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  1. You remember things differently 45 years ago though
  2. 8689 decent , prob season or two before I started going regularly
  3. Some countries say 5G is safe others lethal , believe Switzerland has banned it
  4. Jmc

    Martial Law

    Or just say you’ll never take me alive pig and sprint off
  5. See the swedes aren’t introducing a lockdown , all pubs restaurants still open, crowds of 50 frowned upon though, that’s a different approach
  6. Think that’s the big question are people dying of covid19 or of other ailments whilst also having contracted Covid 19
  7. Jmc

    Martial Law

    Sure everyone seen the vid of the worlds thickest bobby trying to write up a criminal damage charge for bakery owner in London who chalked a 2 m line at intervals outside her bakery to adhere to the 2m ruling, all In chalk not lInt either
  8. Jmc

    Martial Law

    Would imagine real crime is reducing otherwise why would they send drones to spy on Derek and Mavis isolating in a field
  9. Not sure about that whilst they’ve never really travelled to the shay they’re sort of near enough to bring a big following if needs be, they were talking of bringing up to 2000 on good Friday
  10. Personally no but I know lots who do
  11. Apparently the German finance minister has killed himself tonight as a result of the economic impact of Covid
  12. First fatality in Huddersfield today still none here fortunately
  13. News last night broke it down further and said between 6000 to 10.000 may die because of covid19 , that’s different to the thousands who may die with it present
  14. Will know today when daily figures are released , hope not true
  15. Would they not be in hospital?
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