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  1. 1 hour ago, Riders of Rohan said:

    It’s an astonishing amount and compares to the efforts made in previous times.

    It is now serious money.

    Perhaps we just need to understand what it is paying for. Project Playoffs I know but what are the exact costs we are covering given it’s potentially one game?

    The target started at £20,000 but keeps going up and it’s great fans are responding but I’m not clear where we are heading with this.


    1 hour ago, ITMAN said:

    Agreed, some communication from Mr B regarding how it is to be used might give some reassurance.

    From memory the very first article on the official website when Project Play Offs was launched stated any monies raised would go towards staff and player wages, Covid-19 testing and other associated costs, travel and expenses to the game etc. 

  2. 1 hour ago, Bubba said:

    Chadders is going to deliver them. That will be a fun conversation in the van...I think Id prefer to listen to the cardboard cutouts :D

    Your cardboard cutout would be more mobile than you ever were on a five a side pitch.

    19 minutes ago, Nick said:

    Well he will take his joke book to keep them all entertained 

    Would be a tough crowd though Nick 

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  3. 23 minutes ago, Hoddie said:

    I wasn't having a go at the BoD, but the thing is, no-one's asking them act on every suggestion. The problem is the ridiculous reactions from those already 'in the circle' towards people coming up with their suggestions. It's like they're talking about treason or heresay. You know how it looks to me? That some fundraising ideas haven't been as successful as expected, then some Johnny Upstart comes along and dares suggest another idea. The bloody cheek.

    Go on, throw in another insult. I mean, how dare he suggest ways of raising money while the club has the begging bowl out? FFS.

    Another insult?? I have not used one yet you are confusing me with your mates on the political threads re insults. Plus my tongue in cheek comment was followed by the wink emoji as opposed to an angry face so if you think that's an insult then as your mucker @Shaytrev would say you are a snowflake ;)

    And none of the playoff initiatives have exactly failed have they? As the nigh on £40k generated thus far would suggest. Far from decrying ITMAN's or anyones ideas it's just been explained to them re the prioritising of the ones that would generate funds quickly and all other ideas could be looked at objectively post playoffs.

  4. 23 hours ago, Hoddie said:

    Why are you getting so annoyed because someone else is having different ideas? Egos and enpires. Tread on either at your own risk.

    Mr H not getting annoyed just want people to appreciate why the focus has been on the existing initiatives bring worked on by the club, supporters club, AFC Halifax et Al.

    23 hours ago, rdj said:

    I think everyone appreciates the club has limited staffing resources bur I don't think that suggestions put forward by supporters are anything other than trying to raise awareness as to opportunities which COULD be available to assist the club. 

    I would hope  your post would not inhibit posters from offering innovative suggestions even though these may not be able to be followed through by the club / supporters club.

    Did not want it to come across that way indeed all ideas are more than welcome and would be looked at objectively over time. It's just at the moment with limited time and resources I guess the club has to prioritise initiatives to maximise generated income and with the help of The Supporters Club and AFC Halifax and flea et Al and all those who have contributed we have far exceeded the initial target.

    23 hours ago, ITMAN said:

    Chadder adding a few more fun virtual items alongside the virtual ticket should not be too onerous. In fairness you are probably thinking on the same lines but these are just ideas being put out there and not designed to deflect from the work everyone is doing but hopefully to augment the ideas. The primary point is to raise awareness of how other clubs are being constructive in their fundraising efforts and any ideas which we can pinch should be taken into account even if we store them up for after Project Playoffs has finished.

    Understand and appreciate that but pls see above comments.

  5. 17 minutes ago, arryarry said:

    I`ve just been down to Rogers and paid him (Kevin Roberts). I would like to congratulate and thank the organisers on this fantastic initiative and to all the punters that have taken up the gauntlet up and bought a "player". Fantastic. As someone else has said "Proud to be a shayman!!"


    Agreed Mr H. Well done to all who organised the various initiatives and those who contributed.


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