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  1. Wild said after the game he is looking forward to seeing how the partnership between Rodney/Redshaw develops .
  2. If the season finished yesterday we would play Borehamwood away then Harrogate away to get to final . That would be fairly tough but our away form is better .
  3. With the new format it's a big advantage finishing 2/3 both games at home , 6/7 is two one off games away to get to final . 4/5 is a one off home game against 6/7 then a one off game away against 2/3 and after all that is done 3/4 go into the Scottish Challenge Cup , if a side in 3/4 wins the play offs then do they take part in it or does 2/5/6/7 replace them ? Like the fact they have dropped the 2 legged games never liked them it's a better idea to have it settled in 90 minutes .
  4. Play offs , 24 points from a possible 48 puts us on 70 points , with the extra two sides in the play offs then that is achievable if 70 is enough which I think it will be . This is on the back of a great result yesterday where optimism levels have just risen . Upturn in form this year , something we didn't see from the last 2 managers so it's looking promising for the last 16 games against quite a few struggling teams .
  5. They are 5 points off a relegation and 10 off a play off spot , depends where their priorities are , they are not anywhere at the moment , still get in play offs but closer to relegation , shows what sort of league it is turning out to be , nobody except Barrow have put in a good run.
  6. That's a shame , had it gone to extra time and penalties might have tired them out for the long trip to us on Saturday . Either way I think Saturday is the game we get a good result which gets us back in the top 7 and we stay there , don't know why just feel we are going to have an improvement in results .
  7. Any team not in the National league at home please .
  8. Tottenham v Middleborough replay on BBC on Tuesday . Man U v Wolves replay on BT Sports Wednesday . Another example of TV companies not looking beyond the big clubs . Tranmere v Watford Newcastle v Rochdale Carlisle v Cardiff . I would pick any of those 3 ahead of the two above , the fa cup is about the smaller clubs having a go at bigger clubs giant killing not about who will pull in the biggest audience , Man U obviously pull in a big audience but TV companies need to realise the majority of non Man U fans are sick of seeing them on TV.
  9. Well done boys , confidence boost badly needed .
  10. It's his 6th goal of the season which in Halifax Town terms makes Sho Silva prolific.
  11. Some might describe it as wrong man in right position .
  12. Sho Ssssssssssssilva , ha ha.
  13. Cmon Shaymen , do it for the 29 , keep the unbeaten this decade record going a bit longer .
  14. Playing into wind and rain this half , they have had 10 corners so the weather is playing it's part , hopefully we will use the conditions better second half . Co commentator says Johnson is shite at set pieces a minute after saying how bad conditions are , tit.
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