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  1. Get that contract extension signed now !!!!
  2. To dislike women’s football would be classed as misogynistic which will be a hate crime soon so we’d all better start liking it or any criticism will end up in court lol
  3. If Sam Johnson played for every women’s team every game would end 0-0
  4. Towns junior team would probably beat any female team in the world
  5. Alty favourites with bookies
  6. They’re safe as houses , definitely won’t go down but won’t shift many season tickets next year , they’re fans ain’t happy
  7. Definitely the best striker we’ve had since Vardy greggs and Hogan
  8. Jmc


    I never have backed town pre season Im one of those who bets against us hoping to lose
  9. Jmc


    Bet 365 won’t like that , they tend to close accounts for stuff like that lol
  10. Jmc


    Just had another £25 on as well , long as we make the playoffs should guarantee few hundred profit either way , they’re very generous odds
  11. Jmc


    Just had £25 at 33/1 can’t lose , if we get to the playoffs I’ll just lay us each game and still make nice profit
  12. Al about points at this stage of the season , very little margin for error now , 4 points from next 2 games will see us comfortably in the lower end of the play offs
  13. Was getting all sea sick following the camera there
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