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    Evening Shaymen, We took over 600 fans to Barnet on Saturday and with interest growing in the club we will surely take more to a semi final, Notts County is clearly the most lucrative for the club with a two legged game against them however it's arguably the most difficult too. In 90 minutes we fear nobody but over two games it's obviously trickier still over two games. We'll get a decent allocation of tickets and it's an hour and a bit up the road. Harrogate will also be a tough game for us, it's another trip to Yorkshire but we'll also get a reasonable allocation of tickets I should t
  2. Perhaps, but not as stupid as this. Would have been a good game between you, two evenly matched sides neither of whom can beat the stupidly named Yeltz from a few divisions below on their own patch, ;-)
  3. There are a good number of stories as to why we're called The Yeltz, the truth is though nobody really knows. I'll give you three stories that are often told; For some time the most accepted explanation had been that a Yeltz is simply someone from Halesowen. Halesowen used to be Hales Owen, before that Halas Owen, and even earlier than that Halas. The Black Country accent sometimes turns H into Y as in "on me yed, son", so Halas could become Yalas which is reasonably close to Yeltz. The other story I tell is after the war when Halesowen were playing in the Birmingham works league and
  4. No you're right it was never a classic but perhaps that's because we paid due diligence to watch your side and came up with a strategy to stop you playing.
  5. Yeltz fan here in peace. Met a good number of your fans today, all good people and clearly good football folk, however reading some of the comments on here shows huge similarities to Bradford Park Avenue, Gateshead and Maidenhead. Whilst perhaps the management haven't - the players and supporters have certainly underestimated us. Many of our players are more than comfortable player at a level or two higher than they are and our manager is a talented manager who leaves no stone unturned in researching our opponents and coaching his team to a plan. We knew we had to ride the storm of the fi
  6. Evening all. On 25 minutes of the game on Saturday Yeltz fans will be remembering Jordan Sinnott by applauding in his memory. Although he had no connection to the Yeltz his loss has hit all of football, it seems fitting for us to acknowledge this at a place where he did play his football for a while. I'm sure you'll join us.
  7. Speak to Mark at Casuals Attire - look him up on Facebook. He's done a few of our Halesowen Town flags, good service and quality, he can design also. Word of caution though you're looking at a 3 week turnaround.
  8. RobYeltz


    Looking forward to next Saturday as are all of the Yeltz faithful. Arguably our biggest game in years after some really tough times where we've almost folded. It's almost immaterial to us what the outcome of the game but we'll be there to make some noise in support of our boys in what is our TWELFTH FA Trophy game of the season. If you do go on to win this trophy then we can probably say we've won more games in the competition than you this season. Hopefully The Shay will have a good crowd as our lads deserve to play in a great stadium in front of a big crowd.
  9. It was a good Yeltz following yesterday, with a good number of 'home' fans who don't normally travel also away travelling away - 325-350 was my estimate taking into the account the number behind the goal, those sat in the stand and those stood to the side. With two supporters coaches already filled for Halifax (compared to yesterdays 1) and the third coach selling well if you take into account the number of folk who will travel independently - I think 350-400 Yeltz folk travelling wouldn't be unrealistic. If we can win on Tuesday and Saturday too then that too might encourage a few more to tra
  10. Halesowen fan here in peace. I travel home and away following the Yeltz and have done for 5 years, apart from when we play neighbours Stourbridge (when a few chavs turn up) I've never seen any trouble with our fans so I'm not sure where the above stories come from - ive never seen trouble. We're regarded by most as a friendly-but noisy lot, we travel well and we will on the 8th. The club has had its troubles off the field for a few years with poor owners but the club is in fantastic hands and we're certainly on an upward curve. Look forward to visiting your place soon. #uptheyeltz
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