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  1. monk


    Deadline is Friday , if they are expelled only 3 clubs will be relegated from league 1 , 4 clubs coming up from league 2 but only 1 club relegated to the National league . If Bolton go as well then there is a chance 3 clubs up from the National league or nobody relegated at all from league 2 which is more likely . Fans are bringing flowers to Gigg lane so they obviously think the club is dead .
  2. Shaymen 2 - 1 Flyde Sho Silva , McAlinden Att 1921
  3. That comes across clearly , unlike one tone Tranmere fan Fletcher whose commentary would have put insomniacs into a coma. I was very impressed , at times he had his supporters head sat in stand minus the microphone "What are you doing , awful pass " to one of our players but apart from that he was spot on . The service has improved , it went off a few minutes from half time but it is alot clearer than it has been . Look forward to more commentary from Lewis , Well done.
  4. It doesn't matter who brought who into the club it's how the manager works with what he has got , some managers moan when things go wrong that it's not his squad , so far he must be happy with them .
  5. Be happy just to stay in the top half and be in a position to challenge for a play off spot come April , an impressive start though beyond anyone's expectations.
  6. monk


    Just read an article on the BBC website about 4 generations of Bury fans and how heartbreaking it is to them not just to lose their club but a way of life . It's always the fans that suffer the most !!!!.
  7. Just miss out 8th to 10th , which looking at the shambles of a summer would be a good effort . Regarding last season , it was the signing of Lenighan which contributed massively to our fall , other factors as well but it was a huge mistake by Fullarton who then dug his heels in and tried to make a point . Wild seems to have his head screwed on and comes across , despite his age as a very knowledgeable bloke , I have a good feeling about this chap.
  8. Got to agree , great commentary , really enjoyed it .
  9. Good result at a place we never getting anything from , Wild is ticking all the boxes so far , changing things and going for it and getting rewarded.
  10. Williams , 1-1 , 8 players on 1goal , hopefully someone gets their second in next ten mins.
  11. Hi Ho Silva Away goal disallowed in the 29th minute .
  12. monk

    Hartlepool today

    It was a strange decision by Fullarton to sign Lenighan then to keep playing him when we knew at Salford he wasn't and never would be good enough , it was as if Fullarton wanted to find a player in there and took too long to realise there wasn't, especially after a good start to the season why change things . Its also very strange why he walked 3 weeks before the start of the season , I gave him the benefit of the doubt last season , young and inexperienced and thought with a full season under his belt he would do better this season . Obviously he thought otherwise but I doubt he will get a job in management again , unsuccessful brief spell at Notts County and then to leave a club whatever the circumstances so close to the start of the season means no chairman at any club , at any level will go anywhere near him. It's none of our business why he left but I would be interested to know why , we could be doing him an injustice and he may have left for private or personal reasons and doesn't want it made public . We will not find out , so it's time to move on and back Pete Wild , we need some stability in the dugout and a manager who can deliver a period of success , let's hope the good start is an indication of that.
  13. Shaymen 2-0 Dagenham Hi Ho Silva Cameron King Att 2067
  14. Just enjoy it while it lasts and keep the dream going , we have been here before , started well and ended up in a relegation battle so I am not getting too carried away but 6 points and 6 goals and a goal difference of +5 and top of the league , a shambles of a pre season and to start the way we have is excellent . Fullarton left us up ship creek resigning 3 weeks ago so credit to Wild and the players for putting a spring in our step , long may it continue . Bring on the Daggers and keep the feel good factor going .
  15. Glad to see this site back up and running. I thought for a while the club had something to do with it , trying to shut it down as some of the comments directed at them and whoever is in charge in the dugout have , over the years have been bordering on libelous . Glad that is not the case and we can all crack on and say what we want . Well done Hoddie .
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