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  1. Yes I believe you are well insured
  2. chadders


    Yeah apart from that what did the Romans do for us?
  3. chadders

    how much?

    Think the away team gets @£1.5k from BT as a rule.
  4. Under normal circumstances all the above initiatives provide a nice platform for the club from a financial perspective however under these unprecedented conditions it would be foolhardy to expect to generate the revenues we have seen before but it won't be for lack of effort by the club employees. Victory in the playoffs would create a whole new set of- welcome - problems and hurdles to overcome and hopefully we as fans can play our part in this initially by assisting in any way we can with any associated costs.
  5. Season tickets, Play The Squares & Goalometer - may not have been released as yet - , The Fund Me Page, the raffle thing to have lunch with the gaffer and be at training etc, player sponsorships. I know most of these are traditional methods used by other clubs but the Hartlepool case i think is a bit more extreme as they are in a bit of bother money wise; perhaps a bot more so than most other clubs.
  6. No problem and i guess the rule re retained lists may have been relaxed.
  7. Genuinely not sure but hopefully all will become clear over the coming weeks.
  8. At the risk of repeating my self I suspect once the current proposal has been voted on and ratified we can then move forward as a club to participate successfully and safely. All the plans that I am certain are being worked bon in the background can then be put in motion
  9. If you go into the official website and click on the Here And Now it should bring up all notifications that have been on and updated from social media outlets. Probably not worthwhile creating a separate website article for each alert but scroll down there to see how active we have been. Did you get chance to watch the recent Q&A with the gaffer and Milly? I believe the answered re players under contract during that. Do you not think that issuing a retained list whilst we still could be involved in the playoffs is counter productive. Boreham Wood let most of their squad go and are now scrambling around to get them back.
  10. also on desktop, laptop, Ipad etc but i guess you're too busy trawling through other clubs websites to find out what's happening
  11. rarely do twitter nowadays
  12. @ITMAN @Erik EverhardEverhardEverEverhEveEverhardEverhardEverEverhEv Please see first paragraph above fyi.
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