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  1. It still go's to show how we now come away from games with a point and feel disappointed. The expectation levels are much higher than last season, and we are going out and taking points of teams who are not dummies. Let's not forget Wrexham beat Sutton 4-0 at home. I must admit I failed to include in the match report the fitness levels of the whole team, obviously cannot speak for Big Sam in this case, but we are looking more dangerous in the last 10 or 15 minutes of most games as the opposition tire. Maybe the rest of the league will start to think of us as being one of the "big bo
  2. The commentary team were reasonably honest and gave credit where credit was due. It could not be construed as biased, it was a little unpolished at times but no more than Kirky is on our stream. The camera angle were a bit distant for my liking as you did not get any close up shots to see the more physical interactions but on the whole it was reasonable. They still had the odd occasions when the camera focused on their keeper but we are used to that by now.
  3. That was my one great downfall in cubs, I had an arm full of badges but could not relate the use of knots to everyday life in Illingworth. I had neither a canoe, dinghy or horse that needed to be tied up.
  4. Just for Colin.... First of all many thanks to the Wrexham ground staff and volunteers for their hard work in clearing the pitch and making it possible for the game to go ahead. Both teams started the game with the same line up as they had put out for the previous games on Sat, with the exception of Danny Williams who had not recovered from the injury sustained at Bromley. A tight game was expected with Wrexham’s excellent defensive record at home having only conceded 4 goals so far this season in 7 games. This game showed some of the reasons why. The first half began with
  5. There is not a lot to go on....
  6. This game just highlighted to me why we need Jake Hyde back ASAP. We create more than enough chances we just do not have the 6 yard box predator that Hyde gives us. For me 2 points dropped in the most boring game this season. Wrexham never looked like scoring and they look bottom half of the table material.
  7. Listed as 102m x 68m, nearly the same size as the Shay.
  8. Nice big pitch for a change, it should suit our style of play.
  9. Why does the Wrexham website show that Luke Young has 5 yellows, the last against Dover and he is still able to play? The BBC website also gives him 5 yellows from the match reports, as well fbref. The only site only giving 4 cards is transfermarkt. I though 5 cards had a 1 match ban starting 7 days after the last card? Dover game was on the 16th, and he played against Chesterfield on Sat
  10. Any team that let's players wear pink boots deserves to lose and the culprit get sent off.
  11. The joy of following a real football club.....
  12. Forecast shows it will warm up by a few degrees from mid afternoon onwards, due to be around 4-6 degrees come game time.
  13. Taken yesterday, from Wrexham's Twitter feed.
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