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  1. Cooper does what he is asked to do in the majority of games, he doesnt escape criticism at all
  2. Flattered to deceive alot of the time, and goes missing when his team needs him the most. I expected him to leave. We need a more consistent player who is available for the vast majority of games and can get through 90 minutes in those games. That's my thoughts on Cam King
  3. How do you know? That's such an outrageous comment on a player you probably know nothing about
  4. We are where we are, the manager has a plan and is looking for players that will go further than your average player, that in its self can create an unbreakable spirit, money isnt everything and those players who want to succeed on the pitch rather than in their pockets are out there.
  5. Maybe those that dont enforce track and trace shouldn't be frequented?
  6. On holiday in Cornwall and in all the towns & villages social distancing was very well observed and all shops, pubs and restaurants were all adhering to the guidelines and because of that you felt very safe. Its not difficult if people follow the rules & guidelines
  7. People are comfortable with the social distancing and changes in day to day life, I can not see it being a major issue in a football stadium. People will moan for a couple of days (as they have since the start of lockdown) and then get on with it and on the whole abide by the guidelines
  8. The same Wooton deemed not good enough at The Shay
  9. Sure I read today that Steps 3 and 4 Evostik are planned to start 5th Sept
  10. Fans may be allowed in, in limited numbers
  11. The rumour on the street is start 12th September
  12. So what are JBW misdemeanors? I took it he didn't really fit with a 5 3 2 wing back system
  13. Would have thought so, no reason to not keep him on unless the U19 keeper is ok
  14. Cooper is fine and no problem having him on board next season. Good engine, breaks play up and always looks for a pass.
  15. IMO the No.2 keeper needs to be as cheap as possible, its wasted budget to have 2 genuine No.1 keepers and that money needs to be invested elsewhere in the squad.
  16. Wondered when we would have a retained list thread, not seen one
  17. Aot of keepers do it. Also Fyfield who played left centre half isnt great
  18. Let's not forget he won promotion as a 19 year old alongside Liam Noble (who is a cracking player, despite being a knob) I am sure put him in with others of that quality he will be a different player
  19. We can't let to many go and Cooper is ok with better players with him
  20. Irrespective of who is under contract Keep Johnson Ducky Brown Clarke Maher Staunton Cooper Benn JBW, Danny Williams, Jeff King, Tobi, Allen, Nolan all done decent jobs but we need better. Cameron King is a strange one. On his day he his good enough, but we need him available for every game and to influence the vast majority of them. For those reasons I would let him go and look for better. I do feel that he will rock up back at Kings Lynn
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