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  1. It`s a no from me at this price. If it had been £200-250 I`d have gone down tomorrow and bought it. But £300 for who knows what is not feasible. There is a chance that the season will start without us there and I`m not paying for games that I cannot attend. I let the club have my season ticket money as a result of the plea from DB. I`m with you WB. Not until we know whats happening!
  2. Hi Kit. Could you post a list of winners if possible please.
  3. I`ve been watching for 50 years and I`d have to say that Matty Pearson was one of my favourite midfielders/defensive players. Not because he was the most skilled. It`s the fact that he left nothing on the field untouched. Wonderful trier!
  4. I`ll tell you now. Southy wouldn`t be happy being on the bench of BTM team
  5. Can we have loan players. If so I`d pick Stuart Parnaby
  6. On a very much more optimistic vein. At least Ozzie will be able to sort out the pitch without the squatters on it! By the time we get back on it (probably Sept at the earliest) it will be back to good as new.
  7. The assessor was sat 2 rows back from me. I was talking to a very well respected ex official and he was very circumspect about what he could say until the assessor had to move because the lads in front of him kept standing up complaining about the referee. Then he told me that there was an assessor for the ref!
  8. There were 3 things that were absolutely appalling tonight. In order :- 1. The ref. He was dreadful. I do know that he was being assessed tonight and unfortunately for him, his performance tonight will probably scupper any remote chance of him progressing as a football official. If he gets another game in the National League again then we can only hope that he doesn`t officiate us again. To cut a story short and for the avoidance of any doubt. He was ******* ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2. Sutton were nearly as bad as the officials. It`s been mentioned earlier by someone but you wouldn`t want to watch them every week would you? It`s quite hard to describe their tactics other than they came to spoil the game and they succeeded. How they are mid table is anyones guess. 3. Slightly contentious this one. I have to say that TSS was really poor again. He isn`t good enough for this standard of football. Anyone who knows about football will not disagree with this statement.
  9. There is absolutely no chance of the Halifax cricket league cancelling the games if we are lucky/good enough to get there. They have never done it before for football matches but believe it or not they have done it for the squatters. They are a small league who have no interest in the football club. This is despite Dave Normanton, who is the cricket league president, being one of the gatemen at the shay and also an ardent shayman. If we did get to Wembley and the cricket league did cancel the games then quite a few (hundreds) of extra supporters would be there. We need to get to Wembley and then we need to shame the cricket league into cancelling the cup games so that the lads can support us. I can`t see it to be honest but I can see cricket clubs being fined or sanctioned if they don`t have enough players to fulfill the fixture.
  10. This is a great article which sheds a light on what clubs do for away matches. The cynics on here are absolute morons for taking the ****. This is yet another example of the great communication between club and fans this year. It`s what we want to know about and this year it`s happening. Good on PW and the rest. I do wish he`d drop TSS though!
  11. arryarry

    Lois Maynard

    Am I being a bit naive here. If Dave goes back to Salford and they say to him, "Right, we`re selling you to Stockport". He says "I don`t want to go to Stockport." They cannot make him go to Stockport. Or can they. If I don`t want to go anywhere I won`t go. Especially if I`m happy where I am!
  12. I won the half time draw that day. £25
  13. Can anybody provide us with the dates of the playoffs. I`ve been looking all over for them but cannot find them. I am wanting to do some planning so as to not miss a match and have a holiday quite soon after the season has finished. Much obliged. A link would be great.
  14. Don`t worry. That`s one of his cow fields
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