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  1. Mark Harold, last I knew he was living in Antigua
  2. Some wont have to be and we all know some wont be
  3. I agree regarding Cooper to be honest but we will have to free up budget and be more prudent than ever before
  4. Would be interesting to see if Jay Benn is part of the first team squad moving forward? I do feel he could be one worth seriously looking at.
  5. And if you picked up the virus?
  6. Actually agree with that, Brown hasn't been the player he was at season.
  7. Watched all the series of Line of Duty and I am possibly the only person who hasn't seen it before. It was superb and role on a new series
  8. Lawson, McGill, Hutt, Hoy & Steve Smith
  9. "Emergency Ward 10" was the Courier headline I seem to remember
  10. Man City now James, Head of recruitment or summat like that.
  11. Some of these that clap and cheer on a Thursday night are no longer doing it from their doorsteps, in Halifax people converged on the A&E car park for the 8pm round of applause. Disgusted the amount of people in that car park, police, fire service, ambulance and members of the public!!!! That number will increase again on Thursday unless someone in the government or NHS tells people not to congregate outside hospitals.
  12. Michael Collins in your top 3 central midfield players in your time watching The Shaymen?
  13. 3 candidates imo Staunton, Duckworth, Maher
  14. False info, he got admitted with a completely different infection and was tested for Covid-19 and was found to have the virus despite being asymptomatic
  15. LikenI said the dealings my wife has had with her she seemed to care
  16. All the dealings my wife's charity has had with Holly Lynch have been really good and she seems to have a genuine interest in helping people, rather than the majority who are just career politicians
  17. Was watching people when I went last week and there is no 2m rule applied down the aisles, people handling goods and putting them back on the shelf, trolleys available but individuals responsible for wiping them down, so many people didn't wipe them down, chip and pin machines being used by many people, cash machines outside the stores being used by many people.
  18. I also feel that is one of the hotspots for spreading thr virus
  19. They have just explained weekend figures can often be incorrect
  20. The return to normality will be a long and staged recovery I would have thought.
  21. Goes live on Wednesday by all accounts, 500 beds. BRI already has patients waiting for ventilators.
  22. That alone tells you how serious this whole thing is. Never in my lifetime have we needed to fit out a 4000 bed hospital in a matter of days, and also building others all over the country.
  23. 60 people in hospital with Covid-19 currently, was only 6 last week!!!
  24. If anyone knows local lad Paul Regan.
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