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  1. Great memories. Couldn’t tell you half the players from three years back but will always remember those two.
  2. They are not mushrooms they are sheep droppings.
  3. Willie Carlin and Barry Tait
  4. The best ever. He was brilliant on pitches deep in mud, snow or a cow paddock. Can you imagine what he would be like today on these grounds, he used to get kicked in the air but never saw him roll around on the ground like todays prim donnas. The greatest British player ever.
  5. Where do you get that from. Just because I can see both sides, I can also see that Floyd had a criminal record as long as your arm but it doesn’t meet he should be murdered. I often wonder how you come to your way of thinking. Did you actually research who Opal Tometi is, I personally would not support her in anything.
  6. Don't believe everything that is put out by BLM. The founder Opal Tometi visited Venezuela and praised the police system in that country. Just Google Opal Tameti in Venezuela to realise that they don't alway follow what they preach.
  7. Have you seen the size of our hedgehogs they are the size of my dog
  8. Hi Chris have a good day mate, bloody freezing here.
  9. Cannot get anything in Oz noBT here. Guess I will have to watch Rugby League, waiting for incoming ready to duck.
  10. Look after yourself mate. The DVDs you gave me have been worth a million dollars over the past few months. Careful with the nurse mate I have been married to one 50 years this Christmas. Once they latch onto you that’s it for life.
  11. Hi Tommy it is cultural and the problem is that the Government and all the Majority of the social workers are from a European background. They just try and make the indigenous people the same as them rather than letting them live their own way of life.
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