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  1. The article I saw on love rugby league.com says players and staff but another article says just staff so confusing
  2. Not sure tbh. Doubt they all would be fill time.
  3. Put players and staff on furlough.
  4. One less Costa Coffee a day should do it.
  5. Give up Steve The Club, Supporters Club or any other group have never advocated that even the most devout Shaymen jeopardise their own well being in favour of supporting FCHT. And to suggest some would is disingenuous. Please leave the sensationalistic stuff to the tabloids and those who hype things up on social media.
  6. www.gofundme.com/f/halifax-town-supporters-club
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    indeed young man all following my lead.
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    Suddenly everyone thinks they are a comedian.
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    Spam, spam, spam,spam, spam,spam,spam.......
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