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  1. Has someone remembered to tell Inplayer that the KO if 19:00....
  2. Surprised to see Featherstone playing straight off after his injury, let's see if he lasts 90 mins. Also Johnson not in the squad, he is their biggest threat from set pieces, so corners might be less of a problem for us.
  3. We keep saying this, win tonight and we put a marker down as to where we are after the Torquay game. Having said that we said the same thing against Maidenhead and Barnet/Dover. We seem to be having a lot of false dawns, with the promise of what could have been. After all the postponements, and with almost a full starting line up, minus Summerfield, the team have to show that Torquay was not a flash in the pan, and that they have the desire and will to beat teams such as hartlepool, who imo are not as good as Torquay.
  4. They need something as they have now lost 5 on the bounce.
  5. Hartlepool Facts & Figures - At Last Played 24 Won 13 Drawn 4 Lost 7 Goals For 33 Goals Against 23 (+10) League Position 3rd on 43 pts Highest Score 4-0 v Maidenhead (Away) Biggest Defeat 0 -5 v Torquay (Home) Top Scorers: Armstrong (9), Oates (5) and Johnson (4). Last 5 results: Solihull (H) 2-0 Eastleigh (A) 1-2 Yeovil (H) 2-1 Wrexham (A) 0-0 Barnet (H) 1-0 For 6 Against 3 hartlepool come to the Shay on the back of 3 wins from their last 5 games, with an easy, if not convincing, win against bottom of the table Barnet
  6. How about the old swimming baths develops a huge leak and all the water heads downhill into the Shay, possibly washing the contents of the Skircoat Bogs onto the pitch resulting in it being declared an environmental disaster zone.
  7. They could suddenly do a Dover and shut up shop as they are safe from relegation.
  8. The long awaited visit of the champions elect to the Shay looks like it will go ahead this Tuesday night. Will we be able to cope with the mighty hartlepool juggernaut? Will it be Barnet again or Torquay mark 2? Stats to follow.
  9. Thank goodness, I can go back to doing my Suduko now....
  10. Ponte Carlo or bust. It will be a weekend in Cas Vegas next....
  11. The difference Ollie, is that the PL and Championship teams in particular do this with the benefit of the TV millions. When clubs such as ours do it, it is a matter of necessity, or survival. We should be comparing apples with apples....
  12. Back to the "Go the Extra Mile" theme.....
  13. Janis stick it on the Goalometer. This is already in place to give you the opportunity to do this, you can even do like Chadders and go for more for away goals.
  14. Altrincham in free fall, lost the last 5 games.
  15. Watched this game and agree that Sterry is the main threat, followed closely by Ferguson on the left flank. Main area of weakness for me is the lack of pace in the back 3. Both Johnson and Liddle are donkeys. Cass is also suspect when defending, good going forward. Johnson and Liddle are not comfortable on the ball and do not bring the ball out of defence as well as Bradbury and Byrne do, so pressing by our front 2 players should pay dividends and force them back to the keeper when a punt up filed then becomes a 50/50 ball. Hartlepool play both Sterry and Ferguson high up the pitch, with
  16. We now have games in hand on quite a few teams above us, so there is scope to catch up, plus if Dover do get their results expunged then that will affect 8 of the teams above us as well. We just need a few wins starting with Tues night.
  17. Let's see how the Barnet players respond after getting thrashed 5-1 at lowly Kings Lynn on Tuesday night.
  18. Come on down, Mr. Angry of Calderdale.....
  19. I will wait to see what he does on the field of play before deciding if he is the long awaited star we have been waiting for....
  20. Sparrow, no ideas are silly, they all have merits and should be considered. Keep the ideas coming.
  21. Whilst not maybe the best example, there are numerous fund raising efforts carried out across clubs up and down the country. https://www.hartlepoolunited.co.uk/pools-fans-launch-budget-booster/ https://www.chesterstandard.co.uk/news/18515017.chester-fc-launch-100k-boost-budget-fundraiser/ https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/kidderminster-harriers-fc-boost-the-budget
  22. PRS, all very valid points. Maybe it would sit better with the fans if any fundraising was specifically ringfenced for a defined objective such as a "player fund". There are already ways for supporters to support other specific outgoings or the club, i.e. the Goalometer which raise funds towards the travel costs for the club. There is one way fans can make a difference now, we still have a number of games to play which will incur high costs such as Yeovil.
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