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    Kits 20/21

    Maybe we should have a new thread just for Ben, to keep us all up to date on the commercial aspects, when he comes back. Although even on furlough I presume he can use the internet?
  2. There used to be a great piece of graffiti on the back end of the Kop in the 70's, and I will pinch it for now.... "Jesus saves - but TSS gets the rebound"
  3. Believe and it will happen
  4. Wot no scratchings then....
  5. Hoddie, all brilliant ideas, and this would appear to me to be the best way forward. York City for example have a Vice-Presidents club, that does great work. Other clubs have a Supporters Trust rep on the board, there are many ways to approach this. At the same time it needs to be constructed in a way that is as tax efficient as possible, and that gives the supporters some way of having limited influence on the decisions the BOD may make. This is not designed to take ownership of the club over, we are nowhere near strong enough in terms of our fan base to do this effectively, but it should be done to provide a regular source of income that can either be used to support the club in bad times and in good times be used for other good causes within the community. It should not in the end be seen as purely a football club endeavour. Only by widening the scope of what the proposed "club" does will we ever attract the attention of those who are not regular visitors to the Shay or who have only, at present, a fleeting interest in what we do.
  6. Shame Socrates only played one game for Garforth, otherwise he might have made it to the Shay during the Glue League years.
  7. I was going to throw that one in. I was at his first game for Liverpool, stood in the Kop, and for Bill Shankley's last game. The sound still stays with me when they were in full song.
  8. ITMAN

    Latest accounts

    Needless to say none of my largesse is going in the direction of the egg chasers.
  9. AJS, you have raised a very valid point. The supporters were set what was considered to be a significant target for Project Playoffs, £20k, by the club and to date thy have responded magnificently putting their hands in their pockets to the tune of over £45k. There is a feeling now though that we can only go to the well so many times, and especially as we know many supporters will be facing uncertain times in their own lives. The current target of £50k is still achievable and hopefully a last push from the cut outs and virtual tickets along with donations still coming in will get us over the line to amass £50k. That said if we can beat BHW on Friday then it may rekindle the passion and we can push on further. However, we need to find some new ways to engage with the supporters, and more importantly the general public of Calderdale, to help with financial support to take us all the way to Wembley. What has enthused me the most is the response of the supporters and fans of the club who have raised such a huge sum of money to help the club. FCHT are not being bankrolled like Harrogate or BHW, nor do we have the parachute money of Yeovil and Notts County, we have to make do and mend, metaphorically, and this creates a bond between the club and the majority of it's supporters who have grown up and moved through life in a similar manner. In this respect I am proud to be considered as a Town fan. So at the end of the day we give what we can afford to give, and fortunately some of us can give more than others, but we should applaud all efforts however small they may seem, that are given in a collective spirit to try to achieve what we all want , which is our place back in the ranks of the football league.
  10. Andy, just goes to show if you say it often enough and loud enough the message will eventually get through.... BELIEVE AND IT WILL HAPPEN
  11. Which cut out fan is coming the furthest for the game? I bought one for our kid, he lives in Denver, and has told me he has uploaded his picture tonight. He cannot be there in person but will be there in spirit.
  12. The underdog in me says I would like TSS to come out of the game as a hero, but then maybe we can save the fairy tale ending for Wembley. We have to get past BHW so I think it will be one of the defenders or Sam who make the defining contributions.
  13. ITMAN

    Latest accounts

    Vinny, at present I seem to have found a needy sporting "charity" which I am entrusting with a lot of my spare capital. Hopefully, they will make good use of it.
  14. Yes, but for Radio Leeds that is a big problem....
  15. ITMAN

    Latest accounts

    Yes, it is all about how much you can hide or offset in order to limit the tax liability. In my case as a "one man band" it gets harder each year to find new ways to hold onto what I earn.
  16. No, they are covering Huddersfield v West Brom. Not sure which way I want that to go. Win for West Brom and the dog Botherers will be in even more of a pickle or win for Huddersfield and it helps Leeds? Maybe settle for a draw.
  17. ITMAN

    Latest accounts

    I thought he resigned? In which case he would get nothing. I am only talking the last 2 years mind.
  18. Can they do 3D cardboard figures?
  19. ITMAN

    Latest accounts

    Looking at those Profit and Loss figures for the last 5 years, I have paid more corporation tax than the club. That suggests that there is very little spare money in the coffers, as the income and outgoings are more or less the same. However, it does also suggest that we are living within our means, but this leaves very little scope for investment in players who would take us to the next level. Let's hope that the unexpected happens and we go up to the EFL where the funding gap will be assisted greatly.
  20. Why, is he known to be anti-OAP? If he was then it would be sad as half of the East Stand would come into that category.
  21. Nick, hopefully when we get past the Playoffs and the dust settles there will be some movement on the method you and I now use to funnel money through the Supporters Club. If the best way to avoid paying VAT on money we give to the club is in the form of donations then we just need to channel this is in a structured way to try to engage with the supporters to generate a steady revenue stream, where we know all of the money we give goes to the club. Maybe with the new "virtual" world where nothing actually changes hands it will become simpler to achieve.
  22. I was thinking about what other ways it might be possible to help with the fundraising, in particular with my current employment status of being a director of a limited company, even if I am one of only 2 employees. One of the offers in return for a donation as part of "Project Playoffs" is for a Dining for 2 Match Day package @ £150. Now one of the perks open to me, or any other fans in the same boat, is to be able to offset up to £150 against Corporation Tax, for a company event such as a Works Xmas Do, for each employee and also for their spouses, in my current financial tax year. This would in effect make a £150 donation to HTFC in return for a "works do" only cost £121.50 in real terms. Where else can we get HMRC to offer to give £28.50 for nothing? What is even better, is that the £300 (me + spouse) can be split, so say Xmas party at £75 per attendee and Easter party at £75 per attendee. As the Project Playoffs does not stipulate when the Meal for 2 has to be taken or used by, it is possible for me to make 2 donations and hold these on account as long as the money leaves my company account before the end of the financial tax year. The only stipulation from HMRC is that the money has to be spent, and the £150 should include VAT, if applicable. So if the receipt for the donation comes to £150 and not a penny more, then I can claim the 19% tax allowance. Are there any other forum members out there who might consider this as a viable way to top up the Project Playoffs fund?
  23. ITMAN


    Agreed, we should be looking to the future. What is clear, is that as football clubs go we seem to be one of the few who are not mired in debt and managing to keep our heads above water. It would be brilliant if the team can win the playoffs and get us back into the EFL, where we would have more to play with, but let's not kid ourselves once the sharks know we have extra in the pot the price for anything we want to buy will go up. The only saving grace here, is that as so many other EFL clubs are up **** creek without a paddle, they will be offloading players like billy ho, and somewhere in amongst all that mass of released players will be some diamonds in the rough, who might just be the next player who helps us further up the pyramid, or becomes another cash cow.
  24. Just going to order one for my younger brother who is a big Town fan, and it; his birthday later this month, but lives in Denver, so no chance of him getting on a plane soon....
  25. ITMAN


    So what was he going to say....
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