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    Whatever your political leanings are you cannot lay all of this at Boris's door. He's the figurehead, the spokesman. Whoever had been the PM and whichever political party they represented they would have made many of the same decisions because they would have been advised by the same group of "experts". No form of lockdown will work as long as hundreds of planes and boats a day are bringing in people from all over the world. Close the doors for a few weeks at least
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    This morning I have read half a dozen news stories from various media outlets. They all tell different stories, punctuated with lots of mights, maybes and coulds. So who knows if the season could be/maybe/might be delayed?
  3. These teams may "Feel" that it gives them an advantage but I don't see any proof yet (at this level). The money spent on non players could be used to sign a couple of extra players, or maybe up an offer to someone who will otherwise turn us down. At the end of the days its all speculation, we can argue as long as we want but the proof will be whereabouts in the league table we are come next April/May
  4. I accept that football, along with most things in life is different from how it was 'back in the day'. Some of life's changes are for the better, others less so. But back to the current subject and I still can't see how 17-20 grown ups need 7 men to supervise them. At school 20+ 4-5 year olds are kept honest by a teacher and a TA
  5. I'm with Tommy H72. Things get far too complicated. A staff of seven non players. One staff for 2.4 players. How the hell much do these people cost? How many extra players could we get without them. We need one manager and one general jack of all trades. How it used to be back in the day
  6. Being one of the older members my vote is definitely for a paper programme. However there does come a point in time where this is not economical. It used to be thought that one in three of a crowd would buy a programme, so in the days of 5000 crowds say 1700 progs sold plus a few freebies making a print run of 2000 approx. These might have cost 25p to print, sell at £1, equals decent profit. Now sales are probably ratio of half what the used to be, crowd is less than half so maybe sales of only 300. Unit production cost probably not much less than sales so digital is the only sensib
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