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  1. So you are more at risk and you want to end restrictions now !! Not enough is known about Covid19 yet , nobody knows how it will pan out , until they do then measures put in place will have to stay . It seems to me it is getting to younger age groups and fit and healthy people than it did when it first started , that chart says 1% are under 50 , be interesting to see how many were under 50 two weeks ago . Be a million cases by Thursday which is a massive jump , it was only a few days ago it hit half a million and it hasn't got a grip yet in less developed countries , struggling in Europe and America , god help them if we can't get a grip of it . 500, 000 cases last Friday 850,000 today .
  2. On the day we have the biggest daily death rate you want to lift restrictions . My plan is if we all do as we are told the virus will be gone quicker so we all benefit. Your plan is I'm ok Jack , **** the old and vulnerable . BTW , a fit and healthy 19 year old died in the UK . A 12 year old girl in Belgium also died . In 2 weeks time that chart relating to age could be alot different .
  3. There is a test that tells you if you have had it at some point this year , people have mild symptoms which could or could not be the virus , if the test lets you know you have had it then you are now immune , that's the sticking point if you can get it twice and they don't know for certain then we are up ship creek.
  4. For how long though , the measures in place will hopefully see a decline in cases , let the healthy go back out and spread it amongst themselves and we are back to square one . It will work , I think more harsher restrictions should be in place , non essential workers should be isolating ,the world will be a different place after this , get rid of the virus and worry about the economy then , you can't have both .
  5. That's why we all need testing and guarantees that if you've had it , you will not get it again . Restrictions have to stay in place until that happens unfortunately , majority are dying with it , not because of it but even if they had died anyway this year like one politician said , then relaxing quarantine restrictions would wipe out anyone who has health problems and a lot of children fall into that category.
  6. I feel sorry for Phillip Scofield , he has just come out and now he has to go back in.
  7. monk

    Courier Quiz

    That was my excuse .
  8. monk

    Courier Quiz

    Decent quiz on courier site , photographs of ex players , I got 13 out 20 and a few were guesses , anyone gets 20/20 is an anorak.
  9. Not heard of any round here . Another one you could try is footgolf , there is a course in Brighouse , not tried it but it looks a bit of fun and keeps you fit.
  10. And on the flip side , Marcus Rashford is using his time to help set up a scheme to feed 400,000 kids who usually receive free school meals . Puts Grealish to shame .
  11. And we have walking football for over 50s .
  12. Yes unworkable in London but possible outside the capital especially round here .
  13. 1929- 1947. In 1947 New Brighton manager played in goals against Hartlepools United at aged 51 during an injury crisis . Then Matthews then broke that record .
  14. They are blaming the high numbers in Italy/Spain on the Atalanta v Valencia game , 40,000 there .
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