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  1. You don't stop players playing for their country! Fullerton tried stopping Cliff Moyo going away with Zimbabwe, needless to say Cliff went. Potential new player has the option to sign for us, a club that encourages him to progress and use us as a stepping stone and play for his country must reflect good on FCHT?
  2. Given the majority of peoples opinion of him last season surely you would want him to start?!
  3. Put yourself in Jacks shoes, a club higher up the footballing pyramid with the potential to offer a more lucrative contract and also possibly a longer one. What would you do?
  4. Have the club said the loan application has been passed?
  5. Macclesfield I think. I am led to believe Sutton aren't the 2 nights a week part time, they operate the hybrid model we did last season of training 3 days a week
  6. Chester get knocked back for a loan!! This was because the club has no debt so therefore was 'not considered to be at risk of no longer trading viably by the end of this financial year' The whole thing is farcical.
  7. I am sure I read somewhere that its a prerequisite of entry to the Premier league
  8. They are hopefully of being allowed fans in for that game, wonder if away fans will be allowed? Any news on fans allowed into The Shay for our last scheduled game v Chesterfield?
  9. Seem to remember when Wigan were in the Premier league they also had issues
  10. Think Huddersfield is Council owned, no idea about Wigan.
  11. Presume they both have Desso pitches, mixture of grass and artificial
  12. Would he be in the squad had Summerfield, Williams, Earing, Hyde & Campbell been availbale? I don't know what your problem is with me, and to be fair I don't care, but I do resent that accustaion based on a differing opinion. Enjoy the Canarian sunshine x
  13. Spence isn't ready for National League Premier as Earing wasn't last season. I hope he flourishes under the current manager next season as Jack has done this, if course that's only my opinion and yours may be different. To throw false accusations round just because I disagree with some things you say, which is my right I may add.
  14. Sorry do not know anything about Reuban
  15. So was it Clarke, Johnson or the lack of Spence to blame, or the pkayers not looking "arsed" to blame? Make up your mind or you just enjoying a deceat so you can come on here with your negative speel?
  16. Town lose a game and the fall out from some fans is incredible.
  17. Sorry but I must be deluded then as I definitely didn't see a team showing a lack of desire. I saw a team on its arse player wise and come up against an opponent with a game plan who deserved their victory. Yes it was frustrating but not wholly unexpected. I am the first to pick up on it if I see a lack of desire, but as I have said I saw nothing to suggest that today
  18. I thought both deserved tbh. Maher stopped them breaking on us
  19. I hope he is the player you think he is, I really do, but for today he was not the right option to start the game in both mine and our coaching staff (that you belive) opinions
  20. Exactly, and why wouldn't he know more about Spence than Mr Lanzarote?
  21. Yes, right! Tend to belive someone who played and trained alongside him than someone who watched the occasional Scarbourgh game on a live stream
  22. No, the club wanted fans to come up with ideas for a new mascot. Think you had to give your ideas on a postcard
  23. Exactly, last season, he wasn't near a starting spot in our team. Spence may be worth a shirt next season but in my opinion the manager made the correct call today on the starting 11.
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