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  1. Thanks, ITMAN. Being "old skool" I prefer the printed version. However as a former printer I know that small quantities puts the unit price up a lot so for lower league clubs where programme sales would be in the hundreds rather than the thousands it probably makes sense
  2. Unfortunately I cannot read the article unless I register and subscribe
  3. In a conversation between grown ups not everyone will agree on all points made. That's what happens on a forum, whatever the subject. We disagree sometimes but we respect the fact that others have a point of view to which they are entitled. That doesn't make them sheep, turkeys or clowns or more recently racists
  4. Cos there's only one person on here who knows what's right and what's wrong!
  5. I agree, although I wonder why players feel they need an agent. Under 18's yes, they can bring their dad to interviews. Cannot understand why clubs allowed this in the first place
  6. bazza45

    Our Squad

    Unless things have changed they are to be relegated. Not the best career move
  7. It's not necessarily out and out illegal fraud that causes the expense and problems it's those who find ways of milking the system month after month. Benefits should be there for those temporally (or permanently in the case of long term illness or disability) down on their luck, not people who are just idle
  8. EXACTLY. When the welfare system started all those years ago it helped the genuine needy. Lots of people, even the genuine ones, were too proud to claim anything. Then at a point in time, I can't remember when, the claims went through the roof, genuine and otherwise. Certain people then thought that benefits was a career opportunity and have never worked whilst knowing all the loopholes to get as much as possible. A succession of governments have done nothing to address this issue
  9. Flea said: It feels like many are hijacking the BLM movement for their own agenda and ultimately the understanding and re-educating mindsets that we need to see happen then won't as its just violence, abuse and name calling that we see. I agree. Whenever there is protest marching the original organisers want to make their point peacefully. Then along come the bully boys who just like a ruck. They don't usually have any particular allegiance to the cause. Then along come the other lot, again no allegiance or otherwise and we end up with cars overturned and set on fire, shops looted, police attacked. Half of them don't really understand the original protest but the chance to cause mayhem and get away with it is the draw for them
  10. Once again the argumentative ones want to turn something into a slanging match, barrage of insults etc. I agree with the OP, sport and politics do not make good bedfellows. Politics is serious, it affects everything about your way of life. Football is relaxation, fun, away from the everyday pressures of life. Keep politics and sport separate.
  11. Definitely Option 3 for me
  12. We in Yorkshire are not tight, we're thrifty
  13. Thirty Quid!!! I hope you'll include a half time pie and a pint
  14. The only sensible solution is a bye to the team the withdrawn were due to play. If you move down the table you could get others not wishing to play and end up with Fylde and Chorley in the playoofs
  15. Gordon Banks, Norman Hunter, Bobby Charlton, Tobi Sho Silva Oh sorry changed my mind. I'll have Alan Shearer for striker
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