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  1. ...and Boss Training sleeve sponsor!
  2. Spud

    Walk out music

    Please lets use this opportunity to ditch once and for all the tinpot idea of having 'goal music'
  3. Just received this text from a pal of mine who’s a Notts County fan: Bloody hell mate. Just seen who you have appointed as manager. Probably the worst we have ever had and that's saying something! However, I am not too downhearted at the appointment and I have a feeling he will do ok. Welcome Jamie.
  4. From inside the 6 yard box!
  5. Bet the fourth official’s ears are burning!
  6. Yep, spot on. I was there too. Atmosphere around the old harbour area was great until gangs of locals and Tunisians started provoking until it kicked off. England fans got 100% of the blame. Felt like deja-vu watching the footage on tv over the last couple of days. Couldn't actually believe when I heard we were going to have a game there again. Lessons not learnt, planning non-existent, Press still very much complicit.
  7. I think we all know the point Trev is trying make. Burnley, a town with a smaller population than halifax have spent most of their time in the upper reaches of the league. That is a fact - It is nit-picking to suggest otherwise. Whether this is down to ambition, tradition or luck is debatable. On the other hand halifax is smaller than Wakefield yet our footballing history is far more illustrious than theirs.....go figure
  8. Spud

    New Years Day

    Joke decision - joke club! Can't be arsed going on sat now. Think I'll do a bit of crimbo shopping instead.
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