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  1. That will explain why he has not been in the squad for the last 2 games. Might make for a better game of football when we play them in a few weeks.
  2. Based on their goals scored away from home they average less than 1 a game with at least 4 games where they have failed to score, nearly 50% of the away games, so 1 goal may well be enough to get all 3 points.
  3. Norm, the training facilities they are using are in Carrington and you are right they were originally those used by City until they moved out to the Etihad. They then rented it out to Bury till they went bust. Sales Sharks then moved in but have since moved out, now leasing it to Stockport County. Hence my getting confused over who was where and which part of "Carrington" they were in. There have also been a number of names changes to the facility since City moved out which does not help from confusing an old git like me.
  4. Agreed we need to be taking 8 or 9 points from the next 4 games at least. 12 would be perfect. If we can kick start a mini-run with 3 points tomorrow then we should be able to open up a gap and nullify some of the games in hand that others have, as they will all be taking points of each other. Whilst we have had a couple of draws, Torquay have not fared any better, so the gap at the top is not increasing.
  5. They don't. They lease a part of the Sale Sharks setup on a 3 year deal until they can build a training complex in Stockport. https://www.stockportcounty.com/new-training-centre-confirmed/
  6. Well spotted, I will send you the text for proof reading before uploading the next one.πŸ˜„
  7. Maidenhead United (Home) Facts and Figures (NL only) Played 16 Won 8 Drawn 3 Lost 5 Goals For 25 Goals Against 23 (+2) League Position 8th on 27 pts Highest Score 4-0 v Wealdstone (Home) Worst Defeat 0-4 v Hartlepool (Home) Top Scorers: Sam Barratt - 9 goals (15 games - 13 starts) Danilo Orso-Dadamo - 5 goals (14 games - 8 starts) Josh Coley - 3 goals Last 5 results: Eastleigh (A) 1-0 (05/12/20) Torquay (A) 1-2 (08/12/20) Wealdstone (H) 4-0 (26/12/20) Woking (A) 0-0 (23/01/21) Yeovil (H) 4-2 (27/01/21) For 10 Aga
  8. Yes it gives more time for Hyde to get ready for the games against Barnet and Dover.
  9. Top 10 clash, have we got what it takes to climb higher? Facts to follow.
  10. Agree, and he looks a bit more tactically savvy
  11. It was a bit like the Southport game we were creating the chances but just failing to finish them off. It only needed one to go in for 3 points, as Wrexham never looked like scoring.
  12. I would imagine Mr Rusk will find it a bit of a culture shock coming from a cossetted PL club environment, where money is no object and he has the pick of the young players in the West and East Sussex area. He will now have to contend with crappy training facilities and the fact that any decent young footballer in the Greater Manchester orbit will already have found their way to the beacons of player development Manchester United and City. He will be left with the scraps they deem not fit for their Academy's and U-23 teams. Good luck in finding the rough diamonds amongst that lot. As for
  13. On paper 2 tough games, Maidenhead followed by the mighty Hartlepool, with what should then be 6 points, Dover and Barnet. But you never know.....funny old game is football. Be more than happy with 12 points from 4 gamesπŸ˜€
  14. Maybe there all from Fiji
  15. It's a shame that shot from Summerfield in the last 5 mins did not go in, it would have made my night for him to score the winning goal on his return to the club that let him go.
  16. No, herd immunity is when you do not need an annual booster, as you are "immune".πŸ’‰πŸ’‰πŸ’‰
  17. Ah yes but the beer is on tap and I can freeze the game when I need to go to the loo.
  18. I will still be streaming the Shaymen. The PL holds little interest for me at present. Watching Huddersfield even if free would the last thought to cross my mind.
  19. Otherwise known as "bending the rules" - still cheating to me. The Laws of the Game have a very good way of dealing with a lot of this under the term "unsportsmanlike behaviour". There are different circumstances when a player must be cautioned for unsporting behaviour including if a player: attempts to deceive the referee e.g. by feigning injury or pretending to have been fouled (simulation) This can be used for any number of reasons, and funnily enough which cannot be appealed. I have in the past cautioned a player for asking me how long is to go, every 2 minutes? He was taking the
  20. Why do you think we have an annual Flu jab for those at risk or who are key workers?
  21. They have to score 8 more goals to go above us.
  22. Maidenhead 2-1 now.
  23. Staunton not in the squad again. Happy if the scores stay as they are
  24. Good job we have Jeff King then, he is always good for a melee when you need one
  25. As a rule they bolt on 30 secs for each substitution, so 5 in all = 2.5 minutes, then we had the stoppages for Williams (x2) and Forster, say a minute each, so yes 8 minutes was a tad excessive.
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