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  1. We’ve now got a 3 game buffer minimum in the play offs at least
  2. And it’s used as a compliment, you know sort of like rag and bone man lol
  3. It’s a a term we all use so don’t ****ing apologise
  4. Be surprised if the combined total is over 3.500 whatever today’s score, amazes me with his naivety sometimes , big Yorkshire derby ?? A team who’ll struggle to bring half of what Yeovil brought
  5. Jmc


    Allegedly many thousands in arrears but owed similar figure from the rfl from the St. Helens semi which hasn’t been paid , ALLEGEDLY
  6. We have about 1300-1400 who will go whatever , we have a further 1,000 who will go when doing well and a further 3,000 who will go to the one off big games, it’s keeping the potential additional 4,000 fans that will build the fan base. That will only increase by a winning team
  7. King should be at his peak fitness wise, obviously an issue somewhere as he can’t last the full 90
  8. Jamie Allen summed up the whole of Kossys career with us with his disgraceful 2nd half performance yesterday
  9. 4 points from next 2 games should see us comfortably top 3 , bit worrying that Yeovil and notts co seem to be getting into their stride
  10. Absolute and utter shambles
  11. Plenty of rum looking old town heads knocking round notts
  12. Don’t think there’s much of a saving buying online etc , most will just pay on the day prob
  13. Would assume they’ll just open another block on the upper tier
  14. Cherry tree for 9 , overnighter !
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