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  1. Played at weekend for them... on their highlights he seemed pretty decent- their fans were saying he should've been MoM
  2. Why are we playing 2 creative wingers up front... it then leads to no one in the box when a cross comes in... we need Hyde back ASAP
  3. If you want to research into the cameras and how good they actually look/are the name is Pixellot
  4. Cain Tailford- youth player
  5. Couple of new trailists, can anyone work then out ?
  6. I'm guessing Clarke, Bradbury and Byrne at the back ?
  7. SHAY man 2


    Another centre half coming our way tonight ?
  8. Torn his hamstring-that'll be him out for a good 2-3 months
  9. Weren't we meant to be signing a defender at the end of this week ?
  10. Anybody know what he is like ? Scargills recent post states we will have a new CB in by the end of the week, he has reatined one of the trailists who played in both games , and got a couple more trialists for this weekend game (potentially Kian Spence)
  11. Surely the new no.5 will have to trial with us before we sign him, hopefully not too long until we announce the new CB, any ideas ?
  12. I wonder we ain't streaming the game today?
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