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  1. Paid with reference. Not sure if it will go in straight away or whether it will be monday. Any issues let me know. Cheers again.
  2. Programmes are still integral to me but I'm the kind of guy that likes to keep gig tickets etc. Not sure how others feel about it.
  3. From the article: The concern, however, should be a broader one. It’s not about the decisions that the EFL are taking, or any other league for that matter. It’s more about the culture. Why do growing numbers of fans want to stay at home and watch on TV? I would argue that rather than fans wanting to stay at home and watch TV actually the issue is that matchdays, especially admission in the higher leagues, are far too expensive for most.
  4. Trying their best to get rid of the northern team.
  5. Just beat Boro. May stay up yet.
  6. Sent. Should be with you shortly. Also just want to say thanks for sorting this. Great idea and great prizes to win.
  7. Dave Hanson if still available please. Are the payment details via bank transfer the same as last time?
  8. Believe to achieve it, positivity breeds positivity, etc. Love it. I think that the amount raised so far shows the supporters are right behind the team. Hopefully we can create a buzz around the town and get people watching the game on BT that usually wouldn't. The more cheering the lads on from home the better!
  9. Back in employment so as long as things go well I'll be putting some cash aside to pay in full once we know when crowds are allowed back.
  10. I'll go for Hearts please. Their luck has to change sometime Paid. Should be in any time now. Much appreciated and good luck all.
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