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  1. lockdown sense of humour not getting any better then i see.
  2. chadders

    Chris Tate

    Appropriate choice or word
  3. Didn't Man Utd have s teenage Chinese player at one time?
  4. Correct Steve have witnessed that first hand with the Courier reporter also being charged to get in. They even wanted a fee off our club for us to video the game and it's not a very welcoming place think @Flea had an issue at the turnstile due to possessing an offensive bottle of water.
  5. That's allowed old luv Permitted
  6. Will have Tranmere if that's still free plz?
  7. Can I have Coventry pls @Hembers..Pls send payment details.
  8. chadders


    Ryan Sellers at Wealdstone??
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