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  1. However you never replied about if your ancestors would be proud of you!!!
  2. To be fair f**k, s**t, dickhead, scum is a pretty mild description of you.
  3. You called me a thicko & clueless. That came from you personally, nobody abused me it was just you.
  4. Strangely you have ignored my response to the abuse that you sent me.
  5. I work for the NHS & am currently on voluntary redeployment emptying bins so cleaners can be on wards & theatres where they need to be. My wife is also on voluntary redeployment, she is decontaminating PPE that comes from Covid wards. Call me a thicko if you want but at least my ancestors might be proud of what I am doing, can you say the same?
  6. The sooner you shut the f**k up with all the s**t that you come up with then the world will be a better place. We are all in this together & dickheads like you stirring up fake news & conspiracy theories are pure scum
  7. Shaymen don't run from or surrender to Covid!!!
  8. & despite all of the s××t kicking off on here the team still Train in Vain!!
  9. Hear hear hard to come by but what we are missing
  10. Just saying what I heard, same guy also said Matty Brown had done his hamstring & that was right
  11. Overheard a conversation in the Pigeons on Saturday that Solihull had a £100k+ bid turned for Rowe.
  12. Still not got mine, anyone else in the same boat?
  13. Gola Boots


    Apparently his daughter's partner bought the debt
  14. Definitely please can we have him & his van back!!! Will not be partaking again with the current catering arrangement. Poor food, with very little variety on offer, served by disinterested staff is not to my liking.
  15. Duckworth was sheer class today. Tobi got pushed & pulled all over but kept at it. Cameron very classy, a bit too much at times but still very effective. Scrappy compared to Tuesday but a win is a win & we didn't deserve to lose. Bit worried how we sit back when in front but we showed again that we are very capable of quick counter attacks.
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