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  1. That's Southern prices for you, mind you serves you right for drinking Irish cocktails!! We we paying nigh on 4 quid a pint for a decent ish Doombar in The Hole In The Wall.
  2. Ha, that's the norm down south not like Paradise or Nealhams open till 3 am !!
  3. Think Jeff is still suspended?
  4. Only tried one The Mahabarat round by Yates, decent but pricey but they all will be down South. Gurkha Inn sounds good too.
  5. can get a bus from adjacent to the Green Ginger which drops you by a small pub - can't remember name - bout 1/2 mile walk to the ground from there and is a decent social club just outside the ground to the left of main reception.
  6. 1 Eton Rifles - The Jam. 2 In The Air Tonight - Phil Collins. 3 English Rose - The Jam. 4 Look Away - Big Country. 5 Whisky In The Jar - Thin Lizzy. 6 All Cried Out - Alison Moyet. 7 The Trees - Rush. 8 Golden Brown - The Stranglers. Above in no particular order. Book: Anything by Lee Child. Luxury: Auto refillable can of Stella.
  7. Think he would have been available for selection v Sutton .
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