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  1. They’ll pay for stewards out of gate receipts , doesn’t affect us tbf
  2. Back in the day fax reserves used to play Friday nights and at times would get more than town on an Saturday , still strong at amateur level but think fax have prob suffered the biggest decline off all the traditional names of the sport over the last decade
  3. Ovenden still going , just new premises that’s all
  4. Harrogate abandoned, excellent another mid week trip to the big smoke plus still in the trophy
  5. One of the very few things in our miserable existence is the fact that our record crowd dwarfs most at our level and most leave clubs ,
  6. Photos of that crowd should be.l blown up and plastered all round the Shay , blows Mr B’s record att of 8,000 out of the water , wonder if they even acknowledge it
  7. Can’t we play Sutton before have a double header lol
  8. Where the hell has this been hidden all these years , Shaymus ??
  9. Universally called spaghetti westerns cos directed by Italians , also known as macaroni westerns by the Far East
  10. Don’t count your chickens yet, trying to reschedule for this Tuesday
  11. the only solution is to rip the pitch up and lay a brand new synthetic type like the terriers and fartown have , but again it’s the cost
  12. The good the bad and the ugly although that’s spaghetti western really
  13. The good the bad and the ugly although that’s spaghetti western really
  14. Jmc

    Man City

    Seem to remember a cracking pre season trip v raith rovers few years ago when they had nacho novo playing for them , followed by an equally cracking overnight stay in Dunfermline
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