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  1. My overriding opinion of the 2 Halifax teams we saw tonight was that we don`t have any big men with the muscle to make a real nuisance of themselves. As for the football. It`s a friendly match on a very sloping pitch against a side who were up for it and played really quite well. Nothing much to write about football wise. If I can get some odds on Clitheroe for their league, I will back them. I suspect that they will have a very good season.
  2. arryarry


    I`ve just looked at Octobers fixtures. If we are still in touch on 31st October then we are going to have a massive season cos we`ve got the likes of Stockport, Notts County, Yeovil, BHW. TOUGH START ON PAPER!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Which way do we think would be best to get there. Over Wainstalls, Oxenhope and then Colne and onto Clitheroe. Or through happy Valley, up through Padiham and Burnley. Decisions, decisions. How exciting is it to get the fixtures and watch live football on the same day. I need to keep taking the tablets
  4. I`ve got one. Presumably they will get 2? Andrew isn`t getting one cos he has a grandson who may take up time.
  5. We could be, if you`re asking
  6. Robert. I`ll see you there?
  7. arryarry

    N L fans

    This looks bad news for us? I think we`re tier 5? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53817206
  8. The fans raised over £51k for the play off push. Obviously we failed and so surely there should be a considerable amount of that money left. I would like to know how much is left, what we spent the money on (exactly) and if there is a surplus, what are the plans for it. Like a lot of fans, I didn`t ask for my season ticket refund, I put £60 in to the fund and then the legends card. I would very much like to know if there is a plan to give the majority of the money to the club as and when they need it. (obviously the fan club needs some working capital). I`m not being nasty here, I would l
  9. Great interview. I think that Wilder was the last manager we had whose responses we actually understood. This guy is exactly the same. Obviously he is a good talker but I am more of a believer now than I was last season. PW talks sense. No bulls***. If I was a player, I`d be signing for him. I struggled initially to find it so I`ve put a link on here for every forum member to watch. Good use of 20 minutes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpXAJYWgBGY&feature=youtu.be
  10. The EFL said an independent panel's decision was "final and binding". As others have said, it`s easier to get to Macc. I remember a few years ago on a Tuesday evening it was absolutely p***ing it down and they wouldn`t let us go under cover. Still would rather set off for there than Stevenage.
  11. Duckworth tried to get a club last season and failed which is the reason why he was with us. He has a big house (and presumably big mortgage) in York and a baby. He might struggle to get the money he wants so what happens then? I presume he would come back to us on the same contract he`s been offered. Or would he be unemployed? I don`t know. Can someone give a definitive answer please. I really liked Jacob Hanson as a footballer and am slightly disappointed that he`s going. Cooper and Tobi going is not an issue. Hope they find clubs so they don`t come back. It sounds very much
  12. Bloody hell. It`s even happening in Norwood Green
  13. This is a quote from an Asian Gentleman on Look North tonight. He was standing outside a mosque. "It won`t affect the celebrations cos very few people are going to abide by this now because the government should have looked at this more closely and they should have done it earlier or should have done it after Eid." I suspect that we will be going back 3 or 4 months on a proper lockdown if that is their attitude. Craig Whittaker MP for Calder Valley has blamed the BAME people and he is now being villified. I have seen 6 Asian men cross roads to shake hands with each othe
  14. I`ve just looked at the article and we are 4th?
  15. I put this on the forum last night. It is probably more pertinent in this subject so this is my opinion. We are all disappointed because that was a typical town performance. Promising start and then fizzling out big style because we sit back and allow the opposition to get at us. We have to get rid of all our midfield and our attack. (inc Cam King). Cam King is the only quality in midfield or up front but he doesn`t last games. We need 2 proper midfielders and at least 2 attackers. I would release the following. Danny Williams. Flatters to deceive. Charlie Cooper. Tries hard but
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