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  1. To help bring live football to our fans at the beginning of the 20/21 season, we invested a significant sum in a streaming option, including infrastructure and a specialist camera. After the first match, we were faced with a change of provider with ‘Sport Radar’ dropping out across all clubs, so we, like others, joined up with ‘Inplayer’ to support our service. From a quality perspective, streaming was never going to replace the normal match day experience or a BT Sport broadcast. It was expected to be a temporary solution at the time we invested, however, we did not know if it was going
  2. Get Eastleigh out of the way and the schedule gives us a little respite from the grind of Saturday/Tuesday and a chance to recharge some batteries and also a chance for Summers to get nearer to the squad
  3. It went in the net which is what a shot should do
  4. Bell was average, I would say Campbell is a better player
  5. Wonder if Stockport have applied for a loan?
  6. One out of 3 ain't bad
  7. Solihull managed to cobble something together to stop us playing, but I hear what you are saying.
  8. Repeat the first 26 games and we will end up with 69 points, let's not forget the league is one team short so that's 2 less games and also there is the Dover issue to sort out. I think it may be slightly less than 70 points
  9. I actually thought you were, I am sure fruit picking companies were inviting applications from furloughed workers in the late springast year?
  10. Whatever the reason, the players should not and never throw the towel in
  11. Let's be honest the players were not wining games for Chris Wilder, its Premier league football, infact football in general. No place for loyalty at boardroom level. They will soon forget Chris Wilder when a new man comes in and they all have hefty contracts to play for. I do not agree with the sacking/resignation but based on this season they have been very poor.
  12. Disgracefull if the players are not trying, Wilder doesn't pay their big wages
  13. I think we are 7 points better off than last season on that score
  14. I presume similar stats apply to teams around us
  15. Put Peter Atherton in and it worked superbly
  16. First I have heard, not doubting you at all but it isn't common knowledge is it?
  17. He hasn't missed many games at previous clubs, seems he is just having one of those seasons.
  18. Think we are a couple of points better off than this stage last season
  19. I agree we looked a little leggy at times, but surely that's to be expected given the graft this lot put in? Rest up over the rest of the weekend and possibly have Monday off? Report back in for Tuesday and go again. Its a slog now till the end of the season, as it is for every other team. This is the time when a small squad can pull together and get the club over the line.
  20. Let's be honest Solihull deserved the 3 points and they are a decent team with some players who have played at a very good level. They got stuffed last week and have a new manager, they reacted and put a damp good shift in for him. We rode our luck a little and the goal line clearance was unbelievable, but how on earth did their lad miss the follow up?! We dug in and the back 3 and Danny Williams were superb. Solihull stopped the ball getting to King first half and they nullified us. Its 3 points, undeserved in one way, but they way the defence stuck to their task and gave everything to
  21. Could have gone to Good Morning Britain though
  22. How delayed? Stream after the game has finished?
  23. I imagine it would stop a lot of fans attending games in my opinion.
  24. JF paid for some of the training facilities out of his own pocket
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