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  1. Forest Green fans describe him as small and stocky does that make him a Mini Cooper.
  2. Notts County 2-2 Shaymen McAlinden , Sho Silva Att 6133
  3. You can sit where you want , only the far side is for away fans North Stand side , so don't go in them turnstiles.
  4. I think we all want to see us back in the football league , we have spent too long in non league , I pray at the start of every season that things fall into place . Despite losing at the weekend it's how we react , we lost at Wrexham and bounced back , what I want to see is an improvement in away results , historically we are poor travellers and to win anything we have to pick up points away from home , so far we are doing well away and our home results and away results are similar if that continues and we are lucky with injuries then I think this squad with a couple of additions to cover injuries could be the ones to get us back into the football league . I think we have a great opportunity this season , looking at the league table there is nobody we should fear , for me it looks weaker than past seasons . What a feeling it would be to get promoted this season , I always feel the best way to get out of this league is to become a good established National league club always there or thereabouts and eventually the door will open , or have a freak season like 97/98 , we cannot seem to establish ourselves so let's rekindle the spirit of 98 which after 10 games is on its way to replicating it . We have the feel good factor , right manager , good squad , terrific spirit , decent crowds . Said Chesterfield was a benchmark , struggling club without any points its places like that we usually lose but came through it . Notts County is another test on Saturday , big club , big crowds , usually a home banker when the Shaymen are in town , another test to see if it's the real deal or another season of false hope . A good result there and it's game on in my opinion.
  5. Shaymen 3 - 1 Yeovil McAlinden 2, C King Att 2201
  6. It feels like that season , it's the old saying you can have a side full of talent but if you have no team spirit it's wasted . Wild has got a good set of lads who all seem to get on .
  7. I was thinking the same , do we need a 20/25 goal striker , McAlinden has 4 so far I assume he is top scorer , the 97/98 season we had Horsfield and goals from others Patterson scored a lot , Bradshaw and Thackeray chipped in along with others.
  8. How can Bury replace one of the relegated teams !!!!. The only way to allow Bury to still be in the EFL is to suspend promotion from National League and relegation to it without upsetting the two clubs who finish in bottom 2 . As it stands if Bury start in National league then only one club is relegated from EFL , with an extra club going from league 2 to league 1 .
  9. The feeling is like it was the season Horsfield and co were doing their stuff , I always felt we were going to win before the game , a feeling which is very rare . This season is the same , I felt we would win last night and with our home record I feel we will beat Yeovil , who if memory serves we played in our in our 97/98 title winning season . To have 25 points from 10 games if we win Saturday is title form. Although I have gone for a play off spot in the vote , that might change in where will we finish (Part 3).
  10. I don't think it even matters about their financial situation , it's the fact they are not competing this season so therefore should be expelled from the football league . This is why it is impossible to allow Bury to restart next season in league 2 . If the EFL put this to a vote then it's the same as re election they did years ago and I can see the majority wanting them to stay in the football league , probably the only clubs opposed will be those in the bottom half of league 2. It wouldn't surprise me if there is no club allowed to be promoted from the National League and no relegation from league 2 just to accommodate Bury and appease those in the bottom half . Things like this happen to us , we go into administration twice we get relegated from football league twice , we get to Wembley for a play off final when it's been knocked down and being rebuilt , we go bust and demoted to Unibond Division One North , we eventually get to Wembley the same season we get to relegated . You can see what is going to happen , we might win the league or the play off final and promotion to league 2 will be suspended due to all other clubs and the EFL backing Bury .
  11. Just been reading about this , local MP has put it to EFL and they in turn are consulting other EFL clubs on the proposal to start again in league 2 . I feel for the supporters but bloody hell , a one league demotion and not being expelled at all . It opens the door for other clubs to rack up debts , go bust , clean slate and a slap on the wrist instead of any real punishment.
  12. If we are going to do well this season then we have to go to places like these and win , they are in a mess but as is usual we will probably go and lose , give them their first win and keep their manager in a job . It's a good test to see how good the manager and squad really is , we have an ingrained mentality as supporters that failure is just around the corner , I think bringing home 3 more points tonight might just make us think that it's the real deal this time and we might just be in for a decent season .
  13. Just had a look on Chesterfields forum , confidence among them is very low , most predicting an easy away win . One poster says he has a soft spot for us since visiting in the 90s and followed our demise . In his words . " The ground was awful but they got lucky with the Rugby club building a new ground with a little help from the council".
  14. Chesterfield 1-3 Shaymen Sho Silva , McAlinden, Allen Att 4077
  15. Probably me getting a bit giddy with the fantastic start , it's the timing , we are winning , it's still favourable weather , Chesterfield is one of only handful of awaydays which is not that far , only just over an hour if traffic permits. Maybe if it was a Saturday 700 might travel , we'll see , I do think our % of away following compared to home gates is as good as anyone in this league .
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