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  1. Postponed probably! A draw best , but if a winner would prefer Harrogate as I think Yeovil a greater threat in the play-offs
  2. Look for a mid-table Lge 1 or 2 team who have a young-ish lad needing experience such as a playoff challenge; a win-win for all 3 parties sounds easy? need PW contacts from his Oldham days to seek them out
  3. Looks like only Barnet are likely to move into top 7; while Bromley look like slipping out of contention; so playoffs at least, maybe top 3 ;unlikely to catch Barrow so makes it tricky to say how seriously to take FA Trophy , especially with Rodney cup-tied and the extra games the last few rounds would give But its always problematic to take foot off the pedal so I'd still go for it - but rest Brown , Redshaw cooper next week(does it use up J King suspension?) Also adds to the case to try for an extra midfield player (Hardy - see other thread)
  4. A good option - not sure why someone would have to go out first; we're ok with loan numbers? but it would prob good for either JMac or Hanson to go out on loan with a recall option
  5. Just had a look thru the highlights of last 4 games on Vanarama site; Rodney looked good in all games and had a good understanding with Redshaw - they will trouble all teams in Nat League; a great signing and much better than McA. - key is that he really enjoys playing at Town ; but prob wont keep him unless we get promotion
  6. I suspect Bromley will come to defend and look for 0-0 or a goal on the break, because of their poor fomn; but that's not their strength so as long as we are patient and don't get frustrated I expect a close 1-0 , with a late goal and then Bromley going for it too late, but a tricky last few mins
  7. With goals in the team then a few issues at the back and in midfield can be papered over; as evident from last 2 results being 5-2 and 4-2 ; without R&R could have been 1-2 in both Can Allan be shoe-horned into the starting line-up , at least at home, - would prob mean going to 4-3-3 and need Browny back, and Williams on the bench. I suspect PW wouldn't want that big a change while the good run goes on Not sure how Rodney doesn't play at League level; but he clearly loves playing for Town, and the fans love him, so both can enjoy the ride through the rest of the season
  8. Hard to judge what Nat League teams will do at 3rd Rd stage; Qtr Final usually when teams play full strength. Ebbsfleet at home ? or I suspect Yeovil will play a weak team Worst case - Eastleigh away
  9. The wins at Dover and Maidenhead are sooo significant; just the sort of games most teams lose - long away trip to tough no-nonsense mid-table teams (look at Yeovil losing at Hartlepool) and games we've lost in previous seasons; and with good discipline - we are regularly getting 1 yellow to the oppositions 3; so no suspensions on the horizon With Brown back in a week or two fully fit squad of 19, so no rush to bring back players who've had injuries But? .. heavy muddy pitches against teams parking the bus (e.g. Chorley) could cause a blip or 2; I expect a season long duel with Yeovil for top spot; as long as we stay positive and don't start settling for draws when things get tough And ... the biggest And … this is sooo pleasantly surprising from what appeared something of a shambles pre-season
  10. Cant see Maher being risked this weekend at all, perhaps on bench next week Allen should start in place of Williams (but on the right of course) Must be tempting to bring Brown straight back in, as missed so much, and against a big tough side, but I'd be wary; prob easier to start comeback with home games so I suspect he'll brought back next week Maybe could do with a postponement on Saturday; lots of rain down South this week and Maidenhead often first location to be called off If played will be mud bath - not great for players returning from injury or ball players like C King; Cameron prob also on bench to start and expect a hard slog and possible defeat 1-0 (but not the end of the world if we escape injuries or cards
  11. Dover are a tough side with plenty of experience; with 5 ex-Maidstone players from their good side 2 years ago - although odd that keeper who hardly made an error on several seasons at Maidstone was possibly guilty on both goals. So a very good result What I like especially was that Town seemed to outplay them and while having more lightweight players competed physically. The excellent disciplinary record is going to be an advantage later on (only J King with 3+ bookings?) as cant afford suspensions; other Nat Lge teams seem to be picking up 3+ cards per game Maidenhead are a big, rough awkward side, so next week will be a hard game - need Brown and J Allen back - and I'd be wary of them clogging Cameron King (may keep him on bench for last 25 mins to sneak a late winner if we can hold on till then). A point, plus no injuries or cards would be bonuses.
  12. The key differences this season are the goalscoring - from all parts of the team - and the improved disciplinary record The Nationa;l League has many teams with experience and are generally solid but struggle for goals - ;look at the misses by Pavey yesterday and Quigley for Dag/Red and the referees at this level often struggle as they come up from lower leagues with the experienced gamesmanship of NL players coming down from the EFL; and can be influenced by reputation; so our good record gives us another edge Squad depth (other then cover for Brown) is also much stronger this year Playoffs a realistic hope
  13. Is Danny Williams still injured But.. looks like we need centre back or defensive midfield for 2/3 months to cover for Brown/Maher; perhaps we could look at giving one of the Bury unemployed a 3contract till Jan , maybe have to be subject to him getting a League 1/2 offer ; Scott Dann - maybe not
  14. Conceding an early goal away again; can become a very bad habit. But we know the team and manager wont panic and like at Aldershot may still have a good chance of a fight-back win
  15. One other positive - only 4? yellows in 6 games - and one of those Odelusi; 2 for J King one Brown Important once the season goes on that suspensions don't come into play BUT one potential negative - still 10 days of transfer window left for Lge 1 and 2 clubs to look to raid Nat League ; so is Cameron King a target?
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