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  1. I would imagine it would just go back into the EFL pot in general, the same could be said for the Bury parachute payments that never happened.
  2. THe same as a corner? The defence kicks the ball out the attacking team get possession, still a set piece.
  3. Yes, and a very undervalued one. I shout at the games every time I see a throw in taken and the ball goes straight back to the thrower in free space.
  4. Kit, is it not possible to add a discount code field to the web pages for the shop? This tends to be a standard feature in most online shopping platforms. The discount code could be applied for by S/C members and then we could track who had used the discount .
  5. Yes, a popular theme with Leeds fans now is that they can go and cherry pick some of the Brentford players, who would be happy to play in the PL, and are probably good enough.
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    The topic of loan players keeps coming up. With the increase in demands for caps on the number of players an EFL team can have, then the time may be coming when there will be numbers of EFL squad players who might be coming up for loan deals. There is also the financial aspect to this with EFL clubs looking to reduce their wages bill, and a loan deal with the NL club paying some of the wages would be attractive to them. The use of under 23 players is also of interest. When you look back at say the Man Utd team that had Beckham etc, most of those players were out on loan at some point, they did not just walk into the first team. I continually ask myself about what the future holds for young English players at a PL or Championship side. They go through the Academy system, there is no reserve team football anymore, and they risk ending up warming a bench somewhere. Why would you not want to go and learn your trade and improve by playing week in week out, especially if there was no financial downside for you, at a club within commuting distance? There must be players at Leeds/Sheff Utd who would fit the bill.
  7. Flea, I have the same dilemma. I have been with Virgin for many years and I cannot summon up the will to go through changing my email address, which is an old ntlworld.com one, as I have used it for business purposes for so long. I know I am paying too much but maybe now is the time to reassess where my needs are. As like you, my primary use of Sky and BT Sports are for NFL and College football, apart from Eurosport for cycling, so maybe Gamepass is where I should go and then rely on terrestrial TV for Premier League and EFL coverage. It's a shame we cannot have as I have suggested in the past a way to assign a % of the money paid for tv for sports to an individual club, similar to the way you can assign things to charities, that way we could at least steer some of our spending towards an area we have more concern for.
  8. Kit, that's what good marketing can do for you....
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    I am a great believer in the high protein diet....and have the waistline to prove it
  10. ITMAN

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    Reminds me of Alf Tupper (Tough of the Track) who broke world records and mostly ate fish and chips,,,,,
  11. When did the FA care about the smaller clubs? Not sure if it is still in the FA Cup prize money this next season but there was in recent years a £250k bonus for the last club from each of the divisions to go out. A bit like last man standing for each division. https://www.northamptonchron.co.uk/sport/football/cobblers-close-ps250000-bonus-after-run-fa-cup-fourth-round-1356183 As usual this prize had no equivalent for NL clubs and below in the pyramid.
  12. Yes, for the 1st Round Qualifying ties. We do not come in until the 4th Qualifying round which is down for Saturday 24th October. For the FA Trophy we do not appear until the 1st Round proper on Saturday 14th November.
  13. It appears that it is only for purchases made in the shop on production of your supporters card.
  14. So a good cup run would be beneficial, if we had some luck, as this one of the easiest ways to generate good revenue across the second half of the season.
  15. He was probably one of those old dinosaur types. They strutted around the pitch like Captain Mainwaring delivering lectures to players. It took years for football referees to catch up with the way other sports used man management to control games and realise that the game was about the players and not them.
  16. Either way, just for turning up in both the FA Cup and the Trophy, the club get £4,375, even if we lose both games. Win them and we get £11,825. Should be achievable. The Trophy provides money for both winners and losers in each round right up to and including the Final. The FA Cup is winners prize money after the qualifying rounds. A good FA Cup run to the 3rd round would bring in £66,004 plus half the gate money as well. For the cups it is shared equally between home and away teams. So a tie at Bradford City in the 2nd round of the FA Cup would do very nicely thank you.
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    reminds me of the trips to Wembley each year for the Rugby organised by the Talbot Illingworth. Every year there were a few lads who never got to the game, as they were still kaylied from the Friday night spent around the West End.
  18. ITMAN


    Well if this Brexit thing ever happens then the booze cruise option might be back on the table.....
  19. So how many forum members, would be up for this type of subscription via the Supporters Club?
  20. I have read in a Daily Mail article that Irving Weaver funded the 500,000 needed for the 3G pitch nd the ground improvements, so he will now have to fork out for grass pitch.What this will do to the "community" use of the playing facilities at their ground will have to be rethought. I have seen reports that they are possibly going into some for of partnership likely to fund an expansion of facilities at St John Fisher HS, but as always there will be a quid pro quo, Fisher's has extensive grounds attached to the school some of which would make very desirable residential building land.
  21. I agree, as this is the point I have made in the past about allowing PW time to build his own team in his way. It does help though if you have a special relationship with your chairman....
  22. And will their best player, Diamond, be in the ranks, or back with Sunderland? Based on what he has shown while on loan they will either want him back to do a job for them or look to cash in while he is "hot property"
  23. As his father bankrolls the club is it not a bit difficult to "release" the manager?
  24. Yes, they will be sending them out wanting them back better, fitter players than when they left, after all a loan is not a "holiday".
  25. All the more reason for our own fans to continue to support the club in whatever way they can. After all we don't want to go back to the bad old days, when we are at last beginning to look like one of the more stable clubs in the league. Which is more important, to have a club that risks everything in the hope we can get to the EFL but might go bust in the effort or aftermath, or a club that is managed in a way that we can achieve promotion but in a sustainable way that would keep professional football being played at the Shay for another 100 years?
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