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  1. I wonder if on loan deals ? Could look at FGR or Salford!
  2. Good idea from the club and shows where some of Bosomworth's money is going, good on him! Could pick up some cracking players for the future!
  3. Hat trick incoming, watch this space
  4. That Twitter non leauge account is saying salford are gonna recall him
  5. Hahahaha, good joke ! Why would he go to county and sit on the bench each week when he can play here! Thank you but it's a no from me! Good bye !!!
  6. Town should be given priority, given where we are in the leauge. We bring more revenue out of the 2 clubs, we have a bigger following and rugby leuage is a dying sport. We will be in football league next season and we dont need those egg chuckers getting in the way of that. Do we now? Move out for god sake, and go play at Jerusalem farm !!!
  7. Maybe reading between the lines, its bosomworth last season ???
  8. SHAY man 2


    Hopefully hanson and macca get a spot in tomorrow's squad
  9. Obviously favourites, we are the might shaymen
  10. SHAY man 2

    Lois Maynard

    They can get lost. If he does go, then I would be after Nyal Bell ! Get your hands of our Rodney !!
  11. I think we are doing a macclesfield!!!!
  12. SHAY man 2

    Lois Maynard

    We need signings like these to help us over the line!
  13. No, I think he is at Alfreton for the rest of the season mate. They will have got it wrong !
  14. Will Allen start instead if Redshaw?
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