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  1. This cash thingy is obviuosly extremely dangerous-if it is £20 pay with a note ,but try not to lick it or rub your eyes with it.
  2. Liverpool and Souness club and team-mate?
  3. neither is being black then
  4. i can't believe they have over 180 staff furloughed
  5. Exactly if they will not play furlough them.Half the country has carried on working.It's only a month ago they were visiting their mates and holding lavish house parties now they are quaking in their boots when in reality they are probably the least likely to suffer badly with it.
  6. Last season i bought my first ever season ticket, but a change in circumstances means i cannot attend many Saturday games and i still have 16 games to attend this season! Still might buy one for next though just to help the club.Going to wait to see if there will be a next season though first.
  7. If they are all tested beforehand i cannot see what the problem is.Half the country has carried on working and millions more are going back. If the players had been furloughed they would be chomping at the bit
  8. He will have observed that Shaytrev is considerably more dangerous than coronavirus
  9. no because i cannot be bothered to check out his quotes and figures, but the fact is i googled him and the first picture showed him being arrested so i will stick to the beeb
  10. We can all spout shite, but i think he excels-why would i take it at face value? it may be true but i would check him out before quoting and when i did -wasn't good
  11. it would be empty
  12. page 7 Paul Weston- so right wing he's not even on the pitch
  13. The gullible brothers
  14. They test positive or show the symptons when they are alive
  15. i believe they share the same hairdresser
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