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  1. What is it with Calderdale, why can people not get their heads around what they need to do in a pandemic situation?
  2. Go where the flow goes....
  3. The word you might be looking for is "canny"
  4. I don't give a fig, but there must be some low hanging fruit out there, so PW can have the apple of his eye. The more the berrier I say. We will next have Chadders blowing raspberries at us thinking we have all gone conkers.
  5. I was thinking more of Delaney's, but for some reason my brain just comes up with images of donkeys....
  6. ITMAN

    Our Squad

    I see they have signed him as a defender and not a midfield player. Maybe a direct replacement for Bradbury (CB) who has left. If they want to play him as CB then let's hope his heading improves....
  7. Reminds me of an Irish demolition firm...
  8. Or, "if you go down to the woods today..."
  9. Let's hope that this is the start of a new younger, fitter, squad in line with what PW has been espousing all along.
  10. I think of it more as evergreen, rather than deciduous. These seedlings of humour being planted here will eventually grow into a full forest of Shaymen laughter, the likes of which mere saplings who are as thick as a plank, like Cheadle End, will never understand. This ability to branch out, to never bough to ridicule, to blossom when others wilt, will always see us survive when others wood fall.
  11. Why did we catch him and then decide to throw him back in?
  12. Personally, we should be shouting from the treetops about it. My attitude to this thread has turned over a new leaf since it went against the grain and since then it has been plane sailing for me. We must have used up every one of Chadders jokes by now But as they say from little acorns do my mighty oaks grow.
  13. Not me. I'm bushed by all this effort and need to lime down for a bit
  14. Yes, if things settle down and the rules around social distancing relax then it might be beneficial financially to play away at first. Hopefully, it would not affect our performances though.
  15. it depends on how many seasonal thickets we sell.
  16. I liked the comment at the end "Not a bad point for a team only assembled in the last fortnight..." sounds familiar!
  17. ITMAN


    There is a "God" case indeed, as it is often referred to as God's County. When I was still a boy and at school, there was an annual debating contest and one year the subject was "The Case for Yorkshire Independence". That was over 50 years ago so although times have changed, opinions have not changed much
  18. ITMAN


    A very interesting piece of history and mostly overlooked. I live not far from Tadcaster and one of the nice country walks is around the old battlefield, although you would not know it now. Not sure of the exact number but I think more soldiers died in that battle than in any other battle in history in the UK.
  19. Exactly, live streaming is not permitted without permission of the NL, especially while the game is taking place. I can dig out from somewhere the restrictions also placed on the clubs by the BT Sports contract which gives them exclusive rights to show live games. So if anything it will probably be BT blocking it. The Stockport game mentioned elsewhere is a friendly match so is not covered under the BT Sports contract.
  20. This is taken from the NL Rules: 8.30 Match Videos. The Home Club in all matches played under the jurisdiction of the Competition shall film the game in its entirety with an uninterrupted view and provide a full match video to a content management solution as specified by the Competition and in a timeframe as determined by the Competition. The Away Club may film the match if this is agreed by the Home Club, such agreement is not to be unreasonably withheld. Clubs are permitted to use or duplicate match footage with the permission of the Competition only. Filming shall be in a format as directed by the National League from time to time.
  21. WE need some football.........
  22. ITMAN


    Maybe that should rephrased as "True North", then we get rid of those counties who are confused as to whether they are East Midlands or not. Above Yorkshire on the map who cares.... Shame we cannot do anything about those to the west of us...
  23. ITMAN


    For me the North starts when you enter Yorkshire and when you leave North Yorkshire then the rest is Scotland....
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