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    Streaming is a good idea, and let’s face it, it looks like the only option currently. To my mind, season ticket holders would get free access, and everyone else pays say £10 to watch the game. The amount may be low enough to get more casual fans watching more regularly to offset the lower amount than the £20 admission price on the gate. It would also Potentially mean more away fans paying to watch the game than those that would have travelled (as the majority of the league are southern this would be a plus). Expenses would also be reduced as we would not need to pay all the matchday costs
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    It could have been a mixture of both being right, brown may have said he would commit to the extra day if he’s paid for it, and Wilds opinion is that he therefore isn’t committed. If this is the case I can see it from both sides. I wouldn’t start working Saturdays on top of Mon-Fri without being paid more.
  3. I think Saturdays team was close to being the starting 11. When Clarke is back Benn will probably drop to the bench (been impressed with what I’ve seen/heard of him so far so would have no issue with him being our backup). Stenson May go up top with Hyde, and Allen would be an impact sub with his pace against tiring defenders.
  4. He was for the last game (think it was a dead leg) so probably hasn’t shaken it off.
  5. That would be ideal. Whilst an outfield player may be able to cover for part of a game, I wouldn’t be keen on one having to play a full 90 minutes in goal in a competitive game. If Sam was ill one Matchday morning or had an accident etc, it wouldn’t be enough time to register a keeper so that they could play that game. Would it be worth having a look at the Under 19’s keeper, and he could potentially be Sam’s short term cover, and we could draft in a loan if one was needed for a longer period of time.
  6. The keeper may be George Sykes-Kenworthy. I’m not 100% sure though, it was hard to tell on the stream
  7. Some tricky games in October. If we can get around 12 points from them games I’d be reasonably happy.
  8. He might go to Chester. He may be able to do full time if it’s a lot closer to home. He may do school runs (or something else) one day, and could maybe work that if his commute is greatly reduced.
  9. Yeah i saw that too. He also said he wanted to pick opponents to suit what they had been working on in the days leading up to the game.
  10. One of the twitter transfer rumour sites has linked us with Adam Henley, an American born left back who was at Bradford last season.
  11. We were originally told it would be early last week, but that never materialised. Surely some of the squad offered contracts have accepted by now. I would have preferred an announcement for each one when they signed, at least it would have created a bit of excitement.
  12. There's proposals for the same in non-league. the amounts touted are £600k for the N/S and £900k for the NL. Based on the likes of Notts County having a 24/25 man squad, that would equate to an avarage salaray of £37,500/£36,000 (less after deducting agent's fees etc from the budget). You'd think us only paying 42 week contracts and modest wages is seemingly going to be less of a disadvantage when recruiting going forward.
  13. Duckworth aside, a lot of those rejecting offers are the ones who were from down south. If they had say Monday as their day off before but are now expected to train on Mondays, it would affect them if they went down home/to see family after a game and came back up Monday evening, they would now have to come back Sunday.
  14. It could be that he just wanted to move back down south. At least that’s what I hope. I’m also worried by how competitive our budget will be. Hopefully we can get some gems from the lower leagues to offset the higher earners.
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