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  1. Let’s face it. Wild ain’t gonna win on here. Nothing is ever good enough. Out of touch with reality
  2. Over achieving is taking over a team more than halfway through pre season with no time to implement your ideas. Taking over a club that couldn’t field a team to play a pre season friendly. Taking a club with a small budget and leading them to fourth. I am a doer so I appreciate his achievements. The naysayers would rather just bleat on here. It’s the easiest job in the world. To criticise. Get out and do it
  3. Is this the first time we’ve agreed? If it is then cheers. Wild has absolutely over achieved this season
  4. Shay

    Hartlepool Tickets

    Red sauce or brown sauce?
  5. The odd defeat is to be expected. Still over achieving in 4th
  6. Even Mr Wild thinks we’ve over achieved
  7. You’re right. My mistake. He’s alive!
  8. Good idea. Lord Aspin discovered some gems
  9. There’s always got to be a scapegoat. It’s Sho Silvas turn
  10. Honest question. Did you think that after the farce that was pre season (games being called off, manager walking, not enough players, new manager coming in late) that we would currently be 3rd!? And please adopt some realism in your response
  11. Cup upset. It happens. Get over it? Surely you would be happy with us overachieving and gaining promotion? You didn’t expect that and an FA Trophy win did you?
  12. Easily. It was a cup upset. We had two of our biggest players out. It happens. We still sit 3rd in the league!
  13. This is the problem with over achieving. It makes the unrealistic on here ever more so
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