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  1. Thank goodness Gordon Taylor has at long last retired, he has milked the system for long enough well into his 80's. He will probably be joining Steve out in Lanzarote, if he could get a flight...
  2. Alternatively, they could reintroduce something along the Football Pools levy, which I would imagine brings in diddly squat if it still in operation, and apply it to online football betting. The money raised could go into a pool to be shared out amongst the non-league clubs to compensate for the fact we are effectively locked out from the TV contract money. If the Chancellor could claw back the cost of grants then it would be cost neutral for the taxpayer. It's not a new idea but one which should be put back on the table considering the huge amounts of profits the betting companies make
  3. The change to the contract would, I hope, be that new employees would only be offered a contract if they elected to take the free jab. For the contractors it makes sense for them to do it not only to protect themselves but to reduce them passing it onto the customers. Whilst I do not agree with a lot of what Mr Pimlico says and stands for in this case I think he is barking up the right tree for once.
  4. And then we saw the light...and realised that all that is gold does not glissen (or glister for the purists)
  5. We probably don't and if we did I suspect we would be far more polite. We do get the odd one or two who come on and add to the topics with sensible and knowledgeable input, and then we get others like Steveonaroll and Chedale Bell End.
  6. To be fair, the guy who owns Pimlico Plumbers is offering to pay for the employees and contractors to have the vaccine privately. So they are wanting to change the existing contracts to reflect this. I bet DJ Funky wished his plumber had worked for them.
  7. Is that Mansell and Campbell or Campbell and Allen, or Mansell and Allen?
  8. As we now appear to have the nod that the game is going to be on with the reversal of grounds here goes for a new poll. I will put up the facts and figures later.
  9. Let's hope Steveonaroll's car is better then, as it will need sign off from him and Super Jeff before the referee can make a decision.
  10. Let's see how that pans out come the end of the season. I hope you do not suffer the same issues as we have for example in loosing your leading goal scorer, as a significant run of games without Armstrong playing will put a big dent in your teams capability to score goals.
  11. Please do, as overnight frost is forecast and we do not want an already soaked pitch to start freezing up. To what level below zero is your cars thermometer accurate to?
  12. Neil, correct. I checked the fixtures for the 6th Feb and there are 4 clubs who have fixtures cancelled, mainly as their opponents are still in the FA Trophy: Kings Lynn Bromley Banet Altrincham All of the above would be away games apart from Kings Lynn, assuming we have already played our home game against Bromley before then. I would prefer to play Kings Lynn at home of the 4 potential games that could be brought forward.
  13. Kit, based on the numbers bandied about earlier on we would have come into the £84k a month bracket. Which over the length of the deal would have been £255k. Season tickets obviously were down so there was a hole in the usual budget from that. Streaming has not brought in sufficient to cover the gap between actual fans in the ground, so somewhere we must have a shortfall. Is it wise to take out loans to complete a season which will be an overall loss, especially as we have no Cup revenue to offset the losses?
  14. Given the current weather conditions and the state of the pitch are we expecting the game on Saturday to go ahead?
  15. And we thought we had problems..... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55734130
  16. At first I am frustrated with the way in which the NL and DCMS have strung out the clubs with false promises. Yes, the initial £10m in grants was seen as a way to keep the clubs in the NL afloat while there were no crowds allowed in the grounds, as unlike the EFL clubs this is the primary income generator for clubs at this level. Admittedly, the way the money was distributed left something to be desired, but I would assume we did OK out of it. This was in the form of grants and was to be looked at again after Xmas, as at the time it was rolled out everyone in the govt thought we would be
  17. That might work out OK as we could rearrange the Bromley game if it gets called off on Saturday, or use it for the Hartlepool game, as they are out of the FA Trophy as well. Apparently they were knocked out by one of the minnows in the 3rd round.
  18. Agree about Torquay. They have been the most consistent team so far which is why they are as far ahead as they are in the league. They have managed to get some very good loan signings, all of which appear to be season long not just a month here or a month there. This has enabled them to be consistent, along with very few serious injuries. That is what you need to win this league over 40 odd games. The rest of the teams are inconsistent as we are. Take Yeovil, until recently they looked nailed on for the drop along with Dover. Now, they have had a good run and are on a par with us po
  19. Oz will work miracles and we will all be back glued to our sets come Saturday.....
  20. Toothless Town tumble out of the Trophy as Southport weather the 1st half storm.... No chickens were counted and we ended up with scrambled eggs. After all the build up of will we, won't we, that has to be one of the biggest anti-climaxes of the current season. On paper a strong Town team, were unable to score more than 1 goal despite creating enough chances to have been 3-1 up at half-time. I had said that the playing surface would not suit our slick passing style, but this coupled with poor performances from most of the Town players made us look like we were also a NL North te
  21. Yes, it does, but it ight be like Elland Road was at the weekend, when you get closer it cuts up and not good for crisp passing. Anyway it's the same for both teams. Game on at last. I haven't been this excited since Christmas Eve.
  22. If we get a strong lead then he can always bring them on for a 20-25 minute spell.
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