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  1. Wasn't a million years ago the monkey hangers lost a playoff final to get to the championship. Now they scour non league forums to vent their anger at a mid winter postponement. How the mighty have fallen.
  2. North and South are "Elite". FA Cup is "elite".
  3. First one I won't be buying when I've been able to watch. Not for the extra £2 but for the service provider. Hartlepool game was awful.
  4. I used to work in dunkirk mills and can confirm it was the worst(ed).
  5. totally gone so tried refreshing, nothing. Tried accessing hartlepool website. nothing. Refund looking likely
  6. Anyone any idea of stream start time? I've just got a screen trying to load at the moment
  7. Can you even get those odds for the double? The bets are related and therefore bookies usually class teams doing a double as a "special" bet. In other words they get to massively reduce the odds.
  8. Indeed. My opinion is that your opinion is nonsense Saying Kane isn't world class is pretty outlandish tbf though.
  9. Never heard so much nonsense in my life.
  10. Rugby club can't even pay rent on time. Nice thought though.
  11. really? thought that was only for the bt game?
  12. Believe and we will achieve.
  13. Seems we all believed this week. Well done chaps!
  14. they are . I believe you need funds in your account though. i always leave a penny sat in there so i can watch the live streams
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