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  1. Game off today no surprise there but trying again Tuesday,
  2. I have news on the BPA pitch, BPA are down to play Chester today but I can't see it being played owing to 5 inches of snow on it this game was brought forward from Tuesday night owing to BPA playing at Brackley but had to postpone owing to Covid at Brackley, so I think the BPA game against Chester will now be played on Tuesday,
  3. 3 games in NLN at Farsley, alferton and Kettering all playing I have just looked it up on twitter with team news,
  4. Oh well I won't be predicting who afcht get next round then,
  5. I predict it will be a televised game looks good on paper,
  6. Sorry don't do the lottery, good luck from a BPA fan
  7. I predict south shields away
  8. Plus if you read a bit more the club house will be open for live streaming on match days up to a certain number, I think about 30 possible they did it last week for a friendly against Farsley, so a bit of income at the bar
  9. There could be a few teams getting byes in to the next round then, if they start they would have to pay for the full season if it doesn't start
  10. BPA s pitch is a 3G pitch the same as what Harrogate Town had, and will be finished this week,
  11. Any of the money going to the NHS, BPA been selling them for £6 and we got them last week and yes some money going to the NHS, £17 are you having a laugh,
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