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  1. Absolutely nobheads losing to that lot. I`m like Billy the Gid. No more for me. If I don`t hear from the club re season ticket refunds soon, I`ll be knocking on the door cos that is ****ing shite
  2. F*** me. I did forecast something like that
  3. King is having a very ordinary game and Senior needs to be subbed cos it`s only a matter of time before he gets the 2nd yellow and he`s off!
  4. I`m getting a funny feeling about this game and it`s not a good one!
  5. We are proper tinpot sometimes. Get the camera following the game
  6. Morning Blue. Received an email stating that insight4 had made enqs and ascertained that I wasn`t able to log onto the game for 20 mins or so and so I have received a refund.
  7. Hi Blue. I have today received a reply from the monkey hangers. They are awaiting a response from insight4 and will get back to me when they receive a response. I`m quietly confident.
  8. I thought it was and when I finally saw the pitch I realised that the pitch is a cow field. Very rutted and not level
  9. Devante just scored for Port Vale
  10. Is anyone else getting the spinning ring?
  11. I have streamed this match at this extortionate price and then I recalled that this bunch of charlatans are the tossers that streamed the Hartlepool game where we missed the first 20 minutes. I tried to contact them for consideration of a refund but they are very difficult to contact. I also tweeted and emailed Hartlepool for the contact details. Suffice to say I haven`t received anything. Ignorant monkey hangers!
  12. I remember this game because my son was going out with a girl whose brother was the Northwich keeper and he got us tickets for the game. He didn`t talk to us after the game LOL!
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