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  1. I remember them also, good topic this bringing back memories from 50+ years ago
  2. Unfortunately the name Sir Keir sends the wrong message. Sounds like another University educated toff, born with the silver spoon and never done a proper day's work. Labour claim to be on the side of the ordinary Joe, a good start would have been to elect bog standard John Smith, born and lived on an inner city estate and attended his local comprehensive and whose parents fully understand the challenges that most people face in every day life. Apologies if there are any real life John Smith's on here, I'm not trying to run you down, just picking an "ordinary" name
  3. Also The Cheats, I worked with Frank, the bass guitarist
  4. i remember the Moontrekkers, also Dino & the Travellers
  5. It's called THE ESSENTIAL BOB DYLAN. And no I haven't been out for a drive, car hasn't turned a wheel for 16 days now
  6. No that's not it.. I have that one as well somewhere. Two or three of those songs are on it. Probably called "Greatest Hits" or similar
  7. My apologies Charles. False news from the media who like to stir up trouble
  8. Maybe, can't remember. Old age and all that
  9. I think it's brilliant that this has been constructed so quickly. Just shows what can be done if you put your mind to it. The Mytholmroyd residents would have liked this team on site, the ones given the flood defence job have been messing around for over a year, a quicker completion would have saved them a lot of heartache a few weeks ago. Also I see it's been opened by Prince Charles. He's travelled 500+miles from Balmoral to do it. We, the great unwashed, aren't supposed to go for a drive around the block
  10. I am a Nancy Sinatra/Lee Hazelwood fan, favourite is Did You Ever. However my favourite all time single is And The Band Played Waltzin' Matilda by the Dubliners. Fave album is Bob Dylan, can't remember the album title (it's in the car) but it features a lot of his early hits starting with Blowin' in the Wind
  11. So many goals in such a short time. You spoil us, Flea
  12. I mentioned her first so she's mine! (drool, drool) Also saw The Shadows there plus Del Shannon, although he would be in the twilight of his career by then. An even better place was Palin's in the 60's. Pearl had a knack of booking groups before they found fame but by the time they appeared they had hit the big time. I remember seeing the Animals, The Kinks, Herman's Hermits and others I've forgotten about, possibly Wayne Fontana
  13. Saw Olivia Newton John at Batley in the 70's. One of my all time favourites
  14. When lawyers become involved the only winners are .................... lawyers
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