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  1. I think they will just commentate from the stream , it's a deprived area is hartlepool,(small h) I doubt many have access to the internet , so it's a good idea if Radio Tees can afford the stream to then relay it to the hartlepool (small h) fans through their transistor radio's
  2. A+ in one game F in the next . There's only one F in Halifax as the song goes , that's been the issue , who turns up , "Top of the class" or "Dunces Corner". Too many F's not enough A's.
  3. From our selfish point of view if Wealdstone and Kings Lynn join Dover and call it a day then having not played Dover , drew at Kings Lynn and lost to Wealdstone we would benefit massively when the league table is updated to reflect their absence . It would also give the rest spare weekends and midweek slots to help with the fixture backlog . If the above did happen with the season already one short when it started , it would leave 20 clubs , 38 game season , we would lose 2 games , some clubs 3/4 if they have played any of them twice plus the points and goal difference , eg Sutton 5
  4. Fans allowed back in on 17th May , hopefully we might see a couple of games and the play offs .
  5. Was he a mate of Mick Kennedy ?
  6. "Live And Let Dive" ( Last night's Ref) "Dr No" (Way was that a penalty) Dive Another Day ( He'll give it)
  7. Looking further ahead our next fixture is Hartlepool at home , Halifax Pool is shutting , got to be a connection , will the pitch be waterlogged and called off a 4th time.
  8. Majority of us had written out chances off last night after Tuesday the inconsistency the side shows is at level where a new word needs to be invented , inconsistency is not enough. Other powers are at play here beyond the realms of reality . Did it have something to do with the Perseverance Rover landing on Mars , did it change the allignment of the planets . I have been searching for an answer because things happen for a reason . There are clues to why last night happened which led to a magnificent performance infront of a global audience , Barnet ...Bottom gives us the l
  9. Ref could have given a free kick for the first one it was 50/50 as to whether it was in or out of the area , second one was just clumsy , King was watching the ball which ended up in row Z he just fell into their player . It's difficult for refs nowadays as the slightest contact seems to result in a free kick as players are not fouled they have worked out how to con the refs and win a free kick . Players go down and squeal like a pig when contact is minimal , you see it every week in the Premier League , players going down like they have been shot and when they realise it's play on a
  10. We could put the poor performance against Barnet down to a long gap between games or the manager getting a reaction . It's a bit frustrating that after tonight performance we have not got another game until Hartlepool at home on 2nd of March .
  11. During the second half when they went 2-1 up , commentators were going on about Gary Johnson being in management since 1986 and I couldn't help think about how we have gone down the young , inexperienced route and would we be better with a manager with more experience and more contacts in the game , money dictates the likes of Ronnie Moore have been mentioned when the job becomes available but we have gone for cheaper options like Fullerton and now Wild . Then at Full time I thought what a great young , hungry manager who lives and breathes football we have .
  12. Born in Bingley , been at Bradford and Guiseley .
  13. I am a doubter because never in a million trillion years can a side be so shite and then so good in the space of 4 days , I said after Tuesday than we will take inconsistency to a level never been invented and beat Torquay , well there you go I was right.
  14. 2002 league division 3 , won 4-2 Shaw scored twice , he must have been on about that , I have been drinking and that performance has accelerated my senses.
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