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  1. And some were up in arms when he left the club! Browny hasn't been missed either imo
  2. Any mention of Chris Brown?
  3. I feel we need another midfielder, but if Summers is only 10 days away its not as important. Woods, Green, Summerfield, Earing with Maher and Spence as back ups should be fine but if one is available to us who would compliment those then yes bring him in. I feel then we are in a good position to have a good crack at the last 13 games
  4. Any time soon, may have scored against us this season 🤔
  5. Jamie Allen on the way back home
  6. Striker on the way keep calm
  7. Not much evidence of an injury prone player, just one who has been very unlucky this season.
  8. He has been unlucky this season agree, but not much previously
  9. We still managed to create chances to win the game. Let's give Sutton credit, they had a go which they would have done anyway and managed to get something from the game. Fair play to them but with a calmer head from King and a little more quality from Chadwick we still would have come away with the points
  10. Right substitution if Earing was indicating his hanstring was tight, imo maybe Chadwick could have dropped into the No.10 with Hyde up front by himself. Saying that we did have 2 or 3 chances to get a 3rd goal after the substitution
  11. He knew he would be out of contract at the end of the season before he kicked a ball in anger this season, as did his agent. All season long his agency company have been tweeting anything he has done. You are nieve to think his agent hasn't been on top of it for much longer than pre Christmas
  12. We expect them to think like a fan and show our loyalty to the club, they don't they tend to think of their families and careers. They have bills to pay, security of a potentially longer contract and as you say an agent in their earhole who is putting their name out there which is likely what has happened with Jack.
  13. If he get offered £1500 a week elsewhere and we have offered £800 does that make him worth over £1500? What do you then do with other players who are out of contract who have contributed just as much if not more than Earing and see him get a substantial pay rise? Its a balancing act when you have limited funds All hypothetical of course because we have no idea of any figures.
  14. Please do not compare us to the **** hole of a club Borehamwood, I know where I would prefer my club to be. Bosomworth will have undoubtedly put money into the club, but thankfully not to cover unsustainable players wages.
  15. Its not Premier League where money is no object, we have limited funds and can only pay what we have got. I am sure offers have been made if they are not acceptable is that the fault of the club?
  16. Why would he turn down the chance? May never get it again. Don't get me wrong I would much rather he stayed, but I can see it from a players point of view
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