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  1. Can’t believe we have lost this. We haven’t played badly and have again been the better team. Just one of them days. Hope Hyde is back sooner rather than later
  2. Green’s finally on, but strange decision to take Earing off.
  3. Get in!! Wouldn’t be surprised if our whole team get drug tested at full time
  4. Came off the stream about 15 minutes ago to switch to an iPad rather than phone, and can’t get back on using either. The website just won’t load. Don’t appear to be missing anything though, of the 30 minutes I saw we were woeful. Things have got to change
  5. I’m guessing that’s tactical based on the 3G pitch. I foresee a lot of balls played in behind for them to run onto, on the counter attack.
  6. A decent point. Johnson at fault for their goal, but did brilliant for the double/triple save. He wins us far more points than he costs us and I would hope we get him tied down on a new contract before the end of the season. Senior looks decent mostly, but is a young lad and can only get better. King was outstanding in the first half especially, and was my MOTM. Allen worked his arse off, and I think would work well alongside Hyde until Stenson is back. I also think Gevaro is perhaps worth a years contract to be our 4th striker. Gold can go for me. We should have been 3-0 up and
  7. Shayfan92


    One report I read said that the academy/development coach was lined up to step in but he’s currently isolating. Scholes May just be covering for a couple of weeks, unless they leave him there to lower disruption until they find a permanent manager
  8. It’s a league match tonight.
  9. He’s apparently playing for them tonight so he can keep his registration with them, and will then sign for us and be loaned back out. I assume that will be a 2 year deal. Seems like a good move all around, another young prospect who is out getting first team football to develop (hoping we have a recall clause) with probably a view to playing for us next season.
  10. I noticed that when Rhead came on, but we looked comfortable with letting him win the header, and we mopped up the second ball. Tshimanga has played us twice in the last 3 months and he hasn’t had a kick in either game.
  11. I noticed that too. They also had Williams down as ‘The Playmaker’. A good point yesterday away against a team who I think will still be in and around the playoffs come the end of the season, even if they were poor today. The last two games were evident that we need Hyde back, though I’d rather him miss another game or 2 than rush him back and for him to get injured again and be out longer. a big positive is the coup of summerfield, who looks like the quality replacement in the middle of the park at long last for Collins. Earing has also shows signs that he could be a key player
  12. I was about to ask the same. I assume we will have to give them some kind of payment (whether that be fixed fee or % of revenue) for hosting the stream, but assume we get the money
  13. Shayfan92

    No fans

    Streaming is a good idea, and let’s face it, it looks like the only option currently. To my mind, season ticket holders would get free access, and everyone else pays say £10 to watch the game. The amount may be low enough to get more casual fans watching more regularly to offset the lower amount than the £20 admission price on the gate. It would also Potentially mean more away fans paying to watch the game than those that would have travelled (as the majority of the league are southern this would be a plus). Expenses would also be reduced as we would not need to pay all the matchday costs
  14. Shayfan92


    It could have been a mixture of both being right, brown may have said he would commit to the extra day if he’s paid for it, and Wilds opinion is that he therefore isn’t committed. If this is the case I can see it from both sides. I wouldn’t start working Saturdays on top of Mon-Fri without being paid more.
  15. I think Saturdays team was close to being the starting 11. When Clarke is back Benn will probably drop to the bench (been impressed with what I’ve seen/heard of him so far so would have no issue with him being our backup). Stenson May go up top with Hyde, and Allen would be an impact sub with his pace against tiring defenders.
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