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  1. Not bad £8 long as stream works ok , plan is watch the game at home then meet up in town afterwards just like a normal sat , trying to keep things as normal as poss
  2. Jmc

    No fans

    If you die within 28 days of being tested as Covid posit apparently that’s what it says on your death certificate
  3. But that would leave us short of st money next season if mothballed till next year , there are no easy answers unfortunately
  4. Jmc


    Wonder if the roles had been reversed they would have awarded Orient a bye
  5. Have paid 1st instalment by debit card ! 2nd is due on Monday , not quite sure what to do now
  6. Would base payments on average gate and receipts and how many games we miss, if we lost 8!home games before fans allowed back would base it on last years average and x 8 , applicable to all clubs in the division.
  7. Jmc

    No fans

    Jamie o hara on talk sport this morn said clubs will simply refuse to play without the fans , makes sense
  8. Jmc

    1000 Fans

    2 week national lockdown proposed for October , job looks knackered
  9. If you add up the wages we’ve paid on a reserve keeper sat on the bench these last 5 years we could have bought the next vardy gregory and hogan
  10. Jmc


    Too late for them to join a leave so a year in the wilderness like Bury
  11. Jmc


    A local game gone no doubt replaced with Ebbsfleet reprieve prob net cost to us of £5,000
  12. Would have assumed this is something the school would have been shouting from the rooftops
  13. There’s a campaign for a statue of him to be commissioned in Glasgow , no idea he went to Heath , surprised it’s not common knowledge tbh
  14. Will hang fire before paying final instalment I think
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