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  1. Can't believe I missed this game bloody typical! it seems the new line up is paying off so happy days, I'm defo getting the flu injection next yr.
  2. At this level investment is key, it's the best way to secure a better standard of player as we all know the dollar speaks louder than ambition in most cases.
  3. Can't see how you would determine LMc was uninterested when clearly as documented he was with us on a short term contract to resett his career, I never witnessed him show disinterest but I did notice frustration from him in for the lack if service through a period towards the end, I also think that he was not in the starting line up the last few games due to us needing to bed in a new pertential goal scorer, I doubt it was because he didn't want to get injured he would have been egar to keep his profile up I would say, all in all I think he did ya a good service sorry to see him go.
  4. I've just been talking a fella at work who knows a players parent at Rotherham and apparently Liam was training with them all last week, they thought he was a defo new signing but then it never came off as they were offered a more high profile player last minute, so! If true I feel stockport have got there selfs a blinking good player and one that we have bedded into this league, I liked him from the start and still think his dip in form was down to an overall team dip in form due to injuries ect, I wish we could have kept hold of him personally but I wish him good luck.
  5. Lol I see that !!! Still early days we him though , I do really hope I'm wrong .
  6. I must be the only one who just ain't seeing with Redshaw! Yes he is busy and a little tricky but that's all I'm seeing I do t see him scoring a lot of goals and he is a bit greedy for me fluffing a few chances all ready when he should have passed to the free man in on goal, but I do hope he proves me wrong.
  7. I'm finding it really hard to understand why some of you are so flippant about loosing players especially the one that has been the main reason we held the top spot for so long LMC , I saw someone's comment earlier in tis thread saying he has done nothing sept well that's not true he has scored 10 goals 4 or 5 have been since then in an under proforming side with our other best players out sick or injured and has being playing out of his position,for me he has been the key so far this season and I can't quite see with the squad we have where the goals are going to come from if we don't resign him in particular.
  8. I would say LMc Probs hasn't been starting because he's moving on not the other way round, 1 in 2 goal scored, I can't see where else that's going to come from in this squad at the moment.
  9. Couldn't go at a wedding! Sound like a decent game especially second half reports I think I'm a jinks just lately should stay away more often .
  10. We have waisted a lot of time we have with McAlinden not giving him a more Defo role! He should have been given the ball out left at every opportunity as that's where the goals were most likely to come from, ur sometimes difficult to keep the right team in the right roles due to injuries but it should and could have been more of a priority we Probs won't have him for the second half of the season and I can't see many goals coming from anyone else at the min, anyone know if he had been offerd a new deal ???
  11. Buddy

    Toby SS

    We just need to be more aggressive ( and I don't mean rough tough or violant) through the out the whole team, one thing Iv noticed of late is that the opposition wants it more, as for the forwards they just ain't getting a service they can do much with again "of late".
  12. I was talking to a steward at half time on sat who said LMc had been playing with an injury for weeks so not to let us down, if that's the case well good on him, I would say if true that's why he was subed.
  13. To right ! 2 good shots with good saves from LMc 1 from TSS and a good few more where I can't remember who, we are only 3 points shy of the top can't believe the scorned on here when we are doing well. We can't and won't win um all!
  14. To right ! 2 good shots with good saves from LMc 1 from TSS and a good few more where I can't remember who, we are only 3 points shy of the top can't believe the scorned on here when we are doing well. We can't and won't win um all!
  15. Been away for a month so missed a few games , today was just the same as most before my break ok but needs attention to detail like still taking to long to make a discussion and lacking in ambition a little , set piece defending needs the most work.
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