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  1. A similar thing happened in the Bundesliga a couple of year ago. Ref blew for half time and the players had gone down the tunnel. VAR spoke to ref he called them back to take the penalty.
  2. Again, well done everyone, cracking effort. Funds have now been handed over to the club.
  3. Just need everyone to pay now, once all payments are in the draw will be done soon after and monies sent to the club. Therefore if you haven’t sent payment yet please do ASAP.
  4. Bob Wallace is yours, thanks. Same payment details as the first football card.
  5. We would have been, but, we were missed as one of the answers on the other thread as the players who made up the Holy Trinity!
  6. Still some Legends left
  7. There are less than 30 Legends remaining. Lets get them all gone then thats another 2k in the pot.
  8. Can confirm that £1600 made from the football card has been handed over today.
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