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  1. Pouring down now and forecast to continue , should have just switched it to tonight
  2. £10 k for a decent set of covers would be money well spent IMO ,
  3. It’s always the same section of the pitch , so maybe we ought to try and assess that
  4. The Scottish fa were aware
  5. Every small shop I’ve been in mask wearing 100% adhered , generally pop into Morrison’s every day would say around 99% people wearing masks ,
  6. Didn’t watch the game but since watching town since 1978 always settled for an away point
  7. There’s quite a few on here that are just happy to watch town play whatever the result or division
  8. Way I understand it doesn’t stop the transmission of the virus but if you have had the vaccine it means you can fight it better
  9. How would you know the guy in the frozen foods section of mossisons hasn’t had the vaccine ? Do you suggest tattooing of foreheads
  10. Doubt we’ll ever be free of it tbh , other countries had full lockdown only to see cases rise, assume the airports are shut or anyone flying in is either tested or isolating
  11. Johnson’s decent at this level have no complaints certainly not the best in the division and is probably going through his worst form at the moment for us he’s better than most
  12. Would imagine includes season tickets
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