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  1. all lowercase for me.
  2. Hoddie, I mentioned in my report for the Weymouth game that the way we work the ball out from the back with Clarke in the middle of the back 3 is compromised. For some reason he is reluctant to go back to Sam when closed down and he seems to prefer to "hoof" the ball up to the front unit, which in this league is not going to win many games. Whilst football is a team game and results are generally not all down to one player, if you look at the games where we have played with Nathan in the back line, we have averaged only 0.92 points per game, compared to 2 points per game for the remainder
  3. It is only if you buy via the Club Shop that you end up with a code via email, this then gives you a code but does have a button to go straight to the streaming. If you follow the link on the Town website/Twitter feed then this goes straight to the Ticket.Co webpages, which for some reason refused to take payment from any of my debit cards or credit cards, then you can purchase the stream and it should not need a code.
  4. Snowing this morning in Altrincham, not forecast to stick, but the playing surface might be a bit slick by 3 PM.
  5. Agreed, it was a frustrating experience to get the code to access the stream. Let's hope the effort pays off.
  6. Nobody in their right mind would want to prevent the development of women's football, but I do have issues with the amount of money being thrown at the WPL. At present the NL get £8k per game from BT Sports, £6k to the home team and £2k to the away team. If BT Sport showed one live game each week, then it would come to approx. £256k per season. The WPL has just signed a new deal with Sky/BT Sports for £8m for the 20/21 season. Of this around 75% goes to the 12 teams in the super League. That is £500k per year for each team compared to the £10k Town will likely earn from 3 games in the NL this
  7. I prefer the shoe box under the bed myself😄
  8. I have now received an email with a code to use to gain access to the stream, so I look forward to an enjoyable game with Town coming away with 3 points.
  9. As he will not be one of the players on the pitch trying to beat us tomorrow, then I doubt it will make much difference. Same to some extent with the current Altrincham squad, those who might be playing for a place in next seasons squad have already shown the manager enough over the last 34 games to help him make his decisions on who stays and who goes. The remaining mid-table end of season games will not be enough to change his mind now I would expect. On the other hand Altrincham, who are still part-time, should be applauded by breaking with the current trend of teams dumping their mana
  10. Tommy I agree, and don't get me started on "influencers" wtf is the purpose in society for these parasites. Nearly as bad as Agents.
  11. That bit I have, however, it transpires that if you purchase the streaming from the club shop then they then send you a code via email later on to use as a "promo" code. I went down that route as trying to buy the streaming through Ticket.Co it refused to accept any of my debit/card details.
  12. Anyone tried to buy the streaming for tomorrow yet? I have a bought a ticket from the club shop but cannot fathom out how to then apply that on the Ticket.Co webpages!
  13. So, unlike PW let's take a look at what is going on around us in the League this Sat. Wrexham v Stockport Important game for both sides plus the impact it can have on our position. Form wise this looks like a draw to me, with Wrexham having no attack and Stockport looking to have run out of ideas based on their performance against Bromley last Monday. To be fair, any result in this one suits Town. Wrexham win, keeps Stockport within reach, and we have a game in hand on both sides plus Wrexham come to the Shay on Tuesday night. Draw, then both sides drop 2 points and Wr
  14. Correct we need everyone we have capable of playing either on the pitch or on the bench.
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