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  1. I think the last time we had a 4000+ crowd for a normal league game was against either Lancaster or FCUM way back in goodness knows what year. I know its not guarenteed but will be good if it happens.
  2. Was it one of those spot the ball shots?
  3. Thats another 100 you have Knocked off the crowd.Same was said about last game but pitch was perfect
  4. shayman v


    When everyone was slim
  5. Notts county are expected to break the National League attendance record with around 15000 attending.Maximum entrance fee is £3.How many would turn up at the Shay if we had the same deal?
  6. Because it said on the site first week in August and i called twice to find office unattended and locked up
  7. Anyone know if you can pick season tickets up tonight-i called yesterday but there was no-one about
  8. shayman v


    Think they had over 18000 for a couple of home games- not sure why-must have been some sort of offer
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