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  1. Jmc


    Probably the end town fans used to take more than any other in the 80’s , appears they have a buyer
  2. Jmc


    Maybe followed by Bolton in a further 2 weeks
  3. Jmc


    Bury very likely to be thrown out of the league this Friday ! Would assume all hands on deck to resurrect a Phoenix club at a high a level as possible hopefully
  4. Jmc


    Bolton back in deep **** game v donny tonight called off , could see both starting in conf north next season
  5. Jmc


    Sad times for the bucket shakers , hope they get sorted but looking unlikely , assume a Phoenix club will arise , hopefully no lower than conf north if possible
  6. Did he win though ?
  7. Jmc


    If they go pop it could mean only Bratfud or Oldham would get relegated instead of both , hope they survive
  8. Jmc


    Some Wrexham fans saying first half performance best in a few years !! And we still went in level
  9. Good game could have gone either way, Silva will struggle to get into double figures goal wise this season ,felt we should have shored it up a little when they went down to 10, touch of naivety 1st priority tomorrow is tying Cameron king down to a contract extension, superb tonight. We matched them all the way tonight plus a cracking atmosphere
  10. Wasn’t a problem for Hartlepool , loads in town for 3.30
  11. Expect constant wave of attacks down JBW flank tomorrow then and Cameron king doubled up on
  12. Happy with a point , a win and I’ll start to believe as well
  13. Settle for a point 280 shaymen there
  14. Maybe the club are aware clubs have enquired about him ? Ensures we get a decent fee WHEN he moves on , makes financial sense
  15. Jmc

    J B W

    Looks a better attacker than defender to be fair
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