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  1. I think Allen will have a field day running at their defense
  2. ITMAN

    FA Cup

    Matt, thanks for clearing that up, it confused me as well. I assumed that NL teams came in for the 1st Round proper, but it is not until the 3rd Round, scheduled for 19th December. So the away game at Weymouth will still go ahead and be on BT Sports. I suppose that is a double edged sword for Weymouth as the income from BT may not make up for the lost streaming revenue.
  3. As mentioned on another topic it is important to win this game and keep the squad playing as we have the potential of only 2 league games in Nov, and if we drop out of the FA Cup and the Trophy at the first hurdle we might be left twiddling our thumbs for a few weeks. The thing we need now is momentum and that includes wins with plenty of goals to build confidence and spirit in the team. The supporters will enjoy the ride as well. Believe and it will happen....
  4. In this day and age using bank details as a way of identifying where you live is flawed. I used to work for an American firm, who used UK contractors for programming work, but would only pay them through a Luxembourg bank account. I also work with one chap who lives in Devon but trades through an Isle of Man company and banks through the IoM for business payments and paying himself his salary. Like Steve it is not uncommon for expats in Spain to have a UK bank account, a Spanish bank account for paying their bills in Spain and back in day when we used to go to the Costa del Sol, it was common
  5. S/Shields are bringing in reinforcements.... https://southshieldsfc.co.uk/two-additions-to-squad-as-shields-prepare-for-emirates-fa-cup-tie/
  6. Yes, or they thin the pavement is a cycling lane.
  7. Would ne now be classed as a "Corbynista"
  8. For me there is a simple answer to idiots who drive down one way streets the wrong way, fit the same type of flaps they use in car parks - you can drive over them one way but try to go the other way and they stop you or mess your car up. Simple cheap way to make sure one way streets are just that.
  9. Both teams have to have a min. of 7 players for the game to be allowed to continue. There have been a few games in the past when one team has been reduced to 7 players for various reasons and then they go all out to get the game abandoned by either getting a player sent off deliberately or having one feign an injury that prevents him from playing on, only works if they have already used all of the subs.
  10. ITMAN

    FA Cup

    Looking at the fixture list for Nov we potentially only have 2 league games all month if we do not progress in the FA Cup and the FA Trophy. We have already lost the game against Notts County and we are scheduled to play Macclesfield on the 17th November. Add to this that the first round of the FA Trophy is scheduled for 14th November, when we are scheduled to play Solihull away in the league. This potentially shows that from the game at the end of Oct at home to Wealdstone we have our next league match on the 21st Nov at home to Torquay. The following week we are down to play Sutton Utd away
  11. Game would have to be abandoned
  12. Yes, we had to have a school colour shirt, the hooped one, plus on in your house colours. Mine was for Trojan House, which I think later changed to Porter when we merged with the Girls School. Fortunately for me, I was given a grant from the Council for my sports kit etc.
  13. Yes it is amusing how the rules are interpreted. I can at the games now the teams come out separately to comply with CV-19 protocols, yet the ref blows for half-time/full-time and they all just wander off back up the tunnel arm in arm with social distancing a distant memory....unless of course you are the ref or assistants, then there is no danger of social distancing.
  14. Are you Trev's new front man....
  15. I can remember getting a pair of Puma Pele football boots from Jack Lees when about 12. These were adorned with a yellow version of the famous Puma trademark stripe, and stood out like nobody's business when playing in them, and I must admit they were one of the best pairs of boots I ever owned.
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