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  1. Port Vale has released some decent players like Dior Angus, Luke Hannant, Vassell, Antony Kay, Tonge
  2. The next season of the National League will have several strong and traditional clubs like Stockport, Chesterfield, Hartlepool, Notts County These clubs seem to have much more money
  3. Hello, my name is Bruno, I'm a Brazilian and I follow English football from afar I sympathize primarily with Port Vale, but I also sympathize with Halifax and Hereford in England I wanted to know, is the club able to return to the Football League in a few years? I really wanted to see Halifax in League Two, I think it's a club with growth potential As I am from a distance, I have a doubt, currently the club has the status Semi Professional? or Professional? to be a professional club brings more benefits? I liked the club, played a career in Football Manager and managed to take the club to Premier League hahaha Good luck during the season, you can get close to the playoffs
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