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  1. It would be 3 points and a game in hand although we have a +5 better goal difference which is worth a point .
  2. Yep , it's not just at our level but most corners only reach the first man , it's bizarre how a simple task of basically kicking a ball into the corridor of uncertainty is so difficult for most footballers to do. It makes me laugh how the first man clears it for another corner and then the second corner is cleared by the first man , you get one wrong and repeat it on your second go .
  3. Jose Mourinho once said the only football fans who cheer being awarded a corner as if they have scored a goal is in England . He has a point the average conversation rate is around 0.022 per cent . Is it a reflection of the modern game because I recall a sense of anticipation when we won a corner and a game of British Bulldogs in the box began .
  4. The Dudley Moore Telescope available in all good astronomy shops .
  5. I didn't find it a comfortable afternoon , I think only being a goal up and the fact Sutton pulled 2 back late and Weymouth managed to make it more nervy than it should have been maybe affected me. It turned out to be a great result and it's all about points , not performance now but whether it was superb game management or Altrincham made us go deeper in the second half I don't know , maybe the pitch played it's part . The biggest positive was Summerfield coming on , get him match fit and back to what we saw prior to his injury , no more injuries to anyone else and Wild has more opt
  6. All Premier league games and EFL games that kick off at 3 will be rearranged for a later time or later date . We should be ok as we kick off at 12.30 .
  7. How come hartlepool have played 35 games there should be an investigation . What goes around comes around , they kicked up a fuss when our game was continually postponed , they are now top and when clubs catch up they will fall down the table quicker than a monkey falling out of a tree.
  8. Well it's shaping up pretty well. 5 of our next 6 at home , let's see where we are after these next 6 , we could possibly have a play off place nailed on and just be jockeying for a higher position in our final 5 games
  9. He was that good yesterday I think I will refer to him as Clarke Kent from now on .
  10. I keep expecting that kick in the teeth but it's not coming , this squad knows how to win.
  11. Good to get Summerfield back , he will be wanting to start on Tuesday .
  12. Earned that clean sheet , massive result , bring on Wrexham .
  13. Wrexham losing is more important , it opens up 7th place , beat them Tuesday puts daylight between us and them .
  14. We are not great at seeing games out , invite pressure and opponents score , seen it in last two games.
  15. Bell will be on soon , you just know what will happen .
  16. Gone above Chesterfield , now 6th . Big second half coming up.
  17. Great example of being misinterpreted on social media . one man's joke is another man's insult.
  18. Their home record puts them 19th in the table , clubs above us playing each other today , need to take advantage .
  19. I find it difficult to call them by their proper name after they celebrated our demise which gave them another reprieve .
  20. Have you not watched The Crown ?
  21. Women's football has come on in leaps and bounds in the last decade and then up stepped the Cameroon national side who threatened to walk off the pitch after having a goal disallowed for offside , VAR proved it was offside but they weren't having it , you just knew at some point that would happen , set their game back years .
  22. I was thinking that AC Andy Campbell , SG , Santos Gaia , RC Ryan Cresswell. Cannot get anymore . Goalkeepers RC Ray Clemence PS Peter Shilton.
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