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  1. It is a tangled web. It would explain why Ridsdale was so keen to move Leeds United to a new site nearer the MI, the money they would have got for selling the Elland Road site would have financed it and cleared most of the clubs debts.
  2. Yes, but on the same basis, if you take the Elland Road site, whether it has a stadium on it or not, at a cost of £20 million, then would any sane developer pay that amount for a similar sized plot of land in downtown Halifax? I would sense the answer would be no. So, at today's rates what would it be worth to anyone if the council chose to offload it, whether to a property developer, or a form of Community Trust?
  3. How interesting. I just did a quick google on what Elland Road changed hands for the last time it was sold and that came in at £20m, in 2017, to the current owners. I would have thought that for a site in a prime location, in Yorkshire's biggest city that £20m was about right, £20m for a site in Halifax?
  4. ITMAN

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    Yes, I am banking on a healthy return for my £20 stake.
  5. Can anyone point me in the right direction to find out when these "millions" were spent on the Shay. I would be interested to know what price the property speculators think a brown field site of the size of the Shay would be worth for redevelopment?
  6. ITMAN

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    I have just put £10 on Town to get promoted @ 17/1 and £10 to beat BHW @ 3.65/1. My plan is, instead of buying another virtual ticket as I can only sit in one of them, is to roll over the winnings from the BHW game, assuming we win to go to the next game, and so on till we run out winners at Wembley. All winnings will then be donated to the club. Let's speculate to accumulate.....Believe and it will happen
  7. Believe and it will happen....
  8. Chadders don't get confused between followers/friends and true believers.
  9. Yes a 999 year lease on the ground itself would be beneficial with the Council retaining the freehold.
  10. Sounds like "Project Let's Buy the Shay Back" How much does a packet of Magic Beans cost nowadays?
  11. ITMAN

    Just amazing

    I am sure some choice statements from Danny Hunter might help. No doubt there will be some over the next week or so.
  12. ITMAN

    Just amazing

    Believe and it will happen
  13. Normally away fans are seated in the West Stand at BHW, which I think is the biggest stand, so why we can only have 300 is a mystery.
  14. Will there be any cardboard stewards to enforce the corrugation, sorry segregation?
  15. ITMAN


    Creative accounting, I am all for that if it helps to get help from HMRC for Project Playoffs
  16. Yes, I have been informed that the "capacity" for our away "fans" is 300. At £25 a go then it has a max. income of £7,500. Given that the deal includes moving each of the cut outs onto the next game, if we win, then the max revenue stays the same. Unless Harrogate allow us to deploy a higher number than BHW.
  17. They could film it at the BHW game and then they would have to let us in the ground....
  18. I can see from the Twittersphere that people have been purchasing the cutouts, does anyone know how many so far? Is there a limit on the numbers we can have, after all I am sure BHW would be hacked off it we sold more than they did.
  19. If it has been paid then we would expect it to be based on which division we were in at the time of payment. If you had to account for which clubs were where at any given point in time and then try to guess at who would be coming up and who would be going down it would be a nightmare. Accepted it is a one off situation, but maybe that's why they have held off handing the money out?
  20. ITMAN

    Just amazing

    As we are doing the same test then the costs would no doubt fall in line, hopefully. I think the question being asked is what happens to the "extra" money that is raised over and above the £20k that was the initial target. Since that was set we have seen the fans raise over £43k, and the PL has donated £200k towards the playoff costs, so somewhere in all of that there is a surplus. I cannot think the club budgeted for Project Playoffs on the basis of only one game, so at an educated guess the BOD would have had a figure in their heads as to what they could afford to expend to go into the playoffs without breaking the bank. After all they have been prudent so far, so no reason for them to suddenly do a Rishi Sunak on us. So, I would assume that if we were unfortunate enough to go out at the first hurdle any "surplus" funds would be put into the pot for next season. At the same time it will also help to fill some of the holes left in the 2019/20 budget as we lost the income from 3 home games, plus we will have little or no income form the playoff games, with them being played behind closed doors. So all in all, if we can we should push on and continue to increase the pot for Project Playoffs as one way or another it will benefit the club either in the short term or in the next season when they may be.
  21. Well, one thing we can all be sure of is that all of the players, both sides here, will run out of gas at some point due to lack of match fitness. The substitutions will become a critical factor.
  22. ITMAN

    Just amazing

    Agreed, some communication from Mr B regarding how it is to be used might give some reassurance.
  23. budget wise it would be swings and roundabouts. As Steve has mentioned I have seen comments elsewhere that the money has not yet come in, including the EFL clubs.
  24. It would be silly not to go for it. We have nothing to lose. Anything raised over and above what actually get's spent, if we go out at BHW, then it rolls over into "Project Promotion" for next season.
  25. Yes, in the last few games he was getting frustrated and started coming back to look for the ball as he was getting no service. The only trouble with that sort of ill discipline is the shape of the team goes out of the window. Hopefully, if he is playing at a higher level he can learn to keep his position better.
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