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  1. I personally can't really afford to let the club just have my season ticket money for no goods in return. My ideal solution would be my season ticket deferred to next season, then id be happy to pay a tenner a streamed game, plus on home days I'd chuck another tenner to the supporters club.
  2. Been made aware of this through someone on Twitter mentioning it. http://www.gloucestercityafc.com/aps-meadow-park-blog/
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54014149 This is interesting. Approx 1/3 stadium capacity allowed in for the league game
  4. Ah right nice one mate. Just saw their tweet about Oldham game
  5. That's only for their game v Oldham XI is it not?
  6. Went to town centre Saturday. Wasn't even busy but every seat in most pubs had been reserved. If that's the new normal they won't be seeing me much I'm afraid
  7. At the moment the rule is 15%. The proposal is to move to 30% in October. There's been no other noises yet but yeah i totally agree its nonsensical.
  8. The proposed rule at the moment is 30% of min capacity for the league. 4000 is the min capacity allowed at national league level so all teams will be allowed 1333 fans max
  9. As it stands weren't they talking about 30% of league min capacity? So 1333 max at our level?
  10. Isn't Brighouse under the same restrictions?
  11. They've not announced anything yet but hoping the friendlies are open to fans.
  12. He was mentioned in yeovil interview with the manager when talking about signing staunton. Said he wanted to go somewhere he could play every week and yeovil manager couldn't guarantee it. Makes sense.
  13. It's currently 15% of minimum capacity for the level, but looking to be at 30% by the time we start. So 1333 fans max.
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