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    Waiting for Bish to pay some subs!

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  1. Away in Birmingham, may not be back in time unfortunately
  2. Remember your one away to Mixenden, thats about it
  3. Disappointing the number of none AFC walkers sponsorship (I know yours will come Bish!)x
  4. Hembers


    Updated We have 3, 6 Berth caravans booked, only 14 Deposits paid. Therefore 4 spaces left, please let Nigel or I know if you are interested in coming next year, thanking you x
  5. I'll have to see what I can do as I am out on works xmas do the day before and will have the girls on the saturday.....may be able to sort something at some point though
  6. Hembers


    *******We will be booking this MONDAY 10th Nov - if you want to come get your deposits to me - will Only book for those who have paid deposits******
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