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  1. Na disagree about 10 of us have all said the same today he is makeing plenty of runs only to be left wanting time after time , when he gets the ball more creativity happens,. We need to use him more it seems like he ain't involed enough but the fact is he ain't beeing utilised enough. He is totally left footed but no more than the rest are total right footed hence why most of the play goes down the right.
  2. Felt for the bloke last few games no service and isolated you can't do anything about it if you aint getting the ball, showed the difference in the second half with more left sided play.
  3. Easy to make an impact for 20mins when the team have woke up like they did in the second half the first half was dire, the definition of 10 fools is to do the same thing and expect a different out come! We made the same play over and over down the right or hoof to no one , we couldn't get passed the 18yrd box , the only time we looked like making any progress was from the left but they just couldn't see it(or do it), second half with an obvious "telling off" and more play down the left and a goal and a lot more chances.
  4. For me that was the first game where I couldn't find anything positive to say, it was a gutless muddle of headless chickens. If I had to dig deep I'd say the goal weren't bad.
  5. Mmmmm! We will have to beg to differ on that one, My self and friends have been paying perticular attention to LMc he gets very little wrong in a game , perhaps could do with being a little stronger at times but he has a great left foot an eye for goal, excellent pass rate , has pace ,works his socks off and clever. Shaytrev
  6. Did you not see the ball to CK for his first goal at Dover for one! His crossing and passing rate is second to non, I did some research when we first signed him looked on a few other forums ect , his assist rate is very impressive .
  7. Catch 22! No one else can deliver a ball like him I fear and no one else has the same standard of finish.
  8. Again we didn't play bad but bang avarage, the main problem we have is lack of invention when it's clear that what they are doing isn't working they can't work out what to do about it , they seem to repeat the same play over and over, I'm sure they are told what the plan is tactically as all teams are but the defection of a fool is doing the same over and over and expecting a different out come, there is only so much direction a coach can give you the actually play should come natural , I could tell with the likes of LMc he had been told to stay out wide but all that did was keep him out of the game they need to relise they can break out of the plan sometimes when it's the right thing to do with fear.
  9. I thought we played really well! It's hard to penetrate a team when they set up with 10 defenders. The draw was there tactics nothing more nothing less if we had changed anything to combate that one quick sneaky break and there in just like what happened on sat.
  10. There are so many obstacles to over come to secure the prize, injuries, weather, tactics, keeping hold of players, Morale, confidence, support, and consistency of other teams to name just a few, but! We can do it if we just add luck to the list.
  11. It was fabulous and he did mean it! It shows a good eye for chances and the courage to take them even when you know it Probs won't come off, having said that he is also noted for holding on to the ball to long especially around the box and I did see that a few time on Sat so there is a balance to be had , if he can work out thT balance and work on his stamina (which didn't appear to be a problem on Sat) he is going places in my opinion.
  12. Don't really think you could call this forum a Mecca for valuable advise and direction lol it's more like Question time full of polar opinions and a tendency to change of mind on a weekly basis .
  13. Fantastic delivery for first goal though he has a pin point pass, but I totally agree, also he seems to be the Ho to guy to fill in for every forward position which isn't always a good thing as all you end up with is a jack of all trades.
  14. Great away win, CK well deserved MOTM , Defo a game of two halfs don't like LMc on the right thought he was to isolated and not involved enough.
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