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  1. Andy HTFC


    So good of so many of you to still be wishing us luck in the Trophy. Many fans would just be spitting feathers about a tinpot club or whatever. The comments from yourselves and Barnet fans will always stay with me and many other Yeltz fans. Thank you.
  2. ....and indeed we won! It's a mad mad world.
  3. Stay safe and look out for each other. It's bad enough down here, dread to think what it's like there now.
  4. You're right. It wasn't a clever tackle to be fair though never a red, it was just a very nasty landing. Saw the lad after the game, looked in an enormous amount of pain. Really hope it looked worse than it turns out to be. Hope he recovers quickly. All the best to him.
  5. Andy HTFC


    Many, many thanks to all of you. I still can't quite believe it, I would have been happy just to not embarrass ourselves. I so hope we both achieve our goals this season ( promotion is still our first priority also). Just want to thank you all for helping to make it a good day for us. I hope we left a good impression on the town, in pubs, at the ground etc as like yourselves we are very proud of who we are. Onwards and upwards and the very best of luck at achieving league football.
  6. In peace. I know you are angry at your team today but I don't feel they just threw in the towel, I think maybe we surprised them a little and after the way we defended as a team they ran out of ideas. Obviously you can play much better than that to have got where you are but I really feel our lads did a job on you today. Admittedly it was a bit of a cup final for us today and that really helped us, I just hope we continue it in our more important league schedule. Everybody we came in contact with in Halifax today was magnificent and helped to make it a great day for us and I truly hope y
  7. Andy HTFC


    .......only for tomorrow obviously.
  8. Andy HTFC


    All hail the curse!
  9. Andy HTFC


    . I think I've read about that on here previously. Isn't it a lady? We'll be on our best behaviour.
  10. Andy HTFC


    Apparently it is a section for 800, though I suspect will will bring less than half of that.
  11. Andy HTFC


    Gone off the boil a bit recently. Scored shed loads earlier in the season but the goals are being really shared round now. Couple of really decent lads in midfield but I don't want to tip you off who just yet in case they get nullified!
  12. Andy HTFC


    Proper football fans you lot, that don't wish plagues of locusts and rats on teams they've barely heard of. I think sometimes you have to have been through the hard times our 2 clubs have to appreciate what it's all about. Class. Thank you.
  13. Andy HTFC


    To be honest though, i'd happily swap Saturday for 3 points at Daventry on Tuesday. Promotion is everything this season.
  14. Anything can happen in a local derby....
  15. Andy HTFC


    Believe me, our lot won't come to kick you. We play some nice football. We may get beat but we won't resort to that.
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