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  1. There will be another Project Playoffs fundraising initiative launched towards the end of the week, please support this like everything else has been supported.
  2. Burnley fans (allegedly) flew a plane over the Etihad flying a banner saying "White lives matter - Burnley" Burnley Captain Ben Mee gave a great interview after the game and it sounds like it was something that had been rumoured to be happening round Burnley leading up to the game
  3. See some scummy person has excelled themselves this evening! Dont understand what goes through these folks minds! Whoever organised it, the company who made the banner and the pilot who flew the plane!!!! Why didnt just one of them say NO!
  4. Did you add your user name to the transaction, or you own name?
  5. A few league clubs sniffing round
  6. The players could train in groups of 5 plus the coach from 2 weeks ago provided they were socially distancing
  7. They were actively wanting furloughed workers to apply to pick fruit
  8. You can work voluntarily and also work for another employer
  9. Watching some of the premier league games and looking at the results, it certainly seems as though the games have a pre season tempo about them and home advantage is certainly not a factor. Will that be a case in the play offs?
  10. I presume they are allowed into the training ground, as long as they are not generating income for their employer they are fine as I read the furlough laws.
  11. PW had 10 days before we went to Ebbsfleet and smacked their backside
  12. We were at a massive disadvantage when the season started, far bigger than we are now. Look what happened. We are in with a shout, PW has nearly 4 weeks to work with the lads
  13. I have a signed matchworn away shirt No.6 Paul Stoneman from season 2002/03 season if anyone would be interested in bidding on it? I will put images up tomorrow. If you are interested send me your bid by private message please. I will donate the wining bid to the FC Halifax Town Project Playoff fund. Thanks
  14. 12 more needed to complete the 2nd player sponsorship, and also some people need to pay for the first sponsorship
  15. Papa Lazarou


    Fully expect that to be honest, shame as he had such potential, injury affected him badly and then never really given a chance when he got back. Wouldn't be surprised to see him at Whitby Town next season as his former Marske manager is at Whitby
  16. Something Rodney didnt want to do. Every player at the club should be given 100% support from now. They all want a promotion on their CV. Up The Shaymen
  17. He has gone move on! Lots more talent in the squad, everyone needs to be on their game and we have a chance with or without Rodney. He didnt want to share the journey and doesnt want to be part of the fun! Up The Shaymen.
  18. Papa Lazarou


    Notice Ross Barrow is in the National League Premier next season after wining promotion back to back with Kings Lynn
  19. Also had £10 sent from initials NF if you could let me know which user that is please?
  20. We have a payment from a user with the initials IM if it's you could you send me a DM with your username so I can mark you paid please.
  21. Well done @Fleaand let's support the idea
  22. If your name is listed on the first group of 20 and it is showing as not paid, can you please arrange to send your £20 asap. Thankyou
  23. 20K target is achievable and the club will cover the rest. I think that is fair enough especially as at least a 1000 would have probably travelled to Borehamwood if it was a Saturday
  24. If its allowed I would back FCHT pulling out of the play offs questioning the competions integrity
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