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  1. & despite all of the s××t kicking off on here the team still Train in Vain!!
  2. Hear hear hard to come by but what we are missing
  3. Just saying what I heard, same guy also said Matty Brown had done his hamstring & that was right
  4. Overheard a conversation in the Pigeons on Saturday that Solihull had a £100k+ bid turned for Rowe.
  5. Still not got mine, anyone else in the same boat?
  6. Gola Boots


    Apparently his daughter's partner bought the debt
  7. Definitely please can we have him & his van back!!! Will not be partaking again with the current catering arrangement. Poor food, with very little variety on offer, served by disinterested staff is not to my liking.
  8. Duckworth was sheer class today. Tobi got pushed & pulled all over but kept at it. Cameron very classy, a bit too much at times but still very effective. Scrappy compared to Tuesday but a win is a win & we didn't deserve to lose. Bit worried how we sit back when in front but we showed again that we are very capable of quick counter attacks.
  9. Hear hear very impressed with the performance of the referee
  10. If we get called off today it's going to be a long season!!!
  11. Wrong in so many ways? I MAY be wrong about the tickets being locked away but unless you know more about my transactions with the club than I do then I'm only maybe wrong once!!
  12. I paid my last installment on July 31st & had to get a slip, my mate paid for his in full in June & he still had to get a slip. I ordered an away shirt but last Thursday received a home shirt instead, when I emailed about it Louise said she was going on holiday the next day so couldn't do anything about it until the Fylde game which is coincidentally when the season tickets will be available!!! Make what you want of that but I suspect that all the tickets are locked away in her office.
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