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  1. The supporters club have been donated a wonderful collection of around 1000 printed colour photos taken by Keith Middleton. The photos cover games, home and away in the 1980’s, 1990s and also in 2000’s. Most are 6 x 4. They come in a storage box, there are 2 display albums too. We are inviting offers for this great collection but have a reserve agreed by the supporters club committee. If you would like to make an offer, please get in touch. We are closing offers on 1st September.
  2. Thank you to everyone who has shown interest in our gold membership. If you want to join up, please email supportersclub@fchalifaxtown.com
  3. Membership is now available for 2020/21 and is free with all the usual benefits. If you wish to join, please send us a DM with your name, address, email address. We’ll send you your membership card through the post in the next few weeks. If you have any ideas for fundraising or any activity you feel the Supporters Club should be engaged with, please Comment below. We,ll keep open our gofundme account https://www.gofundme.com/f/halifax-town-supporters-club so if you wish to donate, you’re welcome to do so. We are running the usual Play The Squares and Goalometer (Goals, points, clean sheets, penalty saves, bookings, position in the table, attendances or anything you can think of) next season. If you wish to be part of this please let us know. If you don’t already, please follow us on Facebook and/or a Twitter @Halifaxtownsc Thank you
  4. There’s just an hour left to order your match programme for the Boreham Wood game. It’s great that our club have published a match day programme for our game during lockdown . If you can, please buy one I’m sure they’ll be on EBay for twice the price next week.
  5. Yes, and onwards to Harrogate for the semi-final...
  6. This is a really good opportunity to support our club as we (hopefully) progress through the playoffs. Has anyone done it and was it easy? It would be great if we filled our away section with the income going to our club too.
  7. With technology these days, who needs flights. You’ve got to be in it to win it though...
  8. Thank you to those who have purchased tickets. It’s good to see some members of the forum buying just to have lunch with Pete Wild.
  9. Let us know if you want some tickets for the draw. This is a great prize for our younger fans. We’re running this until the end of June.
  10. We’re launching The Big Experience today, an exciting money can’t buy prize. If you fancy getting involved 1st team training, lunch with Pete Wild and a personalised gift. It’s for an adult and up to 2 (grand)children. Raffle tickets just £10. Message us to buy tickets. This is a great prize, obviously available when safe to do so. It’s at the training ground too.
  11. It was live on our Facebook page, the recording is available there too.
  12. You’re in the draw Colin, payment received. Thank you
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