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  1. He reminds me of the Harry Enfield character , Angry Frank.
  2. I had my treatment at St James before this outbreak occured so I was quite lucky , if you can use the word "Lucky " when referring to cancer . It's horrendous for anyone battling this disease and having life saving treatment cancelled due to this virus is beyond words Stay safe mate and best wishes to you and your family.
  3. Just going on what my oncologist told me.
  4. Its a wait and see scenario , in a few months time we will have a clearer picture of what has been the best approach but on what you have said it has been announced today that non emergency appointments at hospitals are being extended indefinitely to allow the NHS to cope with a possible second wave after lockdown has been lifted so they are expecting it or making sure they are ready either way.
  5. No many ! We saw the Chinese build a hospital in what was it 4 days and even then thought it was just something that would affect Asian countries and didn't get too alarmed . No excuse when Italian doctors were advising the British Government to lockdown and were ignored preferring the herd immunity model before realising that was a mistake . Now we are looking like being the worst affected country in Europe . Mistakes were made but nobody can say if they were in charge they would have handled it any better for certain .
  6. Having Cancer treatment weakens your immune system so you have to be careful at the best of times not to catch an infection if you catch a common cold or seasonal flu on top of the treatment it makes you feel worse but it won't kill you , Covid19 will kill you hence isolating and staying home instead of being careful. Having Chemotherapy at the moment puts you at a higher risk of dying if you catch Covid19 as your immune system is so weak it cannot fight this particular virus as it could other viruses ,so what you are saying is it's the cancer that kills you when the point of Chemotherap
  7. monk


    So the hand car washing businesses have not opted to furlough their employees , I wonder why? It's is definitely not essential work , neither is window cleaning , are people just not bothered about catching a deadly disease .
  8. The exit plan from this lockdown has now been put back to next Sunday instead of this Thursday which is the end of the this current 3 week lockdown . I get the impression the government dont really know what to do , I cannot imagine another 3 weeks as they seem to be worried about how that will affect the economy and the mental state of people being locked down another 3 weeks . It's a difficult decision , play safe or bow to pressure . For me and I could be wrong but looking at the amount of new cases every day it's still a huge amount , as the amount of testing has increased s
  9. Who went through in group F , Flashmans or Bow legs?.
  10. monk


    Rugby league now being helped by the Government , 1.6 million in loans and are being treated as a special case as they dont want to wipe the game out as it's a mainly Northern sport or something along them lines. 1.6 million still won't cover Blue Frocks rent arrears.
  11. Man U are pencilled in to play their remaining games in Valencia so Neville can at least see his team win a game there.
  12. This was in the charts last time I was unemployed , is the job centre still on Horton Street just below the Club shop.
  13. How many go through to next round is it top two , are you doing it top group A plays second group B like a proper world cup . Only a suggestion but if any pubs are tied on same votes say 2nd and 3rd you could introduce a penalty shoot out that everyone votes again for their favourite from them 2 pubs involved , not sure how a knock out match could be decided if a draw is the outcome .
  14. They do contradict each other at times , masks being the one yesterday , Hancock said no Scientific edivence they help , Boris said yesterday we should wear one . Sturgeon wants all Scots to wear masks when leaving the house cos they are all ugly **** at least she is consistent .
  15. The Government have published new figures and included deaths in care homes , up 5000 and now we are looking like being the worst affected country in Europe . It shows how unprepared the country was , miles behind other places with testing , nobody in care homes were tested they were tested after they died and were positive . Left to die in huge numbers , had testing been available then some of them would have survived in hospital and the Government are patting themselves on the back for not swamping the NHS . all a bit sad.
  16. He did . So , you said wait until Thursday and a Sheep is involved . Interesting .
  17. Oh Trev how disappointing , you big tease .
  18. If anybody disagrees with your posts or challenges you , it's a vicious assault of personal abuse , everybody has a different opinion right or wrong but your turning banter into a personal attack because some don't agree and you don't like it . Anyway what's happening tomorrow ? If you know something why not say so and then when it happens you will be proved right and those who disagree will look foolish .
  19. Possibly got the wrong one ,it says on his profile he had spells at Ipswich and Bradford but as a coach and registered as a player to cover injuries when he returned from a career break after leaving us and going to Emley . What I did not know about him was that he is Jordan Rhodes father.
  20. Why do you have to resort to personal insults it's not nice . Those who know you have always said that even from a very young age there was just something different , you weren't like the other kids .
  21. My song for the day 29/4/20 Sorry wrong thread .
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