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  1. macc got there without breaking the bank , unfortunately there new owner is to say slightly dodgy !! 2 totally separate scenarios
  2. Fencing collapsed v hudds on Boxing Day and think sheff Utd on Easter Monday
  3. 8/10 somehow couldn’t get Boston and Tiptree , been to Boston twice n all
  4. Wouldn’t even risk brown till Dec at the earliest , 1 more knock this season and that’ll be it till next July
  5. Redshaw looked excellent when he came on to be fair , disallowed goal , good movement occupying their defenders and a hand in both goals
  6. 3rd time in a week the opposition have scored straight from our own corners, unmarked header for the 1st , we’ve gifted them every goal
  7. Win tomorrow would kick start our season and belief again
  8. Pretty sure that never happened and I was at both games
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