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  1. Tripe raw out of the fridge soaked in vinegar. Also the big fat black pudding boiled until the skin split and scoop it out with a spoon. Yummy
  2. That was before the Dead Sea reported sick
  3. We used to keep the windows closed to stop dad’s pigeons getting out
  4. Now I am sitting watching Aus v India with the air con running and beer in hand. Bugger the old days.
  5. We all had to start somewhere. But it was a small house with an old car and not eating out other than fish and chips. Those were the days 😃
  6. Forget about him we have Hyde and Stenson
  7. $36 for a paper round. When I started as an apprentice carpenter for Dobsons joiners in Ovenden I was on three pounds fifty for the week plus Saturday morning. That’s why I joined the Navy
  8. My round morning and afternoon was from Illingworth shops along to Natty Lane then down Occupation Lane. Saved enough money to by my first motorbike.
  9. You must have delivered the paper to my dad. The only tip you would get off him was a horse running in the 2:30
  10. Has anyone heard that Chadwick has gone back to Hull. 🤣
  11. Why has it taken so long for Stinson to go under the knife.
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