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  1. Great effort , maybe we should run a similar initiative every pre season , maybe buy a new player etc
  2. Jmc


    Gives the poodles a lifeline
  3. My understanding is lots of people have offered help in the past but DB insists on micro managing everything
  4. Queen of the south , the only football team mentioned in the bible
  5. Jmc

    Deluded Darren

    Harvey the biggest culprit of our relegation , home and safe and he still got us relegated
  6. Jmc

    Betting Odds

    All have the odds , we are outsiders in their markets
  7. Jmc


    Their manager currently favourite for Bolton job as well
  8. The cost of promotion if we do manage it is minuscule in comparison to what we’ll get in the league but a hefty bill if we don’t get promoted
  9. Would imagine proportionally more local people watch bore ham wood than Calderdale population watch us tbf
  10. Bit of Gil Scot-Heron the revolution will not be televised , won’t upload grr
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