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  1. Where you getting these names from ?
  2. Earing is a player you should be using, play a 4 2 3 1 formation
  3. That cannot be possible, we will be out of lockdown by June. If schools are going to open in the next academic year this September, why wait till January to restart football again ?!?!?
  4. Forgot about Duckworth, definitely keep him but Johnson is a bit 50/50
  5. Jeff King, Cameron King, Jack Redshaw, Jamie Allen, Josh Stauntan, Devante Rodney,Jack Earing(possibly), Niall Maher (possibly) I think we completely need a new defense.
  6. Watching the game back, Binnom Williams is one of the best forward players we have, that outside foot shot was going in, he should be moved further forward
  7. It will either be a bumper crowd or a very small crowd. Either way millions will be watching it on TV
  8. Still waiting on those 2 signings!!
  9. They would of called it off by now
  10. With his medical advisers, not just him on his own
  11. People just need to trust Boris, he has two of the most intelligent doctors in the uk, advising him what to do because of the science behind it. People need to just calm down with it all and let the government sort it out. Italy have only gone this far because it was that unexpected over there, here we have the time to sit down and talk about the plan. Blue tick parade media on Twitter with millions of followers think they have a degree in medicine, I.e Pierce Morgan. Everybody is probably going to get it at some point but it will be at the right time when we have taken the right steps! Up the shaymen
  12. Chesterfield crying that the national leauge havent cancelled the games sulking because they are going down
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