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  1. Thanks mate looking forward to this evening, wife going out and I have the TV and remote all to myself.
  2. I might be fat now but not back then. I think I am very lucky I love both codes. Played football every day of the week at school but was bloody hopeless. Played League and Union for 18 years and have great mates and memories. Gets me how some people on here call them squatters, they were probably never born when they moved from Thrim Hall. However I must agree that League is now a dying sport due to the Super League administration who have completely ruined it.
  3. ColinCanberra


    Everyone stay safe and don’t try and drive through flood waters.
  4. ColinCanberra


    It’s raining here and loving every bloody drop. Put all the fires out around me and filled up the farmers dams. Keep it coming for another few days.
  5. If remember right Tech always had their parents pick them up in cars. Trinity always had a bus. Tommy and Whitley were the poor ones and had to walk home that’s why we always met each other after school.
  6. Just might have a glass of red tonight.
  7. Ey up was sung by us JH Whitley lads.
  8. Thanks Steve. Fires still raging and all southern suburbs on high alert. We have a Government and Emergency Services meeting at the local club this evening. Helicopters have been water bombing around the clock for past four days. But with temperatures this weekend of 41 we can only be prepared. We have hoses set up around the house and on the roof thanks for your concern
  9. Loved to hear Jack a great family friend.
  10. Guido less of the lip that is my wife.
  11. What are the odds on which player will be roasted for the next game. I’ll go for Sam because his distribution is crap and his positional sense at free kicks and corners are also crap. I don’t believe what I have just made a comment on but I have read it a couple of times.
  12. Thanks mate. Getting really serious we are all very worried at the moment. Spot fires are now starting only a couple is kilometres away.
  13. I am stood in my front garden keeping an eye on a massive bush fire heading over mountain. Not looking good. The bloody thing is out of control and one village has just been evacuated. Will be up all night keeping my home safe. At least I can listen to the Shay updates.
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