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  1. Guess this includes academy and community staff primarily paid for by EFL funding which I think runs out this year. Barnet were in similar situation a while back pre Covid-19 and laid a large number of staff off.
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    Maybe but it would not take huge investment to help the club move forward. But it has to be be for the right reasons and from credible and reputable people as opposed to the Abbot's of this world. For me rather than all out investment in the playing squad we should be looking at owning our training facility in Halifax, establishing an academy to augment the excellent work done by Steve Nicol and his team etc . Fair play to the bank rolling chairman at FGR and Fylde etc for sticking around this long but the concern is when they do go they will leave the clubs with unsustainable running costs and may want any directors loans repaid. I'm sure that if any of their other business interests needed were such a financial drain they would offload or disolve it. Our current board do not operate the same business mantra and strive for a club financed by self generated monies which is commendable as we all want the infrastructure in place to safeguard the stability and long term future of our club. This all stems of course from success in the field which is made more difficult to achieve when other clubs in our league throw money at players that they simply don't have.
  3. @shaymanandy it's CENTER Parcs btw. Thinking
  4. ..... Because your eyesight had gone
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    Hardly asking for a millionaire, looking for suitable investors with the future of the club being the main criteria and no ulterior motives.
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    Our Squad

    That's why he said a poor man's Matty Pearson.
  7. I would even buy you some darts.
  8. As opposed to yours that say naught.. ....... .. . . juggernaut
  9. Yes who'd have thought 8 weeks hair growth would weigh a stone....... well that's what the weighing scales are telling me.
  10. Ha we're doomed with this Diane Abbottesque arithmetic.
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