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  1. your rating on Rodney ??
  2. about as fecking accurate as his player ratings and predictions.
  3. Kings - a well thought and clever response even if i do say so myself
  4. That's @Steveonaroll' s sexual fantasy.
  5. Shouldn't you be doing some online schoolwork? Just time to look at the use of capital letters before your alphabet spaghetti is ready.
  6. Drainage is the key issue along with the clay beneath the surface that compounds this and without thousands being spent to alleviate this the issue is not going to go away.
  7. instead of being so negative every time show some positive thinking and tell us what would your economically viable solution be; particularly in the current climate.
  8. heavy rain today and tomorrow and then down to freezing at the weekend according to BBC.
  9. Would imagine stadium/pitch needs to have some form of FA approval like when the youth team has to play FA competition games at the Shay.
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