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  1. Fake news....just asked him...he's staying
  2. Nolan to replace cooper 4 me
  3. https://www.nottinghamshire.police.uk/news-article/man-arrested-following-life-threatening-assault-retford
  4. https://www.matlocktownfc.co.uk/jordan-sinnott.asp
  5. It wont let me pm you mate
  6. Stockport will be in the play offs come the end of the season....very good team...hard graft is their strong point....play football but also mix it up and are very physical....they seem to win every tackle and 2nd ball.....Barrow to win it...for me yeovil or county through the play offs
  7. Let cooper mcoulsky and mcalinden leave.....copper is piss poor...mcalinden bigged up too much.....free up wages for better players than those listed above
  8. Why revert to a back 4 again?.....we should carry on with 3 centre halves a wing backs
  9. Is binnom Williams available today?
  10. Because wild isn't clever enough to come up with ideas like that
  11. Absolute joke of a performance today...folk paid out alot of cash to watch that shower of shite....Wild has lost the plot....some players today should hang their heads in shame and never wear a fcht shirt again....lose against Chesterfield and stockport at home and wild should go....unacceptable
  12. Wild has lost the plot...tss still on the field??....ffs
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