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  1. Left Stockport and gone to Hull. Seemed very highly rated at Stockport. I assume he may be eased into their starting squad, especially if they manage to stay up, but I feel they are planning for life in league 1 as they have been in freefall since January.
  2. I'll take Leicester. Can you DM me the details to pay?
  3. Shayfan92


    Doesn’t he have a gym too? He did those really cheesy adverts
  4. Shayfan92


    Seems Gareth Seddon is hunting for Rodney’s next contract with a couple of tweets today. Hopeful that we can put together an attractive enough offer, to go with the fact he likes it here, but I suspect we will be priced out of the race to sign him.
  5. If anyone catches the interview would they mind trying to get a copy of it on here. Ive got some calls with clients shortly so may miss it
  6. Apparently Harrogate have several members of staff in isolation.
  7. Shayfan92


    Can we get a promotion out for season ticket holders of other clubs to get in for a tenner, like we do with international breaks. get a bit more money on the gate to store and offset any losses if games are played behind closed doors down the line.
  8. Shayfan92


    Adam Rooney signs for Solihull. Where have they got that kind of cash from? Based on the games about to be cancelled, they will have paid him £16k before he even plays a game
  9. Full time - great result!
  10. Do we definitely have a 1 year option on Redshaw?
  11. He’s 26 so we wouldn’t get anything. Personally think he he went off the boil after September so I don’t see it as a catastrophic loss, especially with Dave choosing to come back (apparently he had other offers and chose here). I believe he’s out of contract at the end of the season too - fingers crossed.
  12. Allen and Redshaw are the types who would potentially benefit from his low crosses between the centre backs and keeper with their pace and movement. King was excellent today so deserves to keep his spot but I wouldn’t mind seeing Josh come on for half an hour NYD and seeing how he fits in with the new shape/attacking lineup.
  13. I thought Staunton did well, occasionally getting in at the back post to actually give us something to aim at with a cross (let’s face it, Redshaws not winning many headers against centre backs). The front three of King, Redshaw and Allen were excellent, Williams had by far his best game I’ve seen him play and J King played pretty well at a new role too. Centre backs were solid and so was Johnson. Cooper didn’t have a bad game either and ran his bollocks off, though that cross field pass early on was shocking. Perhaps look for an easier ball next time.
  14. Shayfan92


    Apparently he’s off on loan to spennymoor. He’s not had much game time recently so it should be good for him. Hope some games under his belt can help bring him on and he can then come and fight for a starting place.
  15. Their centre half manhandled Tobi all game, who did decent today and ended his drought finally. Whats happened to McAlinden? He’s shite at the minute and for some reason doesn’t close down the full back. Cooper was having to close the RB down leaving a huge space in the middle of the park. How that ref did not give the penalty is beyond me. It was stonewall. I thought Josh McD played decent, but would be better suited with someone like Redshaw up top so he can whip the ball in round the back of the defence. The stats show that when he’s fit he gets assists, but needs the right type to stick them in the back of the net. How many balls were fired across with Tobi one or two steps away from finishing. He perhaps needs to gamble occasionally. The ref was abysmal. If I was Wild I’d send the game footage to the FA and ask them to explain his performance. We’ve had a lot of poor refs but he is up there with the worst.
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