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  1. ITMAN


    Wherever, as long as we get closure to the season so we can all move on and return to normal.
  2. ITMAN


    We should find out this week. The EFL preferred framework that is to be voted on is that promotion and relegation, including playoffs, is retained as per the usual end of season arrangements, the only caveat being that the final league places are decided on a flat points per game basis. If this vote gets approved, then to me it is playoffs here we come.... will we get to go to Borehamwood then?
  3. Good, as long as he is well in himself and ready to jump back on when we can actually get back to discussing what we all came on here in the first place for - Halifax Town. We should ban politics
  4. ITMAN

    Our Squad

    Maybe that is the answer - a Shay bubble. We would not need to go to work as the govt will be giving us money and we can all safely sit around and talk about football and talk bollocks for the next few months. Or is that we are already doing....without the actual football.
  5. Neil, I fully understand what you are saying. I was convinced that JC and Momentum would change the face of British politics, so much so I signed up to become a member of the Labour Party and voted in the leadership election that brought JC into power. Sadly, things did not progress as I would have liked, I personally class myself as a Social Liberal, and what the Labour party became was more of a left leaning, almost Trotskyist faction, which I wanted nothing to do with. Consequently, as I could not vote Labour, and would rather cut my throat than vote Tory, I sadly voted Liberal Democrat, as where I live they had the second best chance of winning, so I suppose it was tactical in a way. Now we have KS in the lead maybe there will be a dose of pragmatism and some of the weirder policies will get ditched in favour of ones which have a broader attraction to the voting public. At the sametime as we have now, to some extent, put the Brexit issue behind us, we can now move back to what really needs to be sorted out, the inequality of the Universal Benefits system, the NHS funding (never mind PPE and overseas workers) and education to name a few. The sooner we all get a chance to put a cross on a ballot paper and get rid of the wolves in sheeps clothing we now have in power the better. I sincerely hope the Red Wall have had their protest vote, got Brexit out of their system and we can start to have a country that looks after everyone and not just the elite or establishment. Was it Wolfie Smith who said "Power to the People", although John Lennon amongst others got there first.
  6. The fundraiser page, whilst not the only source of donations coming in, seems to have stalled for the last 8 days. What can we do to move this onwards and upwards? Any suggestions from the Supporters Club? I know we have the Big Experience ongoing, but is this the only project underway?
  7. ITMAN

    Our Squad

    The actual figure is 212 as an average. So yes, it would be approx. £80k over a whole season. My comment was based on a smaller number of games rather than a full season. If it was the case for a full season then yes, it would be a significant loss of income, Total 42,826 4,246 38,580 Average 2,141 212 1,929 2019-20 Att Away Home Aldershot Barnet 1941 110 1831 Barrow BH Boreham Wood 2244 29 2215 Bromley 2026 77 1949 Chesterfield 2420 364 2056 Chorley Tuesday 2117 116 2001 Dagenham 1895 74 1821 Dover Tuesday 1726 29 1697 Eastleigh 1817 26 1791 Ebbsfleet 2154 52 2102 Fylde 1913 109 1804 Harrogate Tuesday 1918 86 1832 Hartlepool Tuesday 2632 574 2058 Maidenhead 1981 36 1945 Notts County 2491 546 1945 Solihull 2053 71 1982 Stockport BH 3460 1485 1975 Sutton Tuesday 1637 29 1608 Torquay 2065 213 1852 Woking 1995 67 1928 Wrexham Yeovil 2341 153 2188
  8. ITMAN

    Our Squad

    That would only reduce the attendance by approx. 200 on average, so not too big a loss.
  9. No, because he had travelled to Scotland first and then been tested by the NHS there before self isolating, according to the article.
  10. ITMAN

    Our Squad

    Ah, that's not somewhere I tend to look. I usually start with the club website and then work through the local press with occasional forays into Twitter land.
  11. ITMAN

    Our Squad

    It appears to be from 2018 looking at the local newspaper website. The funds being raised were for the Academy and not the main club. If there is anything else out there I cannot find it. https://www.hartlepoolmail.co.uk/news/pools-fans-appear-fundraising-music-video-raise-cash-hartlepool-united-388931
  12. ITMAN


    Correct, by the same premise the Yeovil owner sets out for getting the payment extended, if the season never happened then they should hand back the money already given, before expecting to have it reissued. The question would be around what was the parachute payment used for, did they buy players for example, if so and the season never was then they should not be allowed to gain from that increased funding twice over.
  13. Not till next year at least, and possibly longer if we have not left the EU by the promised deadline. As most of the "decision makers" ID Cummings esq) have been laid up it appears that progress with the talks have stalled over fishing rights etc whilst putting at risk 70% of the economy i.e. the Services industry, mainly insurance and banking. It was my understanding that these tasks needed to be concluded by the end of June in order to allow sufficient time for any ratification by all 27 member states of the agreement. I fear that we will have another missed deadline and the reason/excuse this time will be the virus. While I must admit the virus has knocked a huge hole in any planning they had lined up, it would make sense now for the govt to be honest with the public that it could be delayed instead of going through the same exercise of bleating some mantra thought up by an advisor rather than being open and honest.
  14. Glad to hear it. Hopefully, when the NHS get back to "normal" then they can fit him in sooner rather than later.
  15. ITMAN


    I would probably think that this will be the carrot the EFL dangle in front of the NL clubs. With the NL North/South being dead and buried then we are the end of the line in how the pyramid works. The other option would be no relegation from EFL 1 with one promoted from EFL2. EFL2 then relegates one team to the NL, with NL Champions going up plus the winners of the playoffs. The teams at the top of NL North/South could then be "invited" to the NL to make up the numbers. As NL North/South are due to expand from 22 teams to 24 anyway they could expand by 3 teams instead of 2. I know that this is in effect pushing the problem further down the pyramid, but it will be pushed into an area of the game which would be less affected on a financial basis.
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