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  1. Although it could be speeded up quicker if the 4th official took a look at the screen and told him penalty or not. Less of a break in play, in fact it could all take place while the referee was sorting out the ceremonial duties for a penalty, as they should only change the decision if there is incontrovertible evidence to overturn it.
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    Correct, we do not have sight of the wording in the players contracts, but I would be prepared to hazard a guess that it is structured in such a way as to take account of the need to include the possibility for play off matches. The club has been caught out once before with having to extend players contracts at short notice, so it is unlikely they would not cover themselves with any future contracts. As no retained list has been announced, one can only assume that they have all been retained, which would be highly unusual, although this "retained list" has to be registered with the National League by the 1st June; 6.7 Club List of Players and Transfer List Clubs shall furnish the Competition Secretary by 1st June with the following details: 6.7.1 a list of Contract Players whose agreements do not terminate at the end of the current season; 6.7.2 a list of contract Players in respect of whom the Club has exercised its option in accordance with Football Association Rule C1 (j); 6.7.3 a list of Contract Players in respect of whom the existing agreements do not include an option to renew but which the Club is desirous of offering further engagements, in accordance with Football Association Rule C1 (j); 6.74 a list of Contract Players in respect of whom the Club has exercised its option in accordance with Football Association Rule C1 (j) but whose registration the Club is prepared to transfer; 6.7.5 a list of Contract Players the Club has released; 6.7.6 a list of all Players whose registration the Club wishes to be cancelled; Clubs shall also complete the standard Competition forms and return these by this date.
  3. Ownership of the ground is a major factor in what you can do. This was the curse of Leeds Utd when the Council took ownership of the ground at Elland Road.
  4. Could we buy the ground back? Would it an asset with a sitting tenant? What is it worth to the Council?
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    Shay Trev

    AJS, I do try keep trying to throw out some football related stuff to get away from the constant politics of it all. Like you at one point I stopped participating in any of the non-football related stuff, unfortunately Mr Cummings brought out the worst in me and I succumbed for a short while, but now I am staying away from that topic.
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    Shay Trev

    It does seem strange that we have had a number of "significant" contributors dropping of the radar so to speak. Let's hope all is well with every one of them?
  7. Is the Womens game a summer sport? Of course we share with the rugby, but go no income from that as we do not own the ground.
  8. Yes, it is quite admirable how they stay in business at this level? OK, the Chairman pumps money in each season but they must have other revenue streams we do not seem to have access to?
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    Chadders, what we really need is a level playing field. At the moment we have owners who can come in and throw money at a club in order to try and buy promotion, at the same time we have clubs who have been relegated from the EFL who have an unfair advantage over most other teams due to the parachute payment system. Hopefully, Rick Parry can bring the EFL to it's senses and they and the National League agree to at least put a salary cap in place and limit the size of squads. This would then limit the impact a rich owner can bring to bear, as there is only so much he could spend on the playing side of things. If they are in it for the long haul and the good of the local community then they would still invest in building the infrastructure for clubs and having Academy's and Community programs in place to show their commitment. If this was coupled with a withdrawal of the parachute payments then we have a chance. Football at the moment is a bit like Formula 1, where money buys success, and you can end up with the person named F1 World Champion who is not necessarily the best driver. If all F1 teams had to use the same generic car, then we would find out who really had the best drivers and which teams were the best at getting them round a track in the fastest time. I have read comments on the forums over the last few weeks about how poor the National League has been this season, but in some ways this is possibly a good sign. Other sports such as the NFL in the States spend billions trying to achieve what they call "parity", in other words any given team can beat any other team on any Sunday throughout the season, this way each game remains competitive until the end of the season. You may end up with a strong team one season who win the Super Bowl, but it is unusual to find teams that repeat the achievement as the next season the worst teams get first pick at the new talent coming out of the College game, so they keep trying to achieve this parity. As it happens they use salary caps and limit the number of players that can be signed onto a squad at any one time. The National League appears to have achieved this without even trying. Joking aside, what we really want to see is clubs being rewarded for being successful. If you are winning games then you should see more fans through the turnstiles and more income from sponsors who want to be associated with your success. This should be allowed to be translated into investment in players, but only in a sustainable way. So, when we say salary cap what we should mean is a salary threshold. This is one that should limit the amount a club can spend on players wages etc to a fixed percentage of the clubs turnover or profit. This is in turn, whilst rewarding success, would engender a move to creating more sustainable clubs. No doubt there are holes in the argument put forward but at present we have a PL which is more or less a 4 horse race each season, and clubs that yo-yo between the PL and Championship. There is still room for small clubs such as Burnley and Bournemouth to make it to the promised land, and survive there, and this shows that small town clubs if run prudently and given a fair crack of the whip can have the opportunity to move onwards and upwards should the right combination of factors on and off the field come together. It would be hoped that the FA and EFL do not want to see more clubs going bust or into administration, as this is not a good advert for the sport of football, which at the moment is blessed with a surfeit of financial abundance, which could be distributed in a fairer way to benefit all clubs up and down the pyramid to be stable and to develop. After all if Sky was reliant on only PL teams supporters buying a subscription then they would soon have to look at the cost of the package to them. It is the thousands of fans who support teams in the EFL and National League who probably make up a higher proportion of Sky subscribers, who like football in general so payout to watch it, but we can see from the miserable number of games shown live on Sky for the lower leagues, EFL 2 for instance had only 2 games shown all season, that PL fans would not buy Sky to watch non-PL football, if the boot was on the other foot.
  10. Fortunately not. However, it does seem to be a common question asked of referees regarding who their parents were. Some players also seemed to think I was a professional comedian as they were always asking me if I was having a joke or laugh about something or other....
  11. That and being of unknown parents
  12. One might say, that this one of the principal requirements for becoming an MP It's almost the same as when people used to ask me why I became a referee a long time ago.
  13. Martyn, Shayman Down Under proposed something like this on the 8th May in the Supporters Club Funding topic, but if it is gaining in popularity then maybe we should prepare for it. Do you know what the uptake has been in the Bundesliga, and what sort of money it has generated?
  14. Yes, I thought that sounded very high, but it includes staff such as stewards, maybe they have got the cleaning woman and the people who server cups of tea and burgers on matchdays as well.
  15. Norm it appears to be a trend where owners are reaching the end of their "pots of gold". https://www.chesterfield-fc.co.uk/news/20202/may/20200529-latest-update-from-company-secretary/
  16. https://www.hartlepoolunited.co.uk/statement/ Interesting statement from Hartlepool which highlights some innovative ways for clubs to consider in terms of finding funding and through further volunteer participation to reduce costs. Not sure how this works for a club who do not own their ground but it may have some legs..
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    Our Squad

    Let's hope PW is a better judge of character......
  18. At least you know your eyesight OK then
  19. ITMAN


    I agree that we appear to have prudent stewardship of the club in place, but this is a fact of life for a number of other reasons such as the Club does not own its own ground, consequently it has no real assets to borrow against (a good thing in some ways). This has led to having to live within our means, and so when a crisis unfolds such as we have now this fortunately means we are already set up to cope with a downturn, and it is not the shock to the system that some other clubs are finding it to be. As we all know you can't miss something you never had. At the same time I do find it interesting to read, from time to time, what other clubs are doing, the most interesting ones seem to be the Fylde and Borehamwood's of this world, where you have owners who have drive and passion, and who believe it or not sometimes come up with sensible ideas which we could learn from. The one I see quite often is the tie up between FE and the Clubs, in that their Academy set ups are aimed at courses for FE Students, which must generate income, and I have seen somewhere that Fylde are planning on building a 20 bed residential block for students, which here in Leeds is the biggest growth area, as they cannot build enough student accomodation fast enough. https://www.borehamwoodfootballclub.co.uk/about-pase/ Whether this is something the club wants to aspire to, but the Barnet model of providing education alongside developing local young players looks impressive and also gives some of the senior players with a route into coaching that they can utilise for when their playing careers wind down.
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    The thing is Flea it is his money he is spending and not borrowed money. So that extent he should be given some credit. I have read the article and all I can say is he talks sense. Fylde are a good example of how you can take the education and Community elements of a club that step further, and they do have what looks like a very good Armed Forces Vets support scheme up and running.
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    If this is not a case of "fiddling while Rome burns" then I am not a Yorkshireman Pull your bloody fingers out.......
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    Yes, the simple solution would be to do PPG and just promote the top 2, but then there would be challenges from Notts County and Yeovil, however if the rest of the NL voted for this, probably along with no relegation then it would probably get the required number of votes. What is the number needed for a majority in the NL?
  23. My concern is if someone from the NHS rings you up and tells you to self isolate for 14 days, do you have the option to exercise common sense and say No. Will they tell you who you have been in contact with,no doubt the answer will be no under the data protection guidelines - in which case it will be a definite NO? What if the contact in your opinion was fleeting and insufficient to cause any transmission of the virus? What if the alleged contact they are working on never happened? Who has the final say? If Mr Hancock then get arsey because his unproven track and trace solution fails to deliver the required results will he fall back on fining people? If he does will there be a right to appeal? If you appeal do you have to stay self isolating? Once again we have no clarity on how this is supposed to work, and the govt have pulled a fast one by trying to pass this off as "it is the NHS asking you to do this and not us" and using emotional blackmail that it is our civic duty to cooperate. As a self employed person who gets no help from the State I cannot afford to downtools every time someone within 10 yards of me coughs or sneezes. No doubt there will be far more anomalies come to light, and maybe Dominic Cummings can write another blog on how to avoid self isolating to make it all clear to te rest of us Plebs who are not clever enough to full comprehend what Boris it telling us. Rant over.....
  24. JMC, I am assuming that you are referring to the DB article in the Yorkshire Post? https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/sport/football/fc-halifax-town-chairman-calls-fairer-distribution-wealth-2865495 I have read it now and can see that he is wanting football in general to focus on the redistribution of wealth first of all. I totally agree, why do we need parachute payments for clubs in the lower reaches of the EFL and in the NL? If this money was taken out and put back into the central funds then far more could be provided to both EFL and NL teams. I was interested to actually see some numbers being quoted which starts to put some context around what the income is for the club. Having said that, if football cannot, or will not, agree to a fairer distribution, then he would consider regionalised divisions as a way to reduce costs and potentially increase revenue from higher attendances. Personally I would like to see both things happen. Put all of the money into a central pot for EFL2 and NL, including any parachute payments and Solidarity payments, and then share this out equally. When you then add in the reduced costs and expected increased income from regionalised divisions, then it would be an increase for the NL teams and a reduction for EFL 2 teams I would expect, however, overall it would probably see fewer teams going to the wall in the long run. Clubs just have to look beyond the here and now as we are moving into a whole new world of how business and sport will be played out and we should all start to take steps to mitigate the damage that will be caused. As Mr Parry has already said, "there is a train crash coming down the line".
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