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  1. 18 minutes ago, rdj said:

    Will we get the Billy bounce.

    It must be a boost to morale to have him back.

    Be nice to go on a run of wins with plenty of goals

    A run while Billy is here will set us up nicely for when we get Summerfield back, for the final push

  2. Wealdstone Facts & Figures

    Played 23 Won 7 Drawn 5 Lost 11

    Goals For 30 Goals Against 48 (-18)

    League Position 19th on 26 pts

    Highest Score 4-3 v Wrexham (Home)

    Biggest Defeat 2-5 v Stockport (Home)

    Top Scorers: Parish (9), Mendy (5) and Emmanuel (5).

    Last 5 results: 

    Torquay (A) 1-1

    Sutton (A) 1-4

    Eastleigh (H) 0-0

    Wrexham (A) 1-4

    Boreham Wood (H) 1-0

    For 4 Against 9

    Wealdstone are very similar to Town in terms of consistency, drawing with Torquay one week then losing heavily the next week. They have now settled down to a position in the lower half of the league after a flying start which saw them rise into the top 3 for a short spell earlier in the season.

    There home record is again similar to our own with 17 of the 26 points they have being gained in home fixtures. Defensively, they have conceded 48 goals, a total only beaten by Barnet so far this season.

    Goals have come mainly from Danny Parish, but he has not started the last 2 games, coming off the bench for one and the last 2 or 3 minutes in the last game, so maybe he is coming back from an injury or is nursing one.

    Wealdstone, are one of the clubs in the NL who have furloughed players recently, so presumably they will be playing with a small squad, but this has not had a big impact on recent games with them beating Boreham Wood last Tuesday drawing with Eastleigh and drawing at Torquay. So this will not be an easy ride.

    Coming off the back of 2 good results Town should hope to be able to press on and beat Wealdstone, especially if we can keep 11 men on the pitch this time. The return of Billy Chadwick give rise to high hopes of a return to our more swashbuckling style of play, with Billy hopefully striking up a good partnership with Jake Hyde. With the return of Chadwick we now have the luxury of having Campbell and Allen to give strong options from the bench or the ability to throw more attacking players into the fray should we need to.

    Defensively, apart from the lack of concentration against Hartlepool, the Town defence is still managing to hold teams at bay enough for us to be able to stay in games and come back from behind. With Williams suspended this gives PW less to pick from so it could well be a back 3, pack midfield and get the ball up to Hyde and Chadwick.

    If we can get control in midfield and dictate play, which will allow the wing backs to be come more involved, then we have sufficient strength to win this game. What must be eliminated are the unnecessary penalties, unforced errors and lapses of concentration. This is a game where we need all 3 points to stay in touching distance of the play-offs. If Mr B’s strategy with the financial side of the club is to bear dividends then it now needs the players to step up and do their bit for the cause.

    My heart says 2-1 to Town.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Shayfan92 said:

    Yeah, we seemed to play either a 4-4-2 or a 4-4-1-1.

    I think that was due to a lack of midfielders though with Woods not yet fit to start. Hopefully Woods will start as well as Chadwick, and Maher can go back into the centre of three at the back with us reverting back to our 3-4-1-2, with Allen and/or Campbell coming off the bench later on.

    That sounds a lot better to me...

  4. Half glass full or empty?

    It's taken me a bit longer than usual to put my thoughts down on paper due to work being manic at present as most of the NHS suddenly realises it is now March and they have to spend their budgets or lose the money before the end of the financial year.

    The build up to the game against hartlepool (little h intended), did not augur well for the rest of the game, with the streaming not functioning at all and I worried this was an omen of how Town would perform. This coupled with the news that Martin Woods was not starting and the strange formation did not bode well.

    The game did kick off on time, but it was some minutes before we all got pictures. I say pictures because for the whole game the commentator’s audio stream was 10-15 seconds ahead of the video feed, which led to a most disconcerting experience, made worse by the fact I was unable to mute the audio stream.

    The Town line up looked to be set up for an attacking formation with Campbell, Allen and Hyde all starting. The defensive line up looked odd with Maher seeming to be playing in a more advanced position and King and Senior playing as fullbacks in a back 4. Hartlepool on the other hand had Featherstone in the starting line-up, a plus for them, but were without Johnson, which should have made them weaker at the back.

    First 10 mins the two sides laid out how they were going to tackle each other. Town adopted a style of play which allowed hartlepool the majority of the possession, which Featherstone accepted gratefully, and the Poolies passed the ball about mainly in their own half without making any in roads into the Town defensive third. In the 10th minute Town had a break down the right hand side with Allen, who drove into the penalty area, beat the fullback and then got caught in two minds, should I cross it for the advancing Hyde of go for glory. Unfortunately, he chose the wrong option and shot wildly which went out for a throw-in.

    Town were to rue this missed opportunity as play swung to the other end and hartlepool won a corner. Without Johnson, hartlepool were missing one of their biggest advantages, with his height from set pieces they have looked dangerous all season. Everyone lined up expecting the inswinger except hartlepool caught the Town defenders asleep and executed a training ground routine perfectly for Shelton to take the ball passed back to him completely unmarked to score from the right hand side of the penalty area beating Sam Johnson at his near post for a deserved 1-0 lead.

    At this point in the game Town stepped it up a bit and we had a couple of good chances. One where Campbell played Earing in behind the hartlepool defence only Jack’s first touch was poor and he lost control, followed by an attack in the 25th minute which saw Earing in space on the edge of the D but his shot beat the keeper and thundered back off the post with no one able to get the follow up.

    The rest of the half saw a few other chances for both sides, but too many unforced errors by Town gave too much possession to hartlepool, and at times it looked like we were the away side, with forced clearances, very unlike Town’s normal game, as hartlepool pressed a lot better than we did.

    Second half things improved for Town as they tried to get Allen forward more, but there was little or no joined up play between Hyde and Campbell, with Campbell not picking up on the balls Hyde kept trying to lay off but with no product. In the 53rd minute a free kick delivered by King from the left side of midfield fell invitingly for 2 Town attackers who had evaded the offside trap but neither of them could take advantage of the clear cut scoring chance. Town were having far more possession but were unable to get any penetration into the hartlepool penalty area. Unlike the last few games were Green and Earing were running directly at defenders and getting shots away, this game saw far too much passing of the ball from side to side with no end product. Hartlepool for their part were happy to soak up the pressure.

    It was not until the 77th minute that an almost identical freekick taken by King saw Keiron Green outjump everyone to head the ball home to level the score. The game then opened up a bit, with both sides making substitutions, with hartlepool having more choices. This resulted in a number of counter attacks by hartlepool, usually from misplaced passes by the Town midfield, one which led to a good save by Johnson and one which resulted in Williams bringing down Armstrong on the edge of the box, after a hartlepool defender had carried the ball 40-50 yards unchallenged before playing Armstrong in. The referee in his opinion deemed this the denial of an obvious goal scoring opportunity and sent Williams off. He will now miss the next 2 games. Hartlepool squandered the subsequent freekick, driving the ball harmlessly into the Town defensive wall.

    After this point it was almost as if a switch had been flicked and both teams had some form of unwritten agreement to settle for a draw. Play petered out with both sides looking to preserve what they had rather than go for the kill.

    This was a game which Town had more than enough chances to take all 3 points, we just did not have the cutting edge to turn the many chances we created into goals. Hartlepool, apart from the excellent goal they scored, were well drilled but pedestrian at times. The two main threats of Sterry and Ferguson, were kept in check most of the game, with Sterry going off half way through the second half. Armstrong, retained his record of only scoring once away from home and did not get the service he is used to.

    If offered a point before the game I would have been happy, seeing the bare bones team we put out then the performance was acceptable, but yet again we have watched a game where we were so close but so far. As has been commented before it is a game of fine margins. A few inches the other way in the first half and Earing scores. On a positive note we have taken 4 points from a possible six, gainst the top of the table and third in the league, not bad by anyone’s reckoning.

    So, half empty or half full – still half full for me. If we can get the consistency and just score some of the chances we create then we are still in with a shout of making the playoffs. The other results were good for us as we did not drop down the table and we now have games in hand on a number of teams above us.

  5. 8 minutes ago, shaymandownsouff said:

    Am I missing something? The club have borrowed money at 2% interest? No one has “taken” anything from the public purse. Given the government can borrow that money at c.0.2% they’re still making a profit on that borrowing...

    Yes, the outcry when Chesterfield did this from the public purse in the form of loans from the local council and the county council seems to have gone away. 

    The club are a business as people keep saying, but why are they not allowed to take advantage of financial assistance from the taxpayer, as British Airways and many others have, when they probably had cash reserves which they could have used?

  6. 7 minutes ago, Bubba said:

    Here we go again. Would you put a big donation into the pot for the local corner shop?

    Bubba, it depends. We had a letter through the door recently asking for donations to help refurbish the children's playground in our village, now I have 2 children, aged 30 and 35, so did I donate?

    Yes, I did, because I have had the benefit of the playground in years gone by and I think others should have the benefit of the use of the playground in years going forward. A bit like Halifax Town, if we do not pitch in then will there be a football club for future generations?

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  7. 1 hour ago, MR. D said:

    Rather than telling the club to keep the £100 refund, surely it would be better to take the money and then donate it to the supporters club. I believe that way we would avoid paying VAT and the £100 would be tax free.

    That would soon add a few bb back into the coffers, for every 100 fans who did this then the HTSC would receive £10,000. The club would reclaim the VAT as they would have to do a credit note, and if they had made any profits pay less Corp Tax.

    Overall, £2000 per 100 supporters extra goes back to the club.

  8. 6 hours ago, mj85 said:

    Was this fella called Simon Kimber by any chance? 

    If so, his work is excellent. No worries if you can’t divulge of course. 

    It was indeed, he seemed a thoroughly nice man. Very knowledgeable about the non-league game. I would be interested to see some of his work.

  9. We keep saying this, win tonight and we put a marker down as to where we are after the Torquay game. Having said that we said the same thing against Maidenhead and Barnet/Dover. We seem to be having a lot of false dawns, with the promise of what could have been.

    After all the postponements, and with almost a full starting line up, minus Summerfield, the team have to show that Torquay was not a flash in the pan, and that they have the desire and will to beat teams such as hartlepool, who imo are not as good as Torquay.

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  10. 59 minutes ago, AJS said:

    I suspect any signings we make for the rest of the season will either be non contract or loanees where the parent club pays the wages.

    Alty will more than likely be paying his, and the other 2 loanees wages they’ve just signed. Good signing for them though. Fair play

    They need something as they have now lost 5 on the bounce.

  11. Hartlepool Facts & Figures - At Last

    Played 24 Won 13 Drawn 4 Lost 7

    Goals For 33 Goals Against 23 (+10)

    League Position 3rd on 43 pts

    Highest Score 4-0 v Maidenhead (Away)

    Biggest Defeat 0 -5 v Torquay (Home)

    Top Scorers: Armstrong (9), Oates (5) and Johnson (4).

    Last 5 results: 

    Solihull (H) 2-0

    Eastleigh (A) 1-2

    Yeovil (H) 2-1

    Wrexham (A) 0-0

    Barnet (H) 1-0

    For 6 Against 3

    hartlepool come to the Shay on the back of 3 wins from their last 5 games, with an easy, if not convincing, win against bottom of the table Barnet last Saturday. Their form at home has seen them stay in touch with Sutton United and Torquay, but their points haul on trips away from Victoria Park must be a cause for concern for Dave Challinor. From the last 7 away games hartlepool have only won once, picking up only 5 points in the process and only scoring 2 goals.

    Hartlepool look like they will be without the influential midfield player, Nicky Featherstone, who has not played for the last 4 games due to a bad knee injury and he did not feature in the squad against Barnet. It is unlikely Challinor will risk him as a starter in what promises to be a physical game in midfield. In his absence, hartlepool have brought in Tom White from Bolton on loan.

    Top scorer Luke Armstrong, with 9 goals, has only scored once in an away game, and second highest scorer Rhys Oates has not found the net in the last 5 games. Ryan Johnson has chipped in with 4, but the big centre back last scored in the game against Town on Boxing Day.

    Town are coming off the back of a super performance to defeat league leaders Torquay, without Martin Woods, who should be fit enough to start in midfield with Earing and Green. Jake Hyde has now played two games coming off the bench so should be ready to start up front, but will it be Allen or Campbell, who he teams up?

    Midfield will be the biggest factor in this game as each side seek to cancel each other out. Against Barnet on Saturday the hartlepool midfield had the freedom of the park, but tomorrow night I suspect the midfield duo of Shelton and White will have their hands full. The hard working Keiron Green has put in tireless performances over the last few weeks, and along with Woods they should be able to hold their own in midfield. Let’s hope Jack Earing can put in another display to match that he provided at Torquay, with him getting forward and attacking the hartlepool back three.

    I expect PW to stay with his favoured back 3, with Benn having to provide cover from the bench. Based on the game against Barnet, the hartlepool back three, especially Johnson and Liddle, are not as comfortable on the ball as the Town trio. Johnson and Liddle look suspect when up against players such as Allen with pace, and I expect this is where PW may probe initially, using similar tactics to those that paid dividends at Torquay in the fist half with Allen and King attacking down the right wing.

    This is one of those games where attack may be the best form of defence. If King and Williams can establish a higher position then this will restrict the hartlepool wingbacks, Sterry and Ferguson, who were the main threats all game against Barnet. Ferguson is an excellent crosser of the ball, so Sam Johnson needs to be alive to this, and Sterry is good at getting to the dead ball line and putting low crosses into the 6 yard box for Armstrong to get on the end of. The majority of Armstrong’s goals have come from close range shots or tap ins, apart from the howler he made in the last few minutes on Saturday miskicking the ball 2 yards out from an open goal. My missus could have scored that one…

    We can expect to see a close game played on what should be a perfect pitch, it will start tentatively, but Town should come out with all guns blazing. Hartlepool have played 2 games in between the game we played at Torquay, so we should be rested and any knocks should have been dealt with. There will probably only be a few clear chances for either team, the away team though have struggled to score on the road and the Shaymen at home, have averaged 3 goals a game, apart from only 2 in the Maidenhead game, in their last 5 home games.

    Taking into account the lift the win at Torquay must have given the players, in particular Jeff King, with Woods back and Hyde showing some of his earlier form, I predict that the Shaymen will be too strong on the night for the mighty hartlepool and will win 2-0.

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