I have just done some quick sums on the info in the programme and it is clear that it is a nice little money earner, with very little overheads in terms of administration. Hence the comment suggesting we should try to increase the participation levels if it gives a sound return. I have now applied to join the Supporters Club, and hope that my application is accepted, along with a few suggestions on how funds could be raised. These ideas are aimed at post Project Playoffs. For now I will take my ideas and keep them to one side, until the dust has settled on Project Playoffs and the Club and S/C may have more time to consider the merits of any suggestions I may have. Needless, to say I have enjoyed working with the boys from AFC Halifax on the football cards, they are very proactive, and I will for now expend my energies in assisting them further if needed.
  20. Steve just trying to get an estimate of how well it does overall. Probably Roger will know. It would also be interesting know how many supporters take part and how we can then look to maybe increase participation.
  21. What is the amount this raises for the Supporters Club each season? If as SSA says maybe we could focus on this more in the run up to next season, with a target to raise a certain amount, as we all seem to love a target at present.
  22. and to make more brass for doing nothing.
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