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  1. Defense again, woeful, wild really needs to sort that out for next season
  2. Clarke makes me feel very uncomfortable at times, I don't think there is any more room on my chair before I'll fall off
  3. Park the bus park the bus Halifax... that lineup is so defensive
  4. Anyone else's stream stopping and starting ?
  5. As an incentive to increase the playing budget for next season, would it be something the supporters club could pledge to start... this would be a great way to set aside some money to help support player wages, fees ext for this transfer window ?
  6. Ben's a good friend of some close friends of ours, and he certainly will have a fantastic time at his new job, a great opportunity for him and I'm sure he will do brilliant there. All the best Ben...
  7. Why has the ref just run up into Hydes face the muppet ... What a late reaction... Soccer AM
  8. Since I've lost my mind, yeh my bad
  9. Beat Notts tonight, we could potentially move to 6th on 38pts with higher GD
  10. Harry Kewell has just been sacked by Oldham, I hope they don't come in for Pete, seeing that he is out of contract soon
  11. My mate who supports Huddersfield said that Pritchard was on around 60k a week
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